Beseech of the Golden Summons

Long long ago, in Ancient eons past, there was a path laid out and a Golden Summons
transmitted from a pure ray of creational light.

This message of light was so precious and so vital that the universe crystalized its essence into a planetary jewel. Inside this glorious jewel laid a grand spark of creation and the secret of eternal love. And it was here, within the matrices of this cherished jewel that held the living library of DNA of all life-forms throughout the entire cosmos. As part of The Divine Plan, through the portal of time, the spark of this jewel would activate the Golden Ascension Cycle for all sentient life within this universe to one day return and unify back home to Prime Source.

In order to uphold the sanctity and preservation of this jewel, a powerful guardian alliance was formed to overlight, keep watch and safeguard it from a far, in the event that the inhabitants were to once again fall in consciousness and bring danger to this deeply revered creational force. This Guardian Council was entrusted and bestowed the ability to send forth a galactic summons throughout the many Star alliances for the great masters upon the multi-dimensional spectrum of sentient life, to come forth voluntarily and assist the awakening and activation of the magnificent light hidden deep within its crystalline core.


These wise Masters within their own star provinces created Star Gates intended to uphold and protect this treasure of the universe. And, in divine right timing, these Star Gates would allow the higher frequencies to be received from source emanation, activating the pure light of the Crystalline Core to be received by all sentient beings there. And, when the time became inevitable, a Clarion Call would be transmittable to infinite light beings across the Omniverse and whence agreed upon, a Cosmic game would begin.


Protected by the Original Guardian Alliance was a fail safe for rescue if any realm within this Jewel, named by Prime Creator as Tara Earth. would spiral downwards into density. This planetary system was the most powerful and self sustaining of its kind as it was forged by the primordial Aether’s of Source. It was to be, that this formidable summons would only be sounded and brought forth if there was a great diversion in the Divine Plan and with its frequency would instantly initiate a distress call from this Ancient Mother World that would be sent out amongst the spiraling galaxies for these planetary masters to have the opportunity to serve whilst existing in a state of temporary amnesia.

These glorious masters of their celestial domains would choose with great joy and sovereignty to come to a world where they would eventually elevate and awaken from a deep sleep and assist this Great Planet to ascend back to a place of Love through a collective awakening and through the many veils that would cover the truth of who they have been and from where they hail. These potent masters would enter into this game called “polarity Integration” and into many various portals in the great new world and willingly forget themselves as great manifestors and offer up their experience of Divine Will to a land where Free Will and chaos would reign supreme.

This great Planet of Prophecy, sounded out a significant plea to all change agents, way showers, torch bearers, Star Seeds, light workers, skywalkers, and Indigo emissaries who would hail from infinite places around the cosmos. Each would be called forth and come in great celebration in order to play in this incredible game. As all games do, in this game, there would also come a time where the play would terminate in order for each to awaken. Each light participant would awaken to their inner vision, eyes wide open and pierce through the sleepy veiled illusion of fear into a New Race of Golden Gods and Goddeses brilliantly illuminated through the Source point of peaceful neutrality, animated by the Unified Field and the Supernal power of infinite LOVE. ✨

The unified voice of the light beyond the light as Infinite Source, began to share the rules of this multidimensional game. *** “The place that you are choosing to visit will be a land of physical incarnation where you will be a participant of a Grand Transformation within a Cosmic Cycle that is taking place upon a great star called Tarra Earth. This Clarion Call is meant for the fearless ones who are ready to embody your Light Presence against many odds and in doing so, raise the consciousness of this Golden Planet of Prophecy and bring it once more into a Golden Aeon where love will reign supreme.

You, The chosen will be the best of the best and the most talented and brilliant star beings of all, for you will be sent forth to bring about great peace, love, illumination and blessings to the many who shall choose to stay and exist within the veiled parameters of the planetary laws of this land. You will choose your costumes to wear, your family expressions and lessons you wish to learn, all to lead you back home to the heavenly Realm of Love. You will be tested and challenged to remember who you are in this now, before embarking to play this game of The Great Amnesia.”

Those of you who respond to this Cosmic Call will embody the sound of the great celestial trumpet and when the time aligns, you will awaken the rest of your sleeping brothers and sisters. Many will be be called, few will be chosen, for the level of dedication and devotion to the ONE will be imperative to not only survive, but thrive in the supernal light of the All that Is and transcend the density of this new world. For, you are to know that this place will be a place where the illusions of fear and separation are played out like chess on a board, as a Galactic Cycle reaches its death and rebirth. Before you make your choice, you are to know that this deception of separation from Love will likely create emotions of loss, hopelessness, feeling of being forsaken, forgotten and isolation from God. You are to remember that all is Well always and that you have never been left, it is YOU who have chosen to accept this invitation to leave in order to embark on this grand adventure. You will always be welcomed home high upon the Cosmic Heavens as soon as you feel you have completed to the highest level of your mastery.


Upon hearing these words, The Star Seeds, Light Workers and Torch Bearers spoke out and stated emphatically that they were ready and up for the challenge and that they knew they would remember how to end this game through love. Send us through the Star Gate you speak of, they remarked. While the Indigo Emissaries, Change Agents and Way Showers shared that they felt they would have some challenges along the way, but they too would awaken in time and were also ready for this great initiation.

