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The Golden Age Starts From Within You
Are You Ready To Experience The Golden Earth and Become The New Divine Human

Our Mission Is To Alchemize The Divine Human In You

Through a period of 3 months, 6 months and 1 year exclusive mentorship package, we shall work with you 1-1 to personally mentor and architect a pathway that guides you to manifest your highest life path and soul’s mission. This journey with us ultimately brings you to the realization; You are the miracle, that you seek.

We are here to illuminate the path forward and to create leaders, teachers, healers and spiritual masters alike.

We have been most blessed to guide and teach thousands of people how to remember their original life purpose, and how to fulfill this by serving their highest calling.

It does not matter what levels of consciousness you have reached, or even if you are most blessed to be newly discovering your spiritual journey.

It is our promise, that we can take you far beyond anything you thought imaginable. What we offer exclusively through our private guidance is the chance to have direct insight into every area of your life, and provide you with the universal guidebook on how to create the life your soul came to live.

TwinRay Ascendantship Private Mentoring Focuses

Soul Liberation

What would it be like to be completely free of your ancestor’s genetics? Free of Genetic karma that holds trauma and suffering, as many humans had lived in times of great struggle upon the Earth. Did you know that your DNA is wound with wounds from the past? We specialize in unwinding the wounds around the DNA that create suffering. We teach you direct ways, practices and techniques so that you can take charge of your body  and begin with a genetic blank slate that is vibrating higher, and on the path to Genetic Liberation.

Sacred Union

Everyone deserves a sacred relationship. Everyone deserves to feel loved and adored by a beautiful reflection of their significant other. TwinRay specializes in activating Divine Unions, while, amplifying one’s inherent energy signature by accelerating particles within your magnetic field. This acceleration inevitably attracts one’s perfect reflection. We simplify the complexity of relationship and analysis by teaching singles and couples how best to serve each other and honour themselves through the relationship process.

Manifest Prosperity

What if the Universe was completely in your favor? What if you knew that you were upheld and supported with all the decisions that you make. We are here to bring you into alignment with the natural laws of the Universe so that you can manifest all of the prosperity/favor that is in your heart’s dreaming. Follow this path to an awakening of consciousness that leads to wellness of life, financial freedom and abundance of good fortune.

Instant Healings

Your body has the capacity to heal instantaneously. The original human being was never meant to age or become ill. The original Human was a powerhouse of cosmic energy and knew exactly how to partner with the forces of this Universe in order to manifest and create and to dis-create, whenever necessary. Through clearing  & transmissions, we bring the body to its highest capacity to not only heal itself, but to rejuvenate and return to its original Blue Print with healthy DNA and regenerated cells filled with life force and vitality.

 TwinRay Ascendants Share…

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Ask Yourself

Have you ever felt that you were called to do something so important, but you did not know how or even perhaps what?

Have you ever wanted to know more about your divine nature but didn’t know where to turn?

Have you ever contemplated how different your life would be, if you had been shown how to live in that true divine nature in all areas of your life?

How would your life be different If you had people in your reality that demonstrated great Integrity, virtue and freedom through spirituality? How would you feel, if all of this was accomplished while celebrating you, honouring life itself and instilling a greater wisdom within you, while upholding your unique spiritual evolution?

What would it be like for you to wake up every morning inspired, not by something or someone external, but because you are genuinely happy and grateful for your life?

This can truly be your life’s experience, and although you may have felt this could only be a dream, this state of being is not a dream at all, and can really be your reality. We call this, the realization of your Golden Path.

It was you, who originally architected this golden path for yourself. You intended to find it once more, when your soul was ready. You created this journey well before you incarnated and immersed in the veils of forgetfulness. It is such, that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. You are ready now.

Although many are called, it is the most courageous who truly answer.

Your call to the Universe has been heard, Dear One. It is a piece of our mission to serve you to reclaim your spiritual birthright. We are here for all who are truly ready to enter into this selfless planetary service in Union with the Divine Source. However, this exclusive One-On-One Mentorship brings you several octaves higher than any other manner of our connection together.

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