Praise From the Community

The TwinRay Community is born of a culture where miracles are daily occurrences, selfless service is our calling, love is our makeup and devotion our practice. Watch and experience the beautiful hearts and souls in our Global TwinRay community below. You will feel the love, hear the truth and expand your heart as they share of their miracles, awe, appreciation and instant life altering experiences. Our beloveds range from CEOs to Doctors, Ivy League professors, influencers, community leaders, scientists, teenagers, college students, householders, spiritual seekers, healers and Mother’s and Fathers doing their utmost to raise families in the most loving and compassionate manner, while walking the spiritual path.

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Level 1: Fundamental Programs

Start Here – Foundational Courses

We invite you to start your journey today by exploring the Foundational programs inside our TwinRay Academy. Each program encompasses different realms of learning such as astrology, healing, leadership, alchemy, divine relationships and much more. Some are stand alone courses, and some have Advanced programs you can ascend to.

Level 1

7 Day Online Course & Retreat

Our signature course, the Golden Age Energetics, prepares you for the coming incredible positive Universal energetic shifts and helps you to embody your Highest Self. Experience profound shifts, release of deep rooted patterns, and learn Sacred Ancient Wisdom. Awaken to your Human Divinity and transform your entire energetic system.

Next Level: Krystic Energy System 1

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Level 1

Wisdom Classes & Transmission

Higher Dimensional Non Dual Astrology differs from traditional astrology. Learn about the twelve initiations you go through every month from a Higher Dimensional perspective and receive a profound Healing that will set you and your planets on an ascending spiral.

Next Level: Golden Age Astrologer Certification (Coming Soon)

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Level 1

Wisdom Classes & Energetic Transmission

Soul Embodiment enables you to learn the fundamental principles to actualise your soul’s nature and to embody your soul’s light. You will receive an understanding of the Holy virtues of the Holy Spirit to make better choices and Healing the core woundings to transcend them. This course encompasses Wisdom Classes and a Clearing and Activation.

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Level 2: Advanced Programs

Advance Here

All our Advanced programs have a pre-requisite Foundational course our beloveds must complete first. Most of our students who start working with us ascend through all our programs as they discover the life changing benefits our courses bring.

Level 2

Secret Knowledge & Advanced Practices

Learn ancient and secret knowledge of Galactic Initiations, Immortality and the Sacred Teachings of how to activate the Homo Luminous/Divine Human for the Golden Age. This profound one-year Golden Age Mystery School is for the advanced souls that are here to walk the path of Christhood and begin the training of becoming an Ascended Master. Monthly Miracle Matrix Transmissions, Deep Clearings and Activations are part of the Mystery School.

Prerequisite Course : Golden Age Energetics

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Level 2

Future Technology & Practitioner Certification

In KES 2 you will uplevel your Healing skills, receive an upgrade of your entire energetic bio circuitry and you will learn how to facilitate sessions on others through various protocols. You will also receive a free advanced Healing mechanism as a bonus. Certification in KES 2 allows you to charge for KES sessions.

Prerequisite Course : Krystic Energy System® 1
Next Level: Krystic Energy System 3 (coming soon)

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Level 2

Future Technology & Healing Certification

This future technology brought from the Golden Age to the present by Shekinah & Sananda, goes beyond Healing to create Wholing, a new paradigm in energy healing. The KES is the most advanced energy system available and increases Wholing on all levels. KES 1 attunes your system to the Krystic Energy, an energetic upgrade which prepares you for KES 2 and you will learn to practise on yourself.

Prerequisite Course : Golden Age Energetics
Next Level: Krystic Energy System 2

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Level 3: Master Certifications

Mastery Teachings

Ascend to the highest current level in our TwinRay Academy. In this level our students become great servers to humanity and the world at large.

Level 3

Future Technology & Master Certification

In KES 3 you will receive an upgrade of your entire energetic bio circuitry again, and you will learn how to facilitate group sessions, you will learn new protocols and how to work with the consciousness of the land, oceans and with crises such as earthquakes. Certification course.

Prerequisite Course : Krystic Energy System® 2
Next Level: (coming soon)

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Energetic Clearings & Activations

Explore Powerful Clearings and Activations

In this section you will find our best profound Clearings and Activations to assist your consciousness ascend. All our Clearings and Activations are Golden Age Technology and support the entire spectrum of energies, codes, upgrades, releases, shifts and reprogramming that can be included for the highest outcome every time it is done.

