Learn how to Create Your Highest Reality for 2021

January 7th 2021

Enter into the New Aquarian Golden Age

Take a journey through 2021, and discover how the cosmos is supporting the Evolution of Gaia and Your Spiritual Ascension…

…this Ascension of the Divine Human is supporting the removal of all Veils from the Earths Grid System, and our Solar System. What this means, is that as our human species evolves, humanity is becoming citizens not only of the New Earth, but citizens of the New Galaxy.

In Golden Age Astrology, we uncover and bring revelations to the year of 2021, how you can play your part to bring Heaven on Earth and experience the Golden Age of Gaia in 2021.

Experience a higher level perspective to what is happening on our planet, to our Universe, and how through this knowledge portal you can accelerate your spiritual journey by harmonizing with all the planets and learning their movements in the skies and within you.

Ceremony Introduction

Discover How 2021 Has The Potential to Shape the blueprint of Humanity’s evolution and the manifestation of the New Earth.

We have just come out of the very first Plasmic Wave in December 2020. It was indeed, a phenomenal and powerful catalyst for the physical and subtle bodies to prepare for these incoming waves for the next 3 years, before the full encodement is received on the Earth.

The astrological energy in January is laying the foundation for this entire year. What a blessing to all be here together through these times of Great Prophecy.

This year is setting in a new grid for the next decade. This decade is crystalizing the new matrix for the next century.

This is your opportunity to bid a fond farewell to 2020, release all that has held any bindings and prepare yourself for new beginnings, love, abundance and most Importantly the service to Gaia that your soul promised prior to this incarnation.

2021 Vision Online

(Unlimited Spots Available)

This is your opportunity to prepare yourself for what comes next, to open to new beginnings, to clear all that did not serve you in 2020 and bring in a deepening of love, abundance and most importantly world service.

Course Overview

This 2021 InVision offering has been birthed from its predecessor, 2020 Vision, a planetary forecast and ceremony program that was offered for the first time last year.

The one day ceremonial program was extremely insightful, filled with higher dimensional wisdom and always held in our Divine Love container. It was so successful and well recieved by all, we decided to offer it again this year for 2021.

This is the perfect online event if you would like to know how to get the most out of this important year. 2021 Vision will help you to discover what significant days will help you bring your soul’s mission into a higher manifestation and what astrological upgrades are set to allow you to embody your highest timeline reality.

Learn how to co-create with the planetary alignments of 2021, and experience your highest reality timeline of Prosperity, Love, Wisdom, Wellness and Success. 

Discover the most effective way to manifest your hearts yearnings & desires with the support of the Universe. This planetary process increases the chances of you to make manifest your hearts wishes.

Align with the natural energy flow and rhythm of the year 2021, according to Golden Age Astrology. By doing so you will have the greatest support to achieve your Soul’s purposes.

 These Additional sacred offerings below are ONLY available to purchase for the first 100 registrants of the main offering of 2021 InVsion (Unlimited Spots Available)

 Sacred Site Search
close to you

A sacred Site Search where Sananda & Shekinah and their team will map out Sacred Sites and High vibrational  Vortex points closest to your home and neighborhood. This service is to help you connect directly to the Golden Grid and serve the Earth by going to the places of profound power nearest to your home. (Limited to the first 33 People.)

Golden Age Astrology 


A Private Group Golden Age Astrological Reading class with Sananda, to help you learn about your personal energy signature and birth chart for 2021. This class is only offered ONCE a year, to give students the opportunity to learn more about Golden Age Astrology and ask Sananda their questions directly. (Limited to the first 100 People)

Remote Personalized & Family Healing 

A remote personalized & family healing, clearing and blessing for your energy bodies and astrological signature. This remote healing session with Shekinah and Sananda will Harmonize, Clear and integrate your Bio-Energy Field to prepare you for the incoming plasma waves arriving throughout 2021. (Limited to the first 100 People)

Due to Shekinah & Sananda’s World Service commitments, they only have space for 100 beloveds to receive these additional Sacred Offerings.


2021 Vision Online Event

January 7th 2021 10am Pacific

(replay available if unable to attend live)

Live webinar call

2021’s Astrological Forecast with Shekinah & Sananda

They shall be taking you through an in-depth energetic forecast and astrological overview of what is coming in this profound year ahead.

Session One

  • Opening Ceremony
  • 2021 Astrological Forecast
  • 2021 Energetic Overview

Live webinar call

Manifesting Ceremony, How to Create Your 2021 Vision.

Shekinah & Sananda will be assisting you to clear all remaining energies of 2020 and the past decade and how to manifest your souls purpose for 2021.

Session Two

  • Clearing all past energies of 2020
  • Creating energetic harmony with all the important planets for this year.
  • How to Manifest Your 2021 Vision
  • Learn how to program 2021 for success
  • Discover how to accelerate your spiritual journey
  • Closing Ceremony

What You Will Learn

You can join us and watch in the comfort of your own home whenever you like.

The sessions will be available for you to download and experience them as many times as necessary, as there will be vast amount of information, clearings and activations shared on both sessions.

Cutting ties and chords with the entire past year & decade.

Become clear with what you are bringing forth in 2021.

Cord cutting for all 2020 energies that don’t serve your highest timeline reality.

Healing any wounds that are preventing you to let go of the past.

Learn how to bring more of what you’re grateful for into 2021.
Learn how to forgiving yourself for any past events that may prevent you from having the best year of 2021.

Learn how to ONLY attract positive lessons in 2021. These lessons are crucial to evolve & ascend your soul. 

Harmonize your energy field with the planets that are creating the massive global change.

Learn how to Harmonize your energy field with the 5D planets.

Preform an Energetic burial and elements ceremony, to bless your year ahead.

Create a new life template for your 2021 future self. This allows you to align with your Higher Self effortlessly in 2021.

Learn a Special Techniques for 2021 to keep your power anchored throughout the year.

Experience a Golden Grid and new power Grid Attunement to prepare your body for more plasmic energy in 2021.

Experience a Gratitude Ritual to bring through success for 2021 and crystalize your highest timeline for 2021.

Join Shekinah & Sananda Now

Open yourself to new beginnings, say a proper farewell to 2020 and bring in a deepening of love, abundance and most importantly world service.

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Join Shekinah & Sananda Now

Open yourself to new beginnings and join the 2021 InVision Course & Ceremony by Shekinah & Sananda. expand your life in 2021 by adding a Sacred Site Search, Golden Age Astrological Reading and/or a Remote Personalized Healing. 

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