Welcome to the 8/8 LionsGate

3 Days of Global Transmissions & Activations, Quantum Bio Rituals and Powerful Abundance Soul Record Clearing & Activation

August 7th, 8th, & 9th

Welcome to the 8/8 LionsGate

3 Days of Global Transmissions & Activations, Quantum Bio Rituals and Powerful Abundance Soul Clearing & Activation

August 7th, 8th, & 9th

 8/8 LionsGate with
Shekinah and Sananda

Alignment of the Earth, the God Star Sirius & the Galactic Centre


We offer this opportunity to help heal the old ways of renouncement, reclaim your soul’s prosperity lifestreams, and take back your abundant birthright.

At this time last year, Shekinah and Sananda manifested and closed on their TwinRay Sanctuary. This process took less than two weeks to complete, and was finalized on the the 8/8 portal of 2020. This year, they shall be transmitting from the center of their magical Sanctuary right on the Earth vortex node that connects to Giza, where the Lion’s Gate was initially expressed by the Ancient Egyptians.

This Year, we have heard the heartfelt calling of our TwinRay community, and thus are called to do something we have never done before.

What we have researched, designed and created for you, we have never brought forth in this way, and we feel very blessed to be able to share it with you. It is for this very reason that we have taken the extensive time to research the entire soul family’s records of abundance and prosperity, collective contracts, and other limiting experiences through lifetimes and star systems and have encoded these releases and retrievals in our offerings this year. 

We shall be working on all root causes where abundance may not be flowing. This will be for the individual, for the collective of humanity and for the Earth’s waters, food sources and the like. Through this period of time, there is a new codex of the sun, the galactic new year and a new relationship with Sirius that is forming. We offer this opportunity to help heal the old ways of renouncement, and take back your abundant birthright. We invite you to join us with something we have never done before: a very deep clearing that is completely focused on old prosperity programming, vows, soul-tree karma, individual and family conditioning and many more elements, and aspects of the soul family, and individual soul.

Our first audio offering is the Ultimate Abundance Clearing and Reprogramming that completely clears the slate, and delve’s deeply into your soul records to dissolve and eliminate any and all lifestreams and lack-conditioning that the soul has ever experienced. This audio transmission has the potential to help heal lifetimes of your Soul Records, and even your collective Soul Family’s Unconscious programming. Both Soul and collective trauma regarding worth, and value and anything preventing one from living a life in abundance, and fortune is being addressed, cleared and reprogrammed on this powerful soul healing transmission.

Our second audio offering is the Prosperity Enhancement and Encodement. The Prosperity Enhancement audio is created it to be an extremely powerful antecedent to facilitate the highest benefit after completion of  the Ultimate Abundance Clearing and Reprogramming. The Prosperity Enhancement and Encodement transmission is specifically coordinated to follow immediately after.

These two audio meditations are designed to re-claim your Abundance and Prosperity records of your soul, and imprint the new coding for Fortune and Abundance in your multidimensional self with a vision and journey quest, affirmations and the secret of Abundance is given in the end.

Re-claim all of your soul birthrights, and gifts that are now ready to be received after completing the Ultimate Abundance Clearing and Reprogramming. Both of these transmissions go hand and hand, and are extremely beneficial to action together. 


Ancient Egypt, Abundance and The sacred River Nile

The ancient Egyptians celebrated this time of year, when the Blue Star Sirius would align with the Nile River and create a flood. This would signify that abundance was coming. The Egyptians would wait for the annual flooding of the Nile River that began its pouring over the river banks at the end of June and completed its cycle at the end of July, rebirthing Egypt into great abundance every year.

For the ancient Egyptians, the rebirth of Egypt and the flooding of the Nile was corollated directly to the rising of Blue Star Sirius, and its bestowing of blessings over Egypt. This heliacal rising of Sirius was celebrated as the Heavenly sign that signified the beginning of the New Year, the bringing of prosperity for all the lands and a sign that Egypt was looked after by the Elder Gods of the Stars.

The Lion’s Gate is a time when the veil between the physical and the spiritual Realms are thinned and with that, comes an energy influx that has the potential to raise ones frequency and vibration significantly, and allows the great ancestors and ancient ones from the past to connect the Rainbow Bridge via a telepathic communication.

This is a gate that opens into your soul and provides an opportunity to shine ever brighter.

Solar Codex & Abundance for all

The Lion’s Gate portal opens on the Galactic New Year of July 26th, comes to its power zenith over August 8th & 9th and ends on August 12th

The Lion’s gateway opens to transmit photonic beams of intense light from the galactic centre, known as the Milky Way core, through to the Great Central Sun. This subsequently follows its path of light into Regulus: the brightest star of Leo constellation. These rays continue their movements and connect with our Sun, send its solar beams to the Nilotic meridian (the spine of the Earth, Great Pyramid & Sphinx) and permeates out through the earth’s Ley lines. It is then when the frequency becomes more accessible to the planet and to all life forms living upon her soils.