Activation & Clearing

Three powerful Prosperity Clearing & Activation transmissions that were recorded during the Lionsgate and transmit all of the frequencies, energetics and codes of one of the most powerful portals of Manifestation of Prosperity and Abundance. Receive profound upgrades, shifts and releasing of blocks.

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Transmission & Activation

Through this connective-immersive transmission, your heart and high heart shall be opened and activated, so that these radiant powerful Leonian Guardians can come through and create a frequency match. They are brilliant Cosmic Teachers to guide those that are ready.

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Clearing & Activation

Two Clearing & Activation transmissions that compliment each other formerly knows as Divine Order. A profound Clearing of the biological circuitry, emotional, mental bodies as well as the soul body resulting in a complete energetic reset. The second audio is an Activation and upscaling of your guides, the Committees and Councils of the Higher Self.

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Clearing & Healing

One of the most profound Clearings we have created, that was recorded originally as part of the 2021 InVision. An energetic release of two thousand years of Karma of the entire Piscean Age. It encompasses not only your soul’s matrix, but also the ancestral lines, the collective karma, and even the planetary karma, bringing profound healing to all. A great Blessing and Gift to humanity.

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Clearing & Activation

Profound Clearing & Activation to support you in the creation of your Golden Age life, and a deep release of the last decade and ancestral lines. Formerly part of 2020 Vision, we created this clearing as a support to you and humanity to manifest the Golden Age in the coming decade. Recorded during an Eclipse, this special clearing and manifestation activation can also be used for further clearing and activation during any eclipses.

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Energetic Transmissions & Meditations

Energetic Transmissions and Daily Encoded Meditations

Here you will find special Energetic Transmissions and Daily Encoded Meditations. All our Transmissions and Meditations support you in your daily life to walk the Highest Path of vibrational frequency with special encodements, high vibrational energies and frequencies. Use daily or whenever you feel drawn to do so.

Transmission & Meditation

This is a series of meditations and transmissions that integrate the Cosmic light waves that are entering into the Solar System and to store and access them in the cells. These cosmic waves have a profound effect on one’s consciousness and the physical body. Purchase individually OR all as a package.

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Transmission & Meditation

This transmission series contains profound upgrades for your Human Blueprint, the Divine Human. They were recorded through star portals and thus contain all of these energies. This series will support your system in traversing the Cosmic Currents entering the energetic system. Purchase individually OR all as a package.

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Meditation & Activation

This Morning Meditation is designed for you to align with the Highest Reality for your Soul’s Purpose to begin your day every day. The frequencies programmed into this audio soundtrack raise your vibration and clear all negative energy out of your consciousness. iSoul is supportive to the Soul Intelligence program.

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Meditation & Activation

Powerful audio transmission to clear your mind, purify your body, harmonize your energy. Instantly tune your Chakra System that circulates your Endocrine System and connects to different organs, glands and even planets in the Solar System. Experience this bridge of Universal Consciousness every day to harmonise your system and support your daily practise.

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Encodements of Cosmic Consciousness

12 audio transmissions superbly designed by Shekinah and Sananda to prepare their beloveds for the Golden Age that humanity is being ushered towards.

The 12 levels of Cosmic Encodements  produced to help unwind your unconscious mind, attune to the higher mind, and thus the intelligence of Cosmic Consciousness.

The importance of these audio Encodements are that they align your frequency to powerful energy lay lines and nodes that have returned to the planet in various sacred sites across the world. Each audio has been produced and encoded with the sound waves and frequencies of Earth’s most powerful vortexes, in order for you to receive these energetic upgrades without the need to travel across the world.

Special Offerings & Services

Explore our Special Services Support Section

We lovingly invite you to explore the special support services and offerings in this part. As they are, unlike all other offerings on this page, not available through our TwinRay Academy, these are special Support Offerings for all our TwinRay students.

Limited Edition Service

Sacred Site Searches entail the finding of a new grid Sacred Site near you, it includes the restoration, reparation if necessary and activation of the new grids coming in. It is a wonderful support for your community and earth. A Sacred Site Search comes with a personalised report and can be used for the Loveolution. Limited availability.

