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The Golden Age Awaits

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Ancient Arts Backed by
Modern Science.

Science is beginning to prove what adepts have known since ancient times. When we raise our consciousness and vibration we emanate a field of coherence that promotes inner peace for you and others. It’s time to experience a higher quality of life. Together we have the capacity to lift the world to a higher order of harmony, by bringing forth creative innovation and enlightened leadership.
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Practice The Art of Self Mastery Now.

Self inquiry is a powerful technique that allows us to become more aware of ourselves so that we can rise above those aspects that keep us from experiencing the light of true freedom.

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You're Not Alone.  Welcome Home.

Awakening and healing by yourself can be a challenge, but many hands make light work.  Join a passionate group of truth seekers that have realized that to heal yourself is to heal the world.  Let’s co-create the Golden Age together.  Discover a community of like minded and hearted individuals ready to support, inspire, and uplift each other into heaven on earth.

Global Tribe

To be a part of a Golden Age Community one must embody love through doing both the inner work and outer work. We live as Love in Action through radical acts of kindness to each other, the animals and to the Earth and service to all.

Love All; Serve All. This is our Mantra for daily living

Service in Action

Many Hands, Make Light Work.

Our TRIBE WORKS DAILY TO CO-Create a more loving world.

The turning point is rapidly approaching for a critical mass to rise in consciousness.  You can make the difference in the dawning of an Enlightened Culture: One based on Universal Love, Compassion, Wisdom and Service.  

Help us create a world where  trauma and suffering is healed and brought back to wholeness;  Where we come into balance with animals and the Earth; upgrade our social systems, live and work as creative play, activate our highest potentials, grow, expand and thrive together as ONE.