The Lion’s Gate portal opens on the Galactic New Year of July 26th, comes to its power zenith over August 8th & 9th and ends on August 12th. This entire window of time was considered by the ancients to be the new yearly cycle of spiritual evolution for Earth.

Each year, during the 8/8 Lion’s Gate, the solar light is programmed with a new structure to support the evolution of all life on Earth. As all light that comes from the sun is genetically programmed, this light imprints the genetic code and creates, sustains and evolves all life on earth.

How would you feel if your life was flowing in sync with the Abundance of the Cosmos?

What is true Abundance?

What would it be like if your body was prepared to receive and absorb the phenomenal, youth and life giving properties of the Cosmic Rays?

The opportunity is being presented for beloveds on this planet to reclaim one’s complete Wealth Codex once more, in order to bring in the abundance of life in its many forms.

True abundance is the ability to access the full potency of light within the cellular construct and pull that into physical form. It is the ability to manifest from a mere thought and bring that thought into physicality. Living in abundance in all forms, through this same energy has the potential to actualize metaphysical states into the material world. This translates as an abundance in good health, wealth, love and selfless service to the planet.

We see that many of you beloveds have the purest of hearts and deepest of intentions to serve this world in a great capacity. Yet, there may be a sense as if there is something missing, something that disallows the consciousness of abundance to flow into your life as easily as the water flows upon the shores of Earth.

The Galactic New Year began on July 26th, and now that we have celebrated the passing over from the old cycle to the new cycle, it is time to crystalize Golden Age physiology and create the space for prosperity and creative abundance to occur and make certain that the entire cosmos is supporting you.

How does one do this, you may ask? This happens by aligning with the cosmic forces on all levels and layers of one’s bio energy field and biocircuitry.

As solar energy traverses from the Sun to the Earth in patterns and waves, these waves are often seen by the naked eye as the sun’s rays. Scientists state that humans only absorb a small portion of the life giving nutrients that the Sun has the potential to provide.

On this Lion’s Gate portal, we have been divinely inspired to assist in bringing in more royal solar nourishment that activates the prosperity coding for the planet and for the individual. As the Royal Sirian Lions known as the “Lions of Yesterday and Tomorrow” gatekeep the portals into the time space dimensions of solar consciousness, on this sacred day, the gateways are open!

Audio Recorded Lion’s Gate Prosperity Activation

This powerful Prosperity Activation will be made available through a recorded audio with two parts: a profound energetic Clearing & Reprogramming and a Prosperity Enhancement and Encodement for the activation of wealth codes within.  

The 888 Lion’s Gate Portal

Alignment of the Earth, the Blue Star Sirius & the Galactic Centre

On August 8th, there is an annual astrological alignment between the Earth, the Sun, Sirius and the Galactic centre.

Sirius The God Star

The Lion’s Gate is the time period in the month of August where Blue Star Sirius appears very clearly on the horizon. This has its roots and ties back to ancient Kemet, where the ancient Egyptians, had a huge connection to the Blue Star star Sirius. It was such that Sirius appearing in the sky was a very prominent marker and meant the birthing of a new beginning.

When Sirius is visible it becomes the brightest star in the sky, and is actually larger and brighter than the Sun. Once connected, the physical and light body is able to experience a profound activation through one’s own Intergalactic sun.

In fact, Sirius is considered by the ancients as the spiritual sun, and so through this time period our Sun and Sirius connect with the spiritual Sun within you, and triangulate and alignment that sets up a dimensional experience for prosperity, wealth and abundance to become integrated and accelerated through your journey. The three fold path to prosperity.

Through the Lion’s Gate, the constellation of Sirius is prominent, as the sun is in the zodiac sign of Leo. Thus, these energies Express themselves through this doorways, by releasing themselves through the mouth of the Lion. With Leo’s personal expression and creative, Royal demeanor, the month of August represents this spiritual quality of the prosperous lion.

Through this portal of time a great reveal shall take place, and the Codex of Prosperity and Infinite Creation is allowed entrance onto the Earth, and into the hearts of all beloved’s who are ready and willing AND showing up and doing the work to receive the blessing.

We invite you to join us as we Open for you the doorways to the “New Beginnings”, just as it was honored and acted upon in ancient Kemet.