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Protective Sigil

The Krystic Power Seal is a powerful tool of great protection and support at home or when you travel. Upon purchasing it, you will receive information on how to attune your system to connect with it. The Krystic Power Seal is for one person each and cannot be transferred. It may include family members if living in the same household.

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Free Programs & Offerings

Explore Our Free Programs and Offerings Available on Our Twinray Academy App

Below you will find an array of free offerings such as the Beyond Awakening Masterclass, the Soul Intelligence course, DNA repair & Immunity Boost meditation, activations, free wisdom classes and much more. Simply download the TwinRay App and join now to access it all for free.

Free Masterclass

Prepare for the next evolutionary shift for Humanity and the Planet and Experience 60-minutes of life changing wisdom as Shekinah and Sananda reveal profound prophecies and global shifts that are happening right now for all of humanity.

Next Level: Golden Age Energetics

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Free Online Course

Learn how to walk the path that sets the soul free by activating the innate wisdom of the Soul. Knowing how to access your soul’s intelligence can make the difference between chasing your ambitions and realizing the fulfillment of your soul’s purpose.

Next Level: Soul Embodiment

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Energetic Transmission & Meditation

This Divine protection audio of the Gayatri mantra is especially encoded by Shekinah & Sananda with healing & protection frequencies. When playing it continuously in your home it will create a golden Lotus, a “Seal of God”, above the house visible to those who can perceive it.

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Meditation & Transmission

This open eyed free meditation and transmission that is encoded with special frequencies to support the Immunity system, helps regenerate the cells and assists in repairing altered DNA. When you download our free TwinRay App, you will receive this wonderful tool for free.

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Free Toolkit for the Equinoxes & Solstices

Shekinah & Sananda’s “Loveolution” is a revolution of Love for humanity. Join Shekinah & Sananda every Solstice and Equinox in anchoring in the Cosmic Plasma waves and connecting humanity to the earth grids. A free resource kit to support this process of the Galactic sound waves coming onto earth.

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Wisdom Sharing & Transmission

In this grand message Shekinah & Sananda give guidance and a higher dimensional perspective of the current situation in this world, bringing clarity and a deeper understanding of the occurrences. Receive a free purification meditation tool to support you, your family, community and the world at large.

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Free Wisdom Teachings

Free wisdom teachings and meditations by Shekinah & Sananda taken from interviews. Topics include the Alchemy of TwinRay, your birth right of Sovereignty, a true Kryst can only see Kryst, Prosperity issues, Earth’s magic, the Cosmic Law, World Karma and many more.

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Wisdom Sharings & Special Live Streams

Special live streams Transmissions and Meditation of Shekinah & Sananda with the founders of Unify about the Truth of Christ-mass, the past December Solstice as the true beginning of the new Golden Age, the Age of Aquarius. Including Special Aquarius Meditation and Transmission.

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All Heart Shares
Community Heart Shares


“Beloved, Sananda Shekinah, the healing and inclusive Love you emanate through every thought, word and action, through every transmission, through every restructuring activity in our fields is the most sublime gift I could be given in this lifetime. I feel like I am resting in God’s illumined Grace when I am in your presence. I am honoured to have answered the call to join you. I am truly grateful to have found you – FINALLY! I have been looking for a long time. The world is a far better place with your presence. Thank you for accepting your holy contract.”

-Linda McCabe


Beloved Mother God Shekinah and Father God Sananda,

It is challenging using earth words to describe a completely celestial experience.  The Piscean Age Clearing along with the 2021 Forecast is all vibrating within us.  The experience was profoundly enlightening, totally expansive, life changing and a re-birth on every level. Thank you for being in human form at this time.  You are Pure Light, Pure Benevolent Love and Pure Service to all.  Your Divine Radiance and presence touches our hearts every moment.  We wake up each morning with prayers of gratitude for you.  Your gifts are the purest of the pure.  Your hearts are the Highest Love of the Divine.  Your loving example and Light pours through us and out to all of All That Is.  We join you in supporting the Beloveds bringing forth the Golden Age. Eternal blessings, gratitude and love to each one of you.”

