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How to Prepare for Planetary Changes

Join Shekniah & Sananda as they help you prepare for the next evolutionary shift for Humanity and the Planet.
This master class is not to be missed!

Experience 60-minutes of life changing wisdom as Shekinah and Sananda reveal profound prophecies and global shifts that are happening right now for all of humanity.

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Learn the secrets to help you thrive during these planetary changes and learn a FREE practise to evolve your consciousness. 

Prepare yourself for humanity’s next evolutionary leap with this FREE Masterclass.

This opportunity is not to be missed!

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In This FREE 60 Minute Master Class

You Will Learn:

How to navigate your emotions, mental state and body in preparation to the current planetary changes
The deeper understanding of the universal language and what it means for your life
Why the Earth Grid systems and ley lines of the planet are changing and how they have evolved over time
Which universal cycle humanity is facing collectively right now
Bifurcation of time – How time is moving away from the 3D density and into pure consciousness
The prophecies of the current age of time and what else is coming
Learn the secrets to access the golden age of consciousness to thrive in these changing times
A very important realisation on how to receive your own Light Body
The energetics and physiology of the New Human Race
How to fully Surrender the small self to your Creator Self
Ways to change your frequency in order to match your frequency to the current Golden Age

About Shekinah and Sananda

Founders of TwinRay, Shekinah & Sananda are here to bring forth wisdom teachings from an ancient spiritual science that prepares the physical body to harness Enlightenment and Liberation.

Together, they combine their wisdom and have created a modern day Spiritual Academy for all beings whose souls are looking to demystify and embody God, deepen the heart’s connection to Source and are calling for great awakening.

Through Sacramental Alchemy, Visionary Art, Golden Age Astrology, Advanced Healing Certifications and sacred temple teachings from Egypt, the Himalayas and other ancient lineages who have learned the secret to ascend the physical body, they aspire to describe the indescribable, interpret the uninterpretable, and expresses the inexpressible mystery of God.

They are here to inspire humanity to walk the path of Enlightenment and selfless service to each other and to the Earth. Here to express Divine Consciousness with freedom from dogma and indoctrination, Shekinah and Sananda have unified as the TwinRay consciousness upon the Earth in order to best serve the world.

They are here dedicated to sincere hearts of all beliefs, who are genuinely devoted to one’s own path of spiritual liberation and enlightenment. With an open heart and arms, they hold great love, honour, respect and support to all who are willing to receive the blessings and grace of God.

What Students Are Saying About Shekinah and Sananda

Gertie's life was saved!

Gertie's life was saved!

I experienced quite a few miracles that I directly attribute to the Awakening Human Divinity Retreat. Six large contracts came through on the exact day the retreat ended. They came one after another and by the time the sixth one was confirmed I was not even surprised. It was a miracle manifestation of money that just poured in and most of the contracts were actually completely unexpected. Then a few days later our beloved four-year-old Pug had an allergic reaction to a vaccine and could not breathe. We rushed her to the pet emergency and the doctor said there was a good chance that she would not survive. We dropped her off at 5:30 pm and was told to call back at 10 pm. At 9:15 pm I went into a deep mediation and pictured her completely healed. When I called the hospital they told me that at 9:15 pm they had almost given up on her until a few minutes later when she suddenly came around and was fine. The doctor said they tried everything to save her and said something must have finally worked with “their bag of tricks”. This miracle I can only attribute to the work during the seven day retreat and not the “vet’s tricks”. Gerties’ life was saved through all of the love, light, meditation and healing I absorbed from Shekiinah and Sananda during the retreat. In the end, the satisfaction of the monetary contracts were insignificant compared to the saving of the life of our beloved Pug and thus put into perspective for me and my family what is truly significant in this life.”

– Joan. F CEO Whitney-Martin Family Properties

There are no words to describe Beloveds Shekinah and Sananda. ..

There are no words to describe Beloveds Shekinah and Sananda. ..

Their love, grace and devotion to selfless service is truly beyond words. I am eternally grateful for their wisdom sharings, healings and blessings that I have received from them through their programs, transmissions and retreats.

