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Get Ready to Fly in 2022..

Bless 2021 Goodbye, and get ready to make 2022 you greatest ally!

It is time to Build Your Master Year.

Join Shekinah & Sananda as they take you through profound practices, and give you new sight that will be vital to prepare you for the upcoming long awaited Mega Master-Builder year of 2022.

Watch this 45 min Master Class, do these simple yet profound practices we teach on this Video below. Have a pen and a paper handy and give this gift to yourself.

This master class is not to be missed!

 Experience life changing wisdom as Shekinah and Sananda reveal profound prophecies and global shifts that are happening right now for all of humanity, how you can create in this your best year yet and play a vital role for humanity in it.

Watch this short video below and prepare to connect with the Master Builder in you! 


     Bless 2021 Goodbye, and make the energies of 2022 you Greatest Ally! 




Insights & Wisdom

Incredible wisdom and insights plus a ritual to clear the slate of 2021 and to prepare for a masterful 2022.

45 Minutes

You will need approximately 45 minutes for this class plus performing the Ritual. Get comfortable and make sure you are undisturbed for this time.

Unlock Secrets

Learn the secrets to help you thrive during this upcoming year and learn why it is the most important year yet. 

In This FREE Master Class

You Will Learn:

How to Release & Clear all negative energies from 2021

How to Harmonise the energies for 2022

How to take action in order to make 2022 most successful

Activate your divinely inspired goals for 2022

Understand the energy flow of the new year in order to manifest and create your best possible year

Discover why the new year brings new opportunities energetically to you and how you can attract them into your life

Learn why 2022 is the most powerful year yet 

Learn how to attract the best luck using a unique Master Builder Vision Board technique

About Shekinah & Sananda

Guided by a compassionate heart and Unified by a Divine Love marriage, TwinRay ShekinahMa and Sanandaji share beatific vision, ancient wisdom and a deep gnosis for the unchanging Truth. 

TwinRay was founded by the devotion of Shekinah and Sananda’s unwavering love to serve humanity and represents the Unitive creation of all existence.

They are here to inspire humanity to walk the path of Enlightenment and selfless service to each other and to the Earth. Here to express Divine Consciousness with freedom from dogma and indoctrination, Shekinah and Sananda have unified as the TwinRay consciousness upon the Earth in order to best serve the world.

Their method of teaching the transcendence of the worldliness that inevitably brings suffering and binding, assist to awaken the Ultimate and Unchanging Truth of Liberation. Shekinah and Sananda, teach students how best to play gracefully through the world into the True Light of Spirit, as they reveal the nature of Pure Awareness in their specialty as Mystic Adepts.

Shekinah and Sananda’s frequency has been called that of pure Love and harmonically inducts and alters any person who is in close proximity and ready for that encounter.

It is often said that Students come with many questions in mind, but when they enter in their energy field, or property all the questions of a busy mind dissipate into stillness and peace. It has been called a feeling of coming home.

Together they serve as world builders, healers, community Elders, sacramental alchemists, ceremony leaders, retreat facilitators, and teachers at their Sanctuary of TwinRay.

“2022 is the most powerful year yet and a lot is awaiting humanity.” – Shekinah & Sananda  

Prepare yourself for the Most Important Year until now with this FREE Masterclass.

This opportunity is not to be missed!

The next years will be instrumental for humanity and what will unfold this is your opportunity to create your foundation in this global change.

This Masterclass will give you incredible insights about what is to come this next year, the 2022 Masterbuilder year, and support you in manifesting your most aligned and highest vibrational timeline yet.

If you would like to invite someone to join Shekinah and Sananda on How to Prepare for 2022 and Create your Master builder 2022, please share using one of the buttons on the left.