– Mary Elizabeth ( Miluka) and Ara Smith


My beloved Mother Shekinah and Father Sananda. I am speechless for the gifts you bestowed upon me as I now live inside my heart, calm, centered, peaceful and in the present moment. Words cannot describe how much gratitude and love I have for you both for moving me further upwards in my ascension path towards liberation. For sharing your incredible Divine teachings, activations, transmissions, tools and creating this loving container for our ever expanding light tribe. You have returned me to the greater love in my heart, I love you both more than you can ever possibly imagine.

– Bruce Cohn


“Words cannot describe how this was huge in my life and I am eternally grateful to the TwinRays. Their teachings are very advanced and contain information not taught anywhere else to the public. Just from the info I have learned by attending these classes, I know with certainty that my Ascension path has indeed, sped up by leaps and bounds.I highly recommend this wisdom class to anyone who is on the Ascension path, because it is exactly what you need, and you will not regret it.”

– Norman Love


“Feeling that God is so near when you are around. When I met you, I could actually feel something deep shifting, something happening inside of me. That’s when I knew this was different. There is power in your words. These are the words of  The True Teachers. Being in your presence is priceless, every interaction with you is life transforming. I remember vividly how your teachings embodied into me during the Sedona retreat. It shows the power you have as Masters to accelerate your student’s transformation and liberation. Please stay with us forever, until we reach the ultimate happiness and are able to lead others to it, too.”

-Lena Gurba


“Thank your helping me regain my faith. I have been without faith and trust and believe and cynicism. I wanted my unwavering faith in my self and god so no one and nothing could ever separate me from my wealth or God. Ever! On this very night, and as my knees trembling, fear of it being taken away or loosing this precious gift. Or feel somehow I may jinx it or ruin it if I say it out loud. I am holding faith. And wanted to tell you, there are just no words for how greatful and blessed I feel to share the same world universe with you both. Truly deeply gratefully, LOVE YOU.  A prayer answered. Faith restored. Leader born

– Taslima Akther


“They are the real deal. Let them in your Heart and open your Heart enough to know the Truth. I am so grateful for them to come here and help humanity awaken again.” 

– Rebecca Mack

 “They have tremendously impacted my life in such a short time, it completely blew my mind. Together they are just pure Magic.” 

– David Lion

“I never thought I’d be able to receive a remote surgery and transmission, DNA upgrade and Karma clearings in such a real way. I feel they are my Heavenly parents and teachers.”

– Firas Fayyad

Classes & Courses


“Beloveds Shekinah and Sananda, Thank you so much for this profound exquisite and masterful container. I can honestly say that my cells are turned on, vibrating and tuned to the primordial source light of creation. Many spectrums of light are flooding in. I honor you, I love you, and feel so blessed by your presence in my life and on this beloved planet Earth. Humanity is truly blessed. Thank you for this incredible journey through the 7 celestial gateways, chakras, churches of Holy Light, Love and Blessings on the most High Kryst Light.”

-Kristen Becher


“Invision2021 was absolutely incredible. Thank you both so much for your selfless dedication and devotion in gifting to us your wisdom over the 10hour transmission. I was in awe and filled with deep gratitude. The clearings were profound and for two days prior I couldn’t sleep and have been wired and now after I feel completely changed, still wired, still can’t sleep, having profound releasing dreams and floods of tears – I’m still processing. So grateful. You have both incredibly changed my life, helped me remember who I truly am and sped up my ascension pathway. And I will be forever grateful, I serve with the galactic federation, I serve the light. Blessings to you both Sananda and Shekinah, so much wonderful wisdom.”

– Kirsten Todd



“How deeply grateful I am to receive this divine purification and recalibration. The Love Force felt very very strong as it swept through my blood, like a magnetic tide flowing through my body. During the transmission and also, at moments of sitting still and tuning back into the meditation for a quick ‘hit’ through the days…How blessed we are to experience such bliss filled Divine technology. “

– Zana Benson


“Thank you to Beloved Shekinah & Sananda from the bottom of my heart. You have played such a monumental role in my life for these past few months and I can feel the transmissions kept working on me even months after doing the Golden Age Energetics program. I am now going through it again and it’s beautiful to see that I can understand your wisdom at a much deeper level. I am forever in Gratitude to you Masters and I will keep recommending your work and GAE to all beings I encounter as I keep going on my path. 💗 Namaste 💗🙏✨🕊”

– Klaus Hakala



“Blessings of deep love to you, my beautiful Beloved Master Teachers! I am sitting in the field of receptivity, receiving the riches of your every word, and being led through a secret passageway into the recesses of my humanness in this lifetime. I also just did the GAE Closing Ceremony- oh my goodness gracious! Wow… wow…wow! My whole body is vibrating, energetic releases, and I am filled with LOVE. I feel like I have embodied it in this moment. Sooooo very blessed. Soooo honoured. Sooooo held in your Sacred Arms of Pure Divinity itself. I am moved beyond words.”