The Infinite Source of creation continued its grand explanation of the rules of this game and maintained its transmittal of the Supernal Light frequency deep into the hearts and minds of all Light Masters in Divine reception..

“Your mission upon entering the atmosphere is quite simply, to transmute the overshadowing bandwidth of fear that has befallen the consciousness of this collapsing world into that of Love. By these noble deeds and actions you will usher in a new Golden Human Race. Based upon your soul’s evolution, you have proven that you will be successful there and will uphold the light in the highest. That is, once you, yourselves awaken from this self imposed amnesia and wake up and surrender to the truth, the great remembrance that there is no need to seek love, for you do not seek what you already are.

Your many sojourns through the planetary systems, have demonstrated within each one of you, your great efficacy as an empath and ability to awaken your consciousness and align your heart to truth of pure love as you enter the mission of compassionate service.

Among the many tribes of the Earth, you will find great density consciousness and thus, the invitation is for you to incarnate in grand light mandalas among the indigenous tribes and Earth

Seeds, with the intention to reverse the down-facing spiral in order to bring about the ascending Krystal Spiral leading to eventual Solar Liberation. The new land is a place of prophecy for billions of years and will be a world of the grandest of transformations. Many beings of polarized energies will also wish to inhabit this world and it will be up to you to hold your center column of light to anchor into the Source point. Your role among these tribes will be to embody Divine Child creators in assistance with great universal forces who will enter during critical times in Solar and Cosmic Cycles to bring forth the Christ Consciousness and thus, the Golden Aeon for this Great Planet of Prophecy.

You are to innerstand deeply that this invitation is a profound gift and that coming to Earth is to be an extremely cherished opportunity. Upon arrival, it is seen that you will fall in love with her sacred sparkling aquamarine waters, lush green forests, brilliant cornucopia of colorful flower angels and beloved animal beings: all who have sent their DNA for this great experiment of a momentary separation from eternal Love. These beings have sent themselves in order to be of great devotional service to the tribes of Tara Earth and to learn their own sacred lessons for their respective collectives who hail from other universes and star systems.

Through the majesty of your loving presence and miracle incarnations, you will transmute the density of the perception of separation into the Alchemical fires of love and Unity Consciousness. It is indeed imperative that you are veiled in forgetting the great Love that you now embody to enter into the level of pain and fear in order to have a true and complete understanding of what those already existing upon this land are currently experiencing. You will be placed among these mandalas of your Cosmic brothers and sisters strategically to form certain patterns and codes upon various levels of consciousness among the planet. If you whole heartedly choose this to be your new reality you too will be walking among the illusion and Maya to lead you back to the Heart of the Cosmic Christ. “

The Light beyond the light and the primordial presence of creation continued..


“Through this sacred dance, you will be given many tools with which to return home within your holy temple body, however it is only the presence of infinite LOVE that will ever be able to transmute the density and truly end this game. Prior to your incarnations, you will be encoded through sound, vibration and light and will create words and messages in the form of symbols and numerics, other beings and events that will further bathe you in the Holy waters of reminiscence and awaken you to the mission that you are destined to accomplish. Through a cycle of the Earthen Plane called Samsara, you will likely move through a period of death and rebirth where learning shall take place and your actions will be calibrated in a system called Karma. As a part of this game, you will need to learn how to abstain from creating actions that would tip the scales of universal balance and maintain your eternal presence of Infinite Source Love.

Please understand, this mission is absolutely voluntary. Should you choose not to go forth, you may have the opportunity to be a spectator and perhaps participate on non incarnation levels to also assist. This next wave of evolution will be one of the greatest in the galaxy as it has been decreed that this planet Gaia the Higher expression of Tara Earth will be given a great gift of Ascending together with her children. This is a benevolent blessing that no other planet has yet to be offered. Should you choose to accept this mission, you will have the opportunity to catalyze and synthesize all that you have been during many incarnations, receiving a rarely offered quantum leap in consciousness. It is up to you as magical creators and creatrixes to choose with your hearts how you will dance upon her soils and swim in the depths of her oceans and emotional memory that lives deep within the matrix of this land.

And so, the great hologram of the stars would be played out above, below, within and without each and every beloved living amongst her Earth Tribes. As these great ones formed these legions and alliances and chose in full and complete sovereignty and trust to incarnate among your brothers and sisters, this game would begin and all players would eventually emerge victorious and be reborn among the dance of the stars.

It is the golden cloak of the High Gods and Holy Spirit of Creation that will blanket you in love and illuminate your path back home. All you need do is Listen and surrender your will and your small self, known in this new world as the Ego and you shall float back to the Heavenly presence of Grace. Holders of the keys to unify and unite in service of the Law of One, you will bring your gifts, graces, talents, special universal codes to ignite at the end of a grand cycle and assist in ushering in a New Dawn to emerge from the spiral of density into Love’s vast wave of the High Heart of all creation. At this appointed time, the ascension Robes of the Diamond light spectrum will be placed upon your sacred body temples and you shall shepherd Tara Earth back to the Edenic Garden for her children to glorify in the feast of light once more.