What others are saying

I Feel confident to step into the new year

I Feel confident to step into the new year

I am profoundly grateful to have experienced and received the clearings, transmissions, upgrades and astrological forecasts. Thank you Beloved Shekinah and Sananda for creating this powerful, profound energetic offering. I now feel equipped to step into 2021 with confidence and optimum. I am grateful for the replay and look forward to more fully actualizing my life’s purpose supported by your wisdom and your deep and abiding love for me and for all of this community, the collective and beyond. 

– Linda McCabe

There are no words to describe Beloveds Shekinah and Sananda. ..

There are no words to describe Beloveds Shekinah and Sananda. ..

Their love, grace and devotion to selfless service is truly beyond words. I am eternally grateful for their wisdom sharings, healings and blessings that I have received from them through their programs, transmissions and retreats.

Regarding the 2020 Vision program, one word-priceless. The live program is so thorough with information, transmissions and precious ceremony that will guide us through this monumental year. When I went back to listen to the recordings I was transported to yet another level of gratitude and awe. It’s like truly finding treasure as we all long for pieces of the puzzle to carry us forward on our journey toward ascension and anchoring in Golden Age consciousness for the greater good of all.

Beloveds Shekina and Sananda, I cannot thank you enough for your planetary service and beyond.

– Brenda. S

Something of the most amazing I have experienced

Something of the most amazing I have experienced

“There are no words great enough to describe my Gratitude ~ This container has been, and is, so profoundly deep and full of Light… It is something of the most amazing I have experienced in this life. The opportunity to go through Sacred Ceremony, of such high frequency, in the space of my own home ~ What an incredible Blessing, of Highest Divine Light ~  Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. Feel my heart’s song and my deep bow to your great Divine Love!”

– Jeny de Janhai

You are making me feel so alive!

You are making me feel so alive!

Deepest gratitude for your Divine presence in my life Beloveds Shekinah  and Sananda. I feel incredibly blessed with your infinite love. I love You so much. You are making me feel so alive! You make me feel with limitless power inside of me. All my love to you!

– Lyubov Amy Huber

Profound Clearing and Releasing

Profound Clearing and Releasing

2021 InVision was absolutely incredible. Thank you both so much for your selfless dedication and devotion in gifting to us your wisdom over the 10 hour transmission. I was in awe and filled with deep gratitude. The clearings were profound and for two days prior I couldn’t sleep and have been wired and now after I feel completely changed, still wired, stil can’t sleep, having profound releasing dreams and floods of tears – I’m still processing. So grateful. I am a sirian starseed and now remember more and more my heritage and true nature.
And I will be forever grateful, I serve with the galactic federation, I serve the light. Blessings to you both Sananda and Shekinah, so much wonderful wisdom

– Kristen Todd

Their teachings are not taught anywhere else in public

Their teachings are not taught anywhere else in public

“Words cannot describe how this was huge in my life and I am eternally grateful to the TwinRays. Their teachings are very advanced and contain information not taught anywhere else to the public. Just from the info I have learned by attending these classes, I know with certainty that my Ascension path has indeed, sped up by leaps and bounds. I highly recommend this wisdom class to anyone who is on the Ascension path, because it is exactly what you need, and you will not regret it.”

– Norman Love

 I am a complete new Being

I am a complete new Being

Thank you so much Beloved Sananda & Shekinah for this most profound & healing & wholing experience filled with all the Love and wisdom which is felt ever so deeply💖🙏 Deep gratitude, time to rest now I feel, and looking forward watching the end when the replay is up❤️ I Love you all

-Linda Liewendahl

Feeling so blessed and grateful

Feeling so blessed and grateful

Sananda and Shekinah – thank you for the profound clearing today and this wealth of information for the whole year – I feel so blessed and grateful. Once again, your devotion to us, to give to us, to help us on our ascension path is so amazingly inspirational of what divine love and service is. Today’s transmission, your love, your joy and all you have shared with us..such a treasure that we get to have as our roadmap throughout this miraculous transitional year. THANK YOU!!! Love you so much.

– Wendy Ann McCarty, PhD

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