– Susan LeClair


“Thank you, Sananda and Shekinah for blessing us and the whole of the Universe with Your Presence and with this very powerful time together in the Golden Age Energetics, and helping us prepare with these profound gifts and actually use them for the Good of Self and the ALL. The Love I have felt this whole day has been so ABSOLUTELY profound in expanding my heart and solar plexus that it was overwhelming to open to receive and take it all in. I feel so much Gratitude for both of you and ALL you have taught me these past two years. Eternal Love and Gratitude.”

-Dorothy Joy


“Infinite love and blessings Shekinah & Sananda for an incredible Golden Age Energetic Retreat. Soooo much emotion, devotion, power and deep love and all the while through an online platform! I shall treasure your teachings and practice with a joyful heart… Infinite blessings Beloveds.”

– Moeroa Caulfield


 “I am so deeply touched and incredibly humbled to have been apart of these profound (life altering) teachings. I simply am unable to use words to express the amount of immense gratitude I feel in my heart and within the heart of hearts for this blessed opportunity in this lifetime. Life will simply never be the same and may we all celebrate in this together. I bow to the magnificence of your Souls presence here always. May we all continue to be deeply blessed and held in the purity of Love. I Love You. 💖🙏”

– Karendeep Uppal


“Finally after years and I mean years of trying to connect with myself do I feel a connection, I feel as though an energetic vortex just keeps pulling me back into my heart space, this brings me so much joy. Thank you so so much.”

– Lisa Anderson


“The greatest amounts of thanks and appreciation to beloveds Shekinah and Sananda for leading a most powerful and fulminant ceremony with which we ended the Piscean Age. I felt this working tremendously deep and could not have done this profound cleansing so fast, quick, and thorough without you. 
It feels as if we indeed brought up, went through, and cleared, all of the conditioning of the past 2000 years. I am deeply humbled, relieved and incredulous in the face of all the weight that was lifted, which I didn’t even know I had carried, before it was taken off my shoulders! Life feels lighter today and it’s easier to smile! We were born in amazing times, welcome to the Aquarian Age, here we come!” 🕊🌼 

 – Heidi Hofer


“It’s beyond everything I’ve ever experienced. With deepest gratitude and boundless Love, I’m in the ocean of Love. SO SO SO magnificent. This is all truly a magical experience we’re having with you, beautiful teachers, thank you for this gift of illumination. Indescribable merging into what feels like eternal home, timeless, tasteless, home. Simply wordless! So pure. So beautiful. Love to you beautiful teachers and all beautiful beings in this container. Deepest gratitude for these teachings and wisdom and love and clarity!” 

– Pavel Kotlykov 


“There are no words to describe you, dear Beloveds Shekinah and Sananda. Your love, grace and devotion to selfless service is truly beyond words. I am eternally grateful for your wisdom sharings, healings and blessings that I have received through your programs, transmissions and retreats. We are all so blessed. The teachings are priceless. The programs are so thorough with information, transmissions and precious ceremony, I am in a constant state of awe. When I listen to the recordings I am transported to yet another level of gratitude and awe. I cannot thank you enough for your planetary service and beyond. I dearly love you.”

– Brenda Saint Germain


“Beloved Father Sananda and Mother Shekinah, I feel compelled to share my experience with this deep metamorphosis. After I “melted like butter,” I felt the shift of my consciousness and surrendered into this space and allowed all to let go that was ready to be released and recalibrated. At the end, my solar plexus “came into alignment” (which is the only way I can describe this). I feel my vessel becoming ready to be “an instrument for God’s Love, God’s Compassion, and God’s Grace” just like the Prayer of St Francis of Assisi proclaims. Thank you for your TwinSoul song directing each of our own instruments to be used to illuminate and project our own Soul musical frequencies and vibrations reflective OUR COLLECTIVE SONG of GOD. I love you beyond measure.🕊💫💫🕊

– Mia O’Brian


“I am vibrating in new frequencies that I have never experienced before. I look so shiny and sparkly in the mirror. My love quotient has skyrocketed. I am filled with happiness, joy, hope and so much love and enthusiasm for the future of humanity on Earth. Golden waves of gratitude and love. I bow to you Beloveds.”

