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The Alchemy Of Divine Union

What if Heaven wasn’t just a place, but your true essence that resides within you, and is around you at all times? And what if its discovery was simply a shift in perception? What if love, peace and happiness wasn’t just a feeling that comes and goes, but stayed with you through all moments of life? Divine Truth gives you this freedom to live Heaven on Earth and is the birthright of every human being. TwinRay teaches the alchemy of Divine Union which illuminates this Truth and shares the Keys for humanity to remember its sacred Human origins. Discover our world service.

TwinRay Monthly Miracle Mentorship

Imagine a life where you start every month with the Highest Frequency and maintain it throughout the entire year of 2022.

Be held in a miracle matrix of divine support with Shekinah Ma and Sanandaji as they guide you to live in complete balance and harmony with the seasons, cycles and elements of life. Experience monthly Live Mastery Calls, Live Community Support Calls, Astrological & Energetic Forecasts, Full Moon Transmissions and more.

Not only will you receive this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be personally mentored by Shekinah & Sananda each week. You will also be given instant access to their entire library of energy activations, meditations, and transmissions.

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Our Offerings

We invite you to explore the many ways in which we are able to serve your spiritual journey. The teachings, practices, experiences and pathways shared in our TwinRay Online Academy, KES Healing Center, certification programs and global spiritual community have been inspired and created to awaken the Divine Human Species.

Online Academy

Online Programs, Guided Mediations, Free Offerings and more await you in our Portal of Learning

Work With Us

This is your opportunity to be held and guided by TwinRay exclusively for your self-mastery

Our Mission

Our mission of sharing the illuminated teachings of Spiritual Liberation and Enlightenment with Humanity

Global Community

Join our world wide community of light warriors supporting the evolution of humanity into the Golden Age

TwinRay Treasures

Explore the TwinRay Treasures including Bio-Energy Jewellery, Source Code Art, & Sound Alchemy


Explore our past retreats while we prepare to share some exciting news about the future of TwinRay Retreats

Shekinah & Sananda’s Story

Discover the story of how Shekinah and Sananda came to live their life of divine service, and how their union was formed.

Join the TwinRay Academy –
School of Divinity

Join Today and Receive a FREE Gift

We invite you to join thousands of students from all over the world in our High vibrational Heart led Global Community and access pure Divine Sacred wisdom teachings in our TwinRay Academy, School of Divinity, that have been brought to you from the Golden Age for humanity’s Ascension. We designed this platform where all of our courses are held and our community shares, connects and receive Sacred Wisdom Teachings, Ancient Alchemy, learn about future Healing Technology and thousands of like hearted students come together to share, connect and serve humanity through Love.

For everyone joining the Academy, we have a FREE gift for you.

The Divine Paths of Freedom expansive contemplative journey created to bring you closer to your essence, your True Self and open your Heart ever deeper to Divine Love. These paths have been crafted with ancient wisdom through the ages, designed to uplift, accelerate and expand consciousness onto higher levels for people from all backgrounds and levels of spiritual evolution.

Upon enrolling in our TwinRay Academy, you will be gifted the Divine Paths of Freedom and receive sacred wisdom sharings and access to our wonderful Heart led Global Community.

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