The 888 Legacy of Prosperity

The numeric value of the Solar Christ in Gematria equals 888

The number 888 is significant as solar alignments, occurring astrologically, transmit prosperity coding to the planet during this window of time. 888 is considered the number of triple fortune, luck and prosperity.

By capturing this frequency wave during our transmission, we have designed and created an audio attunement to help support the unlocking of prosperity in your life. This time of the year is considered the great spiritual harvest from all the seeds of good will that have been planted throughout your lifetimes.

Due to the positioning of Earth during this window of time, there will be an enhancement of photonic light discharge from the galactic centre, Great Central Sun Sirius, our Sun and the heart star of Leo Regulus broadcasting to Earth. You will be positioned in perfect harmony with the Solar Logos to receive these cosmic upgrades and prosperity amplifications, once you learn how to capture this divine blessing deep into your cells and energy field.

Our Galactic Lion’s Gate Transmissions

Our Lion’s Gate Global Prosperity Transmission series is divinely inspired to support you in freeing yourself from lower densities so that you may tap into these highly coded light streams, and make room to absorb them into your cellular structure.

quantum ritual & Transmission 1:


Connection to the God Star Sirius

In order to prepare you for the incoming energy streams available during the Lion’s Gate, we shall be energetically connecting you to the God Star Sirius during this 24hr window of time. You shall also be delivered a preparatory ritual recorded on video that shall put you in the perfect state of consciousness and alignment to receive our energetic transmission.



Connection to the Central Sun

On the day of the Lion’s Gate, we shall hold a global energetic container for 24hrs, designed to support you in receiving and grounding the frequency into your field and cells. This will be held remotely through the group field presence and morphogenetic energy container. You shall also be delivered a video with a preparatory ritual  that shall put you in the perfect state of consciousness and alignment to receive our energetic transmission, as often as you wish for the stated 24 hrs.



Connection to the Crystaline Core

As well as a 24 hr energetic transmission, we will send you an audio transmission that has captured the highest frequency of the Lion’s Gate, encoded for you to integrate all that has been activated in your being. You will receive another video with a preparatory ritual that shall put you in the perfect state of consciousness and alignment to receive our energetic transmission, as often as you wish for the stated 24 hrs.

Important Information

The Global Transmission meditation will occur remotely through a telepathic field of group coherence.

It will not occur on an online platform. You will be connected through the window of the Lion’s Gate to the group energy container and will feel as if you are switched on to the group field. This will occur whether you are present or not for the entire Lion’s Gate, your divine self will self-activate and begin to stream the relevant frequencies into your consciousness. Each Transmission will last for 24hrs during each day on the 7th, 8th & 9th of August.

Enhance your Lions Gate 888 Experience

Explore the tools Shekinah and Sananda
have created to help enhance your experience

Offering 1:



  • Video Recorded Quantum Rituals to open up to receptivity
  • Global Transmissions, Meditation and Attunements on: 
  • 7th of August first global energy transmission
  • 8th of August second global energy transmission
  • 9th of August third global energy transmission 

Offering 2:



  • Audio Recorded Deep Clearing of abundance blocks
  • Deep clearing of all negative financial conditioning
  • Purification of all limiting financial belief systems 

Offering 3:



  • Audio Recorded Activation of the highest timeline reality for financial prosperity and abundance.
  • Activation of spiritual success and wealth codes

Money Magick Mandalas

The Money Magick Mandalas are an inspiration that came from our beloved TwinRay Community Members asking how to protect and amplify their finances.

Watch This Video Below about the Wonder and Power of Money Magic Mandalas


Add to your Lions Gate 888 Experience

Four Cosmic Geometry Mandalas To Support Your conscious Wealth Creation & Protection Of Finances, Investments

Prosperity Amplifier, Wealth Guardian, Fortuitous Fortune, Money Multiplier

These Mandalas have been created in alignment with the planets and alchemical symbols, codes of Abundance and many other encodements intended to align you with your Wealth Geometries.

Receive this New Codex of light, good fortune, prosperity, and healing to birth upon the planet and prepare to make way for the life of abundance for all that shall soon arrive in the Golden Age.

This timestamp encodement when these Mandalas were birthed is a time when the veil between the physical and the spiritual Realms are thinned.  Not only is there an immense energy influx that has the potential to raise your frequency and vibration significantly, but also allows the great ancestors and masters from the past to connect the Rainbow Bridge via a portal that opens doorways and gateways for your abundance to flow.


Prosperity Amplifier:

Increases the magnetics of your energy field to attract wealth with ease and grace.


Money Multiplier:

Designed to support your finances to go further.

Mandala sequence 3

Wealth Guardian:

Protect your investments and current financial account.

    Mandala Sequence 4

    Fortuitous Fortune:

    Creates life opportunities for you to experience success.

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