– Robert Brady


“I have been weeping in gratitude and deep devotion on and off all week. Especially yesterday after the closing ceremony. Your teachings are beyond my wildest dreams! I am so moved to think I can assist my family and soul connections and the thought of being able to assist humanity and lessen suffering, moves my heart deeply! I am in deep gratitude to you, Sananda and Shekinah. You are such beautiful expressions of The Divine. I am beyond thrilled to come to you at this time! I am excited about unfolding in your presence, with your beautiful community of light!”

-Patti Lutke


“Wow, wow, wow! How you continue to exceed my expectations is beyond my understanding. The activations are beyond words. A thousand “thank you’s” and a thousand blessings to the Divine Father Sananda And Divine Mother Shekinah for providing this priceless service of Golden Age Energetics to humanity at this time. At each of your events I attend, I leave a more loving being. That is priceless. Truly Masters of love you are.”

– Norman Love 


“It feels almost impossible to express my Love and Gratitude towards who you are, what you offer and how you guide and hold us so gracefully in all aspects of our Beingness. There is an unspeakable peace resident in my Being and I feel connected to a place within me which feels like a portal to all possible dimensions once the time has come to evolve even more. There is definitely a new reference point within me to relate in a much more empowered and loving way to all of Life than ever before- and a connection to a vibration which I have longed for all my Life! I am so happy and grateful for the tools you provide and all that we can do in our Life to evolve consistently into more. I have been given access to a sensation of sweetness and tenderness that makes such a difference in Life and I am so grateful that I sense the possibility to bring this into my life now. Thank you, thank you, thank you from all places within my Heart!”    

– Elena Urbanosvky 


“I feel so embraced inspired and all around seen by your loving presents and openness.💓 I’m just happy and feel like newborn. Will dive deeper and deeper. Thank you so much. Love from all my Being. Gratefulness for your offering and deep Wisdome. Happiness.”

– Amo Monika Apfalter


“I would like to express my gratitude to our Beloved teachers Sananda & Shekinah for an opportunity to participate in the Golden Age Energetics Retreat. It was such a pleasure and honor to be a part of this amazing event. Even though we did this Retreat online and actually couldn’t be together or see each other, the energy of the community was incredible, so strong and vibrant. I really enjoyed every single session and waited for our meetings so impatiently. It seems to me that not only we learnt the wisdom of our great teachers but also we were given an opportunity to feel a little bit of heavens ✨🙏. All of the experience was so unique and sacred and I have never felt like this before.  I am so ever grateful for this lifetime event that changed my perception and filled my heart with so much grace. Namaste.” 

– Indra Kaourou


“This has been such an incredible, amazing course. We are all so lucky to have connected and found Shekinah and Sananda. Thank you so much for the work you are creating and literally planting inspiration within us. It is on another level and something I never knew I would be doing in these days. This has been so beautiful and has been the biggest blessing in my life. I hope to be strong and work these teachings into my life to the best of my ability, and I feel your sacred support is beyond holistic.”

– Michele Lynch 


“For the very first time in my life since starting the Golden Age Energetics last March I feel that I have “met” my Soul-Family of Light which I always knew existed somewhere in this world! It feels so Amazing within me to connect with Beloveds that practice what I practice and Innerstand & connect with me on a deeper level, and are here to liberate Consciousness, following the Divine plan and living from the Heart, as the Love that we Are. I haven’t really experienced anything like this before I Am Deeply Grateful that it brings me to tears that we have come together in this way once again.”

– Linda Liewendahl


“Thank you to infinity and beyond! So grateful for the beauty and magnificence of these blessings, thank you forever for your love and support and the waves of grace and eternal peace that has birthed through my heart in this sacred container. Thank you forever for bringing me (all of us!) home again to the majesty of our own hearts, perfect love and perfect peace. I feel so blessed, so eternally grateful to you, Beloveds.”

