Aquarian Awakening 

2,000 Year Healing & Activation

Live Video Transmissions, Healing & Releasing Ceremony 


Remove the last 2,000 Year Karmic Cycle, free your soul and activate your heart

2,000 Year Clearing & Activation


This Ascension of the Divine Human is supporting the removal of all Veils from the Earths Grid System, and our Solar System. What this means, is that as our human species evolves, humanity is becoming citizens not only of the New Earth, but citizens of the New Galaxy.

This is your opportunity to release all that has held any bindings from the last 2000 year cycle, and prepare yourself for new beginnings, love,

abundance and most Importantly the service to Gaia that your soul promised prior to this incarnation.

Manifesting Ceremony, How to Create Your new Vision. Shekinah & Sananda will be assisting you to clear all remaining energies from the past decade and the last 2000 year cycle of time

This is a supremely powerful and profound clearing of the last 2000 year Karmic Cycle for both the individual and the collective. After the clearing and healing, you will be given a ceremony to do on your own, that will utilize the new energies and predominant elements for the Aquarian Age. This Aquarian Awakening will leave you feeling light, rejuvenated, hopeful and even reborn.

Aquarian Awakening Decree

Through thy witness all is transformed.

All that i touch turns to gold, for the sun within me is the supreme illuminator and great attractor.

I am that I am in this mighty presence of the we are that.

And although i am called I, I Do not forget the grace in the we that the mortal eyes can not always see.

Holy and sacred presence of the All that Is, all that ever was all that ever will be awaken your love within me.

Through body, spirit and soul i pray thee now for access to my Golden Bowl.

Raise me higher than I have ever been,

for through thine love my rebirth is within.

Awaken this love deep in me so that the song of my heart shall be truly set free.

Ascend through this love of the Aquarian Age now and ever more with Greater Grace, bliss, purpose and wisdom then ever before.

With the prayer I share of my heart and blaze love eternal in Divine of my masculine and feminine, never to part.

Through the revelation of life and love, i become more now than i have ever been, yet less in thought and lower mind.

I am as empty as i am the totality of this breath of life and this dance of creation births ever more.

The center of the Universe is within my own center power column of light and as my cells become the stars, I transform and thus begin again.

And So It Is.

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