Feeding Children Globally
TwinRay and our partners provide daily meals to over 2.1 Million children in 16 states and 2 union territories of India by supporting worthy foundations such as Akshaya Patra outside the US and Feeding America within the United States. In 2024 it is our year’s intention to partner with more organizations feeding not only children, but needy families in the USA. Our Local Ashland Community personally cooks and delivers abundant healthy, organic meals every week to the Local Homeless population. We will starting an even bigger initiative in 2024.
Homeless Local Initiative
Our Local TwinRay Community works in Tandem with The Peace House to personally come and cook, prepare and deliver meals. We do this once a week for the Ashland Homeless population’s men, women and children that have become circumstantially homeless for various reasons and provide a loving friend and guide to connect with and support their journey through life by giving them a friendly shoulder to lean on and warm food to nourish them. Our Intention is to strengthen this Homeless Initiative and invite more local people to contribute in 2024.
Hospice Local Initiative
End of Life care is one of the most valuable ways to give an aged or dying person the dignity that they deserve. Our Global and Local TwinRay Community is comprised of men and women of all ages with a large population of wise and learned people over the age of 60 because they have “been around the block” so to speak and after decades of searching, have finally found their home with TwinRay. We have partnered and supported the Celia’s House a local and helpful 501C 3 End of Life care facility where volunteers can donate their time and resources towards this very important cause. Our community has both donated funds as well as physically gone to support the education and practice of Hospice care.
Animal Sanctuaries
Our TwinRay Tribe is a very close knit community of mostly plant based and vegan eaters and truly loves animals. Our TwinRay Sanctuary sits on a 500 acre Elk Reserve that the TwinRay family helps to preserve and steward. We have also supported and personally donated to the Global White Lion Protection Trust in Africa and one day will plan a trip to see the White Lions with our community and present a check in person. In the future, along with our sanctuary builds, we too intend to have an animal sanctuary to serve and protect the “Big Cats” of the world.
Spiritual Activism
There are countless ways in which we show up with Spiritual Activism. The Founders of TwinRay Shekinah Ma and Sanandaji fearlessly flew directly into Wartime Israel and Palestine for resolution and Peace talks three weeks after the 2023 war began.TwinRay consistently supports humanity and the Earth to bring about the Golden Age and a world of Peace. Leading The World Peace Day Meditation broadcast along with great pioneers such as Sir Paul McCartney, Lighting of the Eight Fire in Mexico with Chief Phil Lane and the Indigenous ambassadors uniting 180 million people in the Americas and Africa, traveling to The Big Island to donate supplies and finances to the Kapuna ( Great Elders) of Mauna Keya during the battle between the Hawaiin People and the Unites states.
Water Stewardship
The TwinRay Tribe feels a deep stewardship for the waters of the Earth and has funded and supported “Deep Tech” that can revolutionize most every aspect of consumer and industrial water needs. The technology can be used in: desalinization, cleaning waste water streams, creating energy, transmuting sewage into hydrogen on demand and restoring lakes, rivers and even oceans. The founders have spent many decades studying the frequency fields of waters collected from various places all over the world. We collect waters from places where healings and miracles have been reported such as Lourdes in France. We work with water alchemists and utilize radionics to amplify the innate abilities, programability and gifts of water for countless purposes. Supporting the purification of water for generations to come is an essential part of creating the Golden Age and sustainable living for bio dynamic farming, responsible water consuming, restoration of aquatic life and honoring of water as life giving and affirming.
Leading Global Meditations
TwinRay is a leader and advocate for FREE large scale mass Global Meditations for peace. We come together every morning at 6:30 am to meditate and practice together. TwinRay has partnered with Unify who has brought together over 500 Million people for Global Service. Global Synchronized Events inspire community-driven action campaigns for service and World Peace. Revolution without love will never be sustaining long term. Coming together at specific times of the year in connection with the Earth’s is a power that was used in antiquity and now can change the world.
Land Preservation
The study of Epigenetics concludes that the expression of genes in an organism can be influenced by the environment, including the external world in which the organism is located or develops. This can also greatly impact a person’s mental and emotional wellbeing. Over the last three years, the founders of TwinRay have guided and certified hundreds of people to travel around the world and help the lands heal from trauma and alchemize and remove memories that the soils hold from social and geological trauma. The world is changing rapidly before our eyes and many countries in the world that have been at war or have long histories have undergone catastrophes and natural disasters. TwinRay has seen that people who live on lands and parts of countries that have undergone trauma unconsciously pick up that energy and create more of it in their own lives. It could show up in a small way in someone’s life or as a society zeitgeist. TwinRay students travel all over world and selflessly work to clear the lands with the intention to anonymously help the people’s emotional and mental wellbeing and instill just another way to create peace on Earth.
Blessing Bags
Have you ever seen a child on Christmas morning smile with such innocence and appreciation? This feeling is a similar experience our TwinRay Tribe receives when we deliver these Blessing Bags to filled with essential toiletries, medical supplies, blankets, beanies Prayer cards, toiletries, and many other surprises inside. The founders of TwinRay have been making these bags and going to hand pick, purchase and pack them all themselves and now have invited the TwinRay Tribe to join them. Giving time and resources to help one in need only expands the heart even wider and reminds us all of the Kindness required in Humankind.
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influencers & Students of TwinRay

Megan Darger
Founder Imiloa Institute & Mother of 2 Children

Jeffrey Stein
Social Impact Tech Entrepreneur - Stanford University MBA

Roland A. Vandermeer
Executive Chairman/Venture Investor

Christopher John Stubbs
Transformational Coach for Ambitious Men Founder of The Wolf Pack

Scott Catamas
Multi Emmy Award Winning Writer, Producer HBO

Gary Malkin

Gary Malkin
7 Time Emmy Award Winning Composer: Movie THRIVE

Deborah Giusti
Author, Evolutionary Leaders & Founder of Harmony Fest

David Reid
Scientist & CEO Manna Vitality International & Manna House

Dr. Beth McDougall MD
CEO Medical Director Infectious Disease Physician, Author

Dr. Amine Charik MD
Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon

This path is not for everyone

It’s for the courageous

It’s for the noble

It’s for the true seeker

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Walk the path of ascension and free yourself.

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Join the Golden Age movement of like minded and hearted individuals to support your path of freedom.

The turning point is rapidly approaching for a critical mass to rise in consciousness.  You can make the difference in the dawning of an Enlightened Culture: One based on Universal Love, Compassion, Wisdom and Service.  

Help us create a world where  trauma and suffering is healed and brought back to wholeness;  Where we come into balance with animals and the Earth; upgrade our social systems, live and work as creative play, activate our highest potentials, grow, expand and thrive together as ONE