-Izrael E.


“I am totally blown away by the content of your classes! It’s EVERYTHING I’ve been searching and praying for my whole life! I found you last year in Ariella’s interview… This year I finally have access to your amazing teachings and have no words to THANK you both from the bottom of my heart for the preciosity of these teachings! I’m really interested in participating in anything that you are doing now and always. Please let me know about the programs/events/workshops etc, so that I can have a chance to participate. All my love and gratitude.”

– Tania Dimov


“The transmissions of the Alchemy of Ascension course this month were profound. The entire course is outstanding. Deep gratitude to the Beloveds for bringing this to us. Love you both.”

– Jo Lynn Hawthorne


 “Powerful transmissions of the Alchemy of Ascension course this month that took me some time to ground. Feeling the many movements in my body, clicks and switches in my brain, and the expansion in my field. Blissful and joyful. I been feeling that I am in Love more and more of this Life. Deep, deep, deep gratitude Beloveds. 💛💫

-Tereza Mansilla


“When Beloved Shekinah was speaking her prayer for Mother Earth & Humanity, I felt her love SO deeply in all of my being. Tears of Joy and sorrow poured from my eyes, as I witnessed and felt Shekinah crying as well. It was so beautiful and powerful. It was as if the deep sorrow that has been in my heart, since I was a little child vanished in that moment and Joy took its place. I feel incredibly blessed to have your love and guidance in my life. Your teachings feel as the whole truth and resonate deeply in my soul.”

-Rebecca Mack


I want to bring my deep gratitude to you dearest Shekinah and Sananda for the transmissions of the Alchemy of Ascension course. I did all three of them and they touched different spaces in me. The most moving was when both of you appeared to me holding my hands. I felt a gentle but profound soul suffering the last three days but trusted that something was going to happen. Today I woke up with a more clear inner sight and feeling about myself and a kind of renewed physical and subtle centeredness. And I feel confirmed in my natural need of more silence because it makes me hear clearly. With all my love a dear dear thank you! 💗”

-Barbara Geiger


“There are no words great enough to describe my Gratitude ~ This container has been, and is, so profoundly deep and full of Light… It is something of the most amazing I have experienced in this life. The opportunity to go through Sacred Ceremony, of such high frequency, in the space of my own home ~ What an incredible Blessing, of Highest Divine Light ~  Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. Feel my heart’s song and my deep bow to your great Divine Love!”

– Jeny de Janhai


“Wonderful experience so profoundly and externally changed. This is my daily practice. Thank you beloved Ones for this immense gift that you bring forth in Service to our families, communities, humanity and the Earth. 🙏❤️🌎 “

– Nathalie Moutia


” I keep coming back to the extraordinary Closing Ceremony phenomenon. A totally transcendent moment. I was thinking about who we each were as we first gathered that first day in the Golden Age Energetics .. And how as we did each of the activations, Sananda and Shekinah were working their healing magic with each us, and we were participating, we just kept becoming more and more, higher and higher, and with the culminating Mantra, an exquisite synergy of ALL was born. … The energy was so ecstatic. I felt we were ONE, ONE LOVE, ONE WHOLE bursting with BLISS. In that moment, I experienced what Sananda spoke of  –  what matters is the BLISS. I felt in that moment we were ONE in BLISS. Sananda and Shekinah – so profoundly grateful to you for this course, this journey, this LOVE. 💞 🕊

– Wendy Ann McCarthy

 “GAE is the purest form of wisdom, it’s perfection and you Feel the LOVE pulsing from them. It’s such an honour to learn from them.”

– Michael Muller

 “It’s almost like they are getting inside of us and polishing us back to infinity. I have no explanation for it.”

– Liana 

“The energies I felt in GAE were so incredible, I did not think it was even possible! I have done a lot of work with lots of different teachers. I finally found my teachers. 

– Emily Mallon

“I am SO in awe of them. I am very excited about this journey, I am so blissed out. It has been an incredible experience.” 

– Kaycee

“After the 7 days of GAE my light body and my consciousness expanded so much! “

– Leonora Blekaityte

“The level of upscaling, upgrading of healing and transmissions through every retreat, is mind-blowing!”