Regarding the 2020 Vision program, one word-priceless. The live program is so thorough with information, transmissions and precious ceremony that will guide us through this monumental year. When I went back to listen to the recordings I was transported to yet another level of gratitude and awe. It’s like truly finding treasure as we all long for pieces of the puzzle to carry us forward on our journey toward ascension and anchoring in Golden Age consciousness for the greater good of all.

Beloveds Shekina and Sananda, I cannot thank you enough for your planetary service and beyond.

– Brenda. S

Being in your presence is priceless

Being in your presence is priceless

“Feeling that God is so near when you are around.” 

Beloved heart teachers, thank you for the 2020 Vision and all the sessions that you ever conducted and will conduct.

Every interaction with you is life transforming. I viscerally know this even if I don’t see immediate changes. I remember vividly how your teachings embodied into me during the Sedona retreat – I saw what you explained, it like a movie illuminated using examples from my own life. It shows the power you have as Masters to accelerate your student’s transformation and liberation.

Lena. G

I now feel connected...

I now feel connected...

Namaste and extreme gratitude for this beautiful releasing ceremony and expansion of my heart and being. I now feel connected to the collective with love and supreme joy for this unfolding year that has already been manifested in the void for all. Thank you, thank you, thank you Beloved Father Sananda and Beloved Mother Shekinah from the depths of my heart and soul for this journey.

– Bruce. C

 I am a complete new Being

I am a complete new Being

“I Am forever grateful that I gave myself this life-changing retreat with our beloved Twinray’s Sananda & Shekinah 💖 Your presence and love have awakened something so beautiful and pure within me.

My belief system has rapidly changed, I do not feel as triggered as I felt before and the conditioning I was stuck in feels gone right now!

So much has changed and shifted within me in such short period of time, almost feels like I am a complete new Being, so many heavy layers have fallen off me now”

-Linda. L

Wow Wow Wow...

Wow Wow Wow...

Wow wow wow. Thank you thank you thank you my beloveds for the most wonderful, highly expansive and splendid gift from heaven that was this 2020 Vision online retreat. Heart felt gratitude for your divine message, as always, and your supreme wisdom, guidance and over lighting presence in my life.

It’s humanly impossible for me to be any more enthusiastic and excited for this year ahead of us with our 5th Dimensional map and all these new magnificent tools to add to our already mind blowing tool belt. We are the most blessed beings on the planet. I would love have my star chart read when your time allows for even more precise alignment and razor sharp focus on my path to Liberation. Infinite love my beloved parents of the Supernal Light.

-DJ Daniel. J

It's like a dream come true

It's like a dream come true

What an incredible blessing to be alive and a part of this beautiful community of LOVE for ALL.

It’s like a dream come true. I feel incredibly blessed to have your love and guidance in my life. Thank you for being the Golden Rays of unconditional love that are lighting the way home for us all?❤️❤️❤️

Also wanted to share deep gratitude for your Golden Age astrology teachings. These teachings resonate with my heart very deeply as the truth of the Golden Age. I have been studying Vedic astrology, Gene Keys & Human Design in depth since waking up in 2015. Although these bodies of wisdom have helped with understanding myself and others better, they feel like one side of the truth. Your teachings feel as the whole truth and resonate deeply in my soul. Class day is one of my favourite days of the month!

-Rebecca. M

I've stopped hiding...

I've stopped hiding...

2019 was one of the most intense deep deep clearing and expansion in my 20 year awakening journey. I have had months of confusion and felt so stuck. I feel a shift now and SO look forward to working more closely with you as more clarity has now appeared.

I also have been conflicted with co-dependency and ‘trying’ to do it alone!!! Today I got clarity that I am not meant to do it alone. That beloveds like you are here to help me fully awaken. There is a sense of deep surrender as I TRUST you.

After hiding in my cave for 7 years I yearn to come back out into the world again consistently and with my heart wide open. NOW I can! THANK YOU!

-Kathryn. P

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Join Shekniah & Sananda as they help you prepare for the next evolutionary shift for Humanity and the Planet.
This master class is not to be missed!