About TwinRay

Sharing the illuminated teachings of Spiritual Liberation
and Enlightenment with Humanity.

The Founders

Founders of TwinRay, Shekinah & Sananda are here to bring forth wisdom teachings from an ancient spiritual science that prepares the physical body to harness Enlightenment and Liberation.

Together, they combine their wisdom and have created a modern day Spiritual Academy for all beings whose souls are looking to demystify and embody God, deepen the heart’s connection to Source and are calling for great awakening.

Through Sacramental Alchemy, Visionary Art, Golden Age Astrology, Advanced Healing Certifications and sacred temple teachings from Egypt, the Himalayas and other ancient lineages who have learned the secret to ascend the physical body, they aspire to describe the indescribable, interpret the uninterpretable, and express the inexpressible mystery of God.

They are here to inspire humanity to walk the path of Enlightenment and selfless service to each other and to the Earth. Here to express Divine Consciousness with freedom from dogma and indoctrination, Shekinah and Sananda have unified as the TwinRay consciousness upon the Earth in order to best serve the world.

They are here dedicated to sincere hearts of all beliefs, who are genuinely devoted to one’s own path of spiritual liberation and enlightenment. With an open heart and arms, they hold great love, honour, respect and support to all who are willing to receive the blessings and grace of God.

Our Mission

TwinRay Illuminations is a registered 501(c)3 Public Charity that serves a life above the self. It has been founded to share the teachings of Spiritual Liberation and Enlightenment with all of Humanity and raise financial resources for the purchase, procurement, and safeguarding of sacred sites and lands. The conservation of these sites is imperative to the preservation, upliftment and spiritual advancement of Humankind and shall be a legacy for generations to come.
We provide spiritual holistic programs, live experiences in sacred locations that are physically accessible, as well as online teachings for the expansion and transformation of human consciousness.

TwinRay Illuminations assists the process of global ascension through the contribution of teaching and showing ancient wisdom unified with modern science. It is not only our world mission but our every thought and prayer. TwinRay’s World Service Mission is to assist humanity to reach Superconsciousness and build TwinRay self-sustaining sanctuaries that support further spiritual evolution. It is our greatest prayer to steward communities all over the world that stand together as one voice for humankind, Earth, and the animal kingdoms alike. It is time. The time is Now.

Our Vision

Envision a planet that has risen into its true potential with kindness abounding and compassion for all your brothers and sisters of humanity.

Imagine an Earth with lush green foliage, clean pure oceans and crisp air to breathe, where people are embraced for their uniqueness and unified by the Golden Thread that unifies all life. Here, large groups gather for global meditations to uplift their fellow humans and children learn about the true self through spiritual teachings created just for them, so they never feel alone or misunderstood.

We know there is a world that exists beyond the limitations of the normal human mind and common human experience. It is a world where indigenous cultures communicate with each other and share their wisdom from their ancestors that have inspired generations and created legacies.

We serve a world where people communicate through love and awareness, and the prophecies of a Golden Age come to pass with more gentle transformation for the planet and heartful connections with all life are made.

Imagine a world where compassion for all life is the calling and sacred activism is the result.

Global Community

Supporting the Evolution of Humanity Into the Golden Age

This HIGH vibrational temple is created to usher in the Golden Age in the physical and to serve those wishing to connect and share from the heart, connect with like minded and like hearted spirited TwinRay Students from all around the earth to form a spiritual interconnected network. This NEW social media platform is called the TwinRay Sanctum and is for all who wish to continue to follow us in the coming times ahead, as we will be hosting LIVE Broadcasts, wisdom sharings and transmissions only on this platform from the near future onwards.

TwinRay Scholarships

Giving back in Time of Great Change

Sacred Activism for us includes supporting those in financial circumstances beyond their control who wish to continue to learn and expand their consciousness with us. Through the scholarship application process we select those that are willing to give back and have been loyal and devoted over the years. We believe in the empowerment of the Self to return to your innate nature, and thus we provide those with an opportunity to give while they receive. A TwinRay Scholarship includes Golden Age Energetics and other signature courses. 

TwinRay Sanctuary

Where people come to experience Heaven on Earth

 Our promise was that we would procure the perfect lands and manifest a Sanctuary and Etheric Retreat Space from the non-physical into the physical world to host, hold and teach you, our Beloved Children of The Light. With our One Heart filled with gratitude, we have, indeed created a sacred space that fulfills these promises. Along with the countless miracles and transformations that occur in our Sacred Retreat Immersions, we shall hold many grand gatherings, fundraisers, TwinRay community events, and even private retreats.

Message From the
TwinRay Founders

In this life, we met in Giza to begin our mission together. Within days we remembered we were already married. In the King’s Chamber on the auspicious December Solstice of 2017, we were silently remarried to this life stream as Shekinah and Sananda The TwinRay in these bodies while laying inside the sarcophagus of the King’s Chamber found at the Apex of the Great Pyramid at mystical hour of 4 in the morning. There is much more to this story and we shall be telling it in great detail in our manuscript coming soon.

Since then, we have purchased a glorious Sanctuary Retreat Center and formed the now public TwinRay Divine Union, whereby we embody a combined mission of re-uniting all the Children Of The Light from the Essene Communities, the Druids, the Cathars, the Gnostics, the Elysian tribes, temple priest and priestesses and all those wish to live a life of selfless service and devotion to this Earth and to Humanity.

Our mission is accomplished in many ways, beginning with our many offerings at our Physical Retreat Center and Temple called the TwinRay Sanctuary. Here we offer large 5 star sacred retreat immersions for our students and global community. We also have our own Social Media Platform /Online Temple that impeccably connects to our Physical Sanctuary. Through healing, ancient wisdom teachings, sacred alchemy and profound transformational containers both in person and online we serve a life above the self.

Love All, Serve All.

Access the Online Sanctum App

Our NEW social spiritual platform for all TwinRay students is called the TwinRay Sanctum and is for all who wish to continue to follow us in the coming times ahead, as we will be hosting LIVE Broadcasts, individual postings and sharings only on this platform from the near future onwards.

It’s time to jump aboard the new Frequencies ushering in the new Aquarian Golden Age Beloveds, and thus we lovingly invite you to come closer, to bring friends and family who are singing to the light, to share and connect as we build the online Sanctuary, the TwinRay Sanctum for students of TwinRay to return hOM.

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