– Daniel Joo

Online Gatherings in the Sanctum 


“The transmission today was the most powerful one I’ve ever experienced. My heart kept on expanding and I had  deep soul remembrance of home and why I am here. I was guided to go to Liberty State Park NJ to my spot where there is a perfect view of the Statue of Liberty to recite the Golden Sun Dragon Mantra. 
We are free!

– Irene Rounick

Sanctum livestream comments

“My whole body was shaking as you named the sacred sites! Blissbumbs and ecstasy. I am feeling so light and so much love. I heard: this promise will be held.”  – Benoîte Schpilberg

“Deep tears of joy. Words are inadequate. Thank you that I am with you and that you see me. I am with you.”        – Caroline Islas

“Thank you so much for this sooo uplifting, opening, harmonizing, beautiful transmission. There are no words. So glad and grateful to be here!”    – Magda De Beckker


“Profound – this was an exquisitely divine transmission.  I felt your love so much and inperienced the majesty of your tears Beloved Shekinah.  During the transmission I felt my hands shapeshifting and suddenly felt an aspect of myself transform into a white dragon and flew upward.  I love you.”

-Linda McCabe 


“Feeling in the cocoon of divine light like the atom and electrons spinning around seeing Mother Earth and all energy places and hearts connecting in one vast vortex of light, spinning into the dna of Atma, shaping the tree of Life. Feeling Divine healing and wholing trough the whole body. Divine blessings to all of the community and Sananda and Shekinah.”    

– Vytautas Vaicaitis


“Thank you Sananda and Shekinah for your love, compassion, wisdom.. no words can describe how happy I feel to have found you, this community and this soul family.  I feel home and loved like never before. Very deep and profound thank you for creating the TwinRay Sanctum and hosting live events to unify our family. I look forward to seeing you and learning from you. Blessed be.”

– Daniela Taratusky


“Blessings beloveds, what a strong and amazing transmission..where we were held in love and light. I couldn’t stop  shedding tears and laughter of joy at he same time. My whole body vibrated, when the Dragon Lay Lines were called upon. How wonderful to participate in this ceremony .”     

– Suneko Avilés


“I did not know I needed it, but my soul knew. My teachers and spiritual parents appeared. “

– Geneva Clay

“I feel something completed in my core, and a new timeline opened, a Golden one. “

– Anjuna Ourmutchi

“I have been craving for these teachings all my life. The whole container felt so Divine.”

– Benoite Schpilberg

“This immediately shifted things in a profound way that I have not experienced in 17 years of spiritual practise.”

– Karen Cope

“Do whatever it takes to join the tribe. You will feel the resonance in your heart.”

– Pamela Butters

“I recommend all people around the world to experience this”

– Julie Alen

TwinRay Changed My Life Forever

“The Beloveds have helped me realise so many gifts through their activations, clearings, amazing retreats.. the experiences I have encountered seem to never end. ”

– Bruce Cohn

“I couldn’t quit crying – Sananda’s and Shekinah’s energies were so strong!”

-Reisha F. and Brian .

“They are embodying Kryst Consciousness – the Loving Father, Loving Mother that none of us ever had!”

-Christof M.

Healing Realm

Master Your Energy

Master the healing arts to live longer, evolve your consciousness and achieve spiritual, mental and emotional harmony. In this realm you can explore courses that teach:
– The Light Body
– Divine Relationships
– Transcending Karma
– Healing & Divination Certifications and more…

Alchemy Realm

Awaken the power within

Awaken the secrets of inner alchemy and how to activate your inherent spiritual gifts and abilities. In this realm you can explore courses that teach:
– Spiritual Liberation & Ascension
– Inner Alchemy & Enlightenment
– Psychic Powers & Abilities
– Cosmic Forces & Cycles and more…

Leadership Realm

Manifest Your Mission

Manifest your Life’s Mission and Realise your Souls Purpose, in order to serve humanity and attract prosperity into your life. In this realm you can explore:
– Golden Age Leadership
– Financial Freedom
– Conscious Wealth Creation
– Teaching & Mentorship Certifications and more…

Astrology Realm

Embody Your Multi-dimensionality

Navigate Cosmic Consciousness and access your Future Self. In this realm you can explore courses that teach:
– Golden Age Astrology
– Music of the Spheres
– 5D Planets and Beyond
– Golden Age Astrologer Certifications and more…