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Welcome to the Golden Age of an Awakened Humanity


✨Learn The Teachings of the Masters & The Way Of Love✨

The Way Of Love

True Healing, Freedom and Purpose comes from Living as Love

We invite you to Live out your Highest Potential for the Greatest Good of All

A School of Mastery
For The

What if true Love and Freedom wasn’t a distant potential, but your true nature?

What if you could discover this inner truth by simply shifting your perception, reframing your mind and opening your heart?

TwinRay’s mission is to guide you on a journey of inner alchemy and transformation to activate you as one of the Leaders of the Light.

A Mentorship for Global Awakening

We are at the dawn of a powerfully transformative, global energetic shift.
ALL are being called to become Masters in order to be true beacons of light and hope.

The global awakening that is unfolding is unprecedented on Earth. We understand how it can feel overwhelming, confusing, and scary at times, to feel these changes and not yet know how to best align with its transformational possibilities.

TwinRay is here to prepare and empower you for this profound, universal energetic shift. It is time to rise in love and wisdom, allowing you to become the true leaders that are needed today.

The Prophecy of a Golden Age of Peace on Earth is Dawning,
It will be a conscious ecosystem, giving a brighter future for all through the embodiment of love and harmony.

The time is now.

Join us for the Miracle Mentorship within the TwinRay School of Mastery and shine your powerful light throughout the world.


Together We Rise as Love

Each of our teachings, practices, and pathways in the Mastery School offers Free gifts, advanced Certifications in the Ancient Sciences, and an all access pass with The Miracle Mentorship program that we, as a global community have come together to rise as Love.
Explore the multiple ways we can support your spiritual journey.

Miracle Mentorship

This is a Group Mentorship Container. Get an Extensive Library of Courses, Transmissions, Meditations, Sacred Rituals, Astrological Forecasts And Direct Guidance with Monthly Live interactive Calls


Explore our past retreats while discovering exciting new opportunities about the journeys for the awakening soul. Traveling to sacred sites is a profound way of sacred activism.

Our Mission

TwinRay has many branches. Procuring of sacred lands,  teachings of Inner Alchemy, Spiritual Ascension and Genetic Liberation.  Teaching the Ancient Mysteries TwinRay is here to hold the golden thread that links all people.

Global Community

 Meet our planet-wide community of people just like you how are awakening to their divinity through heartfelt service, meditation, ancient practice, community service and more

Explore Treasures

Explore our High End line of products designed to help ignite life force energy, still your mind and open your heart: BioCeuticals, Energy Jewelry, Visionary Art, Gold Elixirs & more

1-on-1 Guidance

This is a Personal Mentorship. It is an  opportunity to be directly mentored  one on one for healing, spiritual advisement, activation of your gifts, relationship and leadership acceleration.

Join The TwinRay Academy

Receive Your Free Gifts By Enrolling Today

On your journey of enlightenment, there are 4 Supreme Paths. These Paths are deeply interconnected, and yet each is essential to fully realizing the Divine within.

When you enroll in the TwinRay Academy, you will receive free access to our powerful course, the Path of Divine Love. You will also receive timeless wisdom sharings, meditations, masterclasses and access to our wonderful heart-led Global Community.

We Thank You

Shekinah Ma and Sanandaji, also known as “The TwinRay,“ are Spiritual teachers, Master Healers and luminaries of love.

The personal stories of The TwinRay are truly awe-inspiring. Both have lived incredible lives as Mystics that have traveled all over the world to sacred lands, communing with both the seen and unseen realms. Each guided to unlocking deep spiritual experiences, mystical initiations and the return of vast past life memories and wisdom. All which would be keys that connected them beyond time and space.

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