Awakening the primordial Force Within

Welcome dear ones,

Awakening to the primordial force (within) is to awaken to the organic flow of the universe(within). To truly elucidate on such an intangible is to attempt to express the inexpressible as the ephemeral human mind is not designed to fully comprehend such majesty. Throughout the ages, it has been called many a word that describe only aspects of such creational presence. God, Source, Prime Creator, the Dark Mother, for it is an aspect of dark matter that fills the whole omniverse with grace. Although it may seem feminine as it is life giving, the primordial force is formless and without specification. It is the emptiness as equal to the totality. For it creates and destroys outside of time and space and physicality. Yet, it is the air that gives life, as it is life itself.

The eternal womb of creation is the holy and Divine container that holds the primordial force and the natural word is emanating with its essence just as the night sky holds all stars in its bounty, so too all things are held within primordial space.

These primordial energies are often heard as tones of creation and may be experienced with the senses. The sound of the howling wind, the frequency that ignites the sun to shine, the manner in which a seed blooms into a flower are all accessible ways to inner-stand the primordial force of creation that governs the organic nature of all things. To fully describe the primordial force is to describe the indescribable and quantify the unquantifiable.

As the primordial force is the pure source of the beginning of all life, It is the light beyond the light and the the original true creative power of the higher light. Known as the Adi Shakti or the supreme natural power of the universe, this frequency produces all things in and out of the spectrum of consciousness.

This creational presence resides in the heart, soul and cells of every being as all beings are birthed forth from this potent power source. Have you ever wondered what may reside beyond Source, beyond the seed? It is the primordial essence of the ALL THAT IS that creates and activates all things within the harmonic universes.

Starting from the beginning of conception when the egg and sperm unite, it is the primordial presence that is drawn down by the first genesis cell. This force is maintained by all life, for it sustains all life. The genesis cells are located underneath the coccyx and sacrum bone, also known as the muladhara or root chakra. These cells are unchanging and create the blueprint for life within the body to exist.