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Our World Wide Community & Broadcasts

Join Our TwinRay Students in our Online Temple Space: The TwinRay Sanctum


The TwinRay Community is born of a culture where miracles are daily occurrences, selfless service is our calling, love is our makeup and devotion our practice.  Come walk with us and experience the beautiful hearts and souls in our Global TwinRay community. By connecting with beloveds with such expanded hearts and wisdom to share, you will feel the love, hear the truth and expand your heart as they share of their miracles, awe, appreciation and instant life altering experiences. Our beloveds range from CEOs to Doctors, Ivy League professors, influencers, community leaders, scientists, teenagers, college students, householders, spiritual seekers, healers and Mother’s and Fathers doing their utmost to raise families in the most loving and compassionate manner, while walking the spiritual path. 


We created a sacred space for our TwinRay students to connect with us, in a special high vibrational online temple, where we hold free online gatherings, live sacred prayer circles, energy transmissions, share wisdom and personal images only seen on the Sanctum.

We interlace the Golden thread that connects all life, as our TwinRay Community is a true Global Golden Age Community that synthesizes together, and recognizes the spiritual destiny of Humanity by propelling that destiny forward through profound love, light body cultivation practices, selfless service and devotional Bhakti.


Live in the Sanctum

Sananda and Shekinah will connect with the Community every 1-2 months live in the TwinRay Sanctum. These Lovestreams are very special events where Shekinah & Sananda hold a transmission, sometimes a sacred prayer or a meditation, answer questions and share sacred Wisdom to support humanity and the world at large.

Global Gatherings

For Equinoxes and Solstices

Join the Global Loveolution movement Shekinah & Sananda founded to support the connection of humanity to the new earth grids. During the times of the massive incoming Cosmic plasma waves, the Solstices and Equinoxes, these Gatherings take place live online in the Sanctum and are a true expansive support.

Community Support

For Our Online Academy

We offer live Community led support for the following courses: Golden Age Energetics, Alchemy of Ascension and the Krystic Energy System®. Every month there will be live Golden Age Energetics meditations, live Community Calls for the Alchemy of Ascension group, Krystic Energy System® Support calls and a group for landwork coming soon.

Access the Sanctum App

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This HIGH vibrational temple is created to usher in the Golden Age in the physical and to serve those wishing to connect and share free of algorithms and from the heart, connect with like minded and like hearted spirited TwinRay students from all around the earth to form a spiritual interconnected network.

This NEW Spiritual social media platform is called the TwinRay Sanctum and is for all who wish to continue to follow us in the coming times ahead, as we will be hosting LIVE Broadcasts, individual postings and sharings only on this platform from the near future onwards.
It’s time to jump aboard the new Frequencies ushering in the new Aquarian Golden Age Beloveds, and thus we lovingly invite you to come closer, to bring friends and family who are singing to the light, as we build the online Sanctuary, the TwinRay Sanctum for students of TwinRay to return hOM.