BioDivinity™ Level 1 Certification

The Temple of Soloman

Live Your Fullest Potential, And Help Others Realize Their Own

Are you Ready To Access the Divinity Within You?

Dear One, we are amid turbulent times as a planet and a species. And yet, we are also presented with a profound opportunity. This is not the first time humanity has faced world challenges and overcomes them to evolve as a species.

Great change is stirring. The good news is, by stepping onto the path of BioDivinity at this juncture, you can experience accelerated healing, upleveled health and enhanced longevity. And, you learn how to support others on their journey, too.

If you want to live your fullest potential, and help others realize their own, join us for a program that will transform and uplift your life – and the lives of many others.

Take a Moment to Imagine…

How Will Your Life Look and Feel When You are a Certified BioNutritionalist?

Take some moments now to envision Yourself…

Manifesting incredible change in every facet of your life

Letting go of negative beliefs and behaviors, judgment, negativity, suppression and restrictive ideology

Naturally moving into a space of deep calm, as you focus on spiritual advancement and evolution of consciousness

Feeling deeply aligned with your most authentic, spiritual self

Strengthening your divine intuition as you make decisions with ease

Understanding inner alchemy and the process of becoming a Divine Human Embodied.

Learning BioNutrition and the evolved possibilities for health in yourself and others

Deepening your awareness of cosmic physiology, energy bodies and how to clear blockages in your energy field

Connecting with others with more meaning and impact

Experiencing abundance in all areas of your life

Supporting others in the transformative journey of BioNutrition

Living in greater health, vitality and longevity

Magnetically attracting the people, experiences and things you need to create your most purposeful, beautiful life.

This and more awaits you as you journey to BioDivinity. We know, Dear One, as we have witnessed it happen so many times.

What is BioDivinity™?

BioDivinity™ teaches the metamorphic process of how the human body evolves from Homo sapiens to the next Human Evolution: The Divine Human. This certification assists to optimize physical and cognitive performance, enhance vitality, improve biological and genetic composition, and resolve dis-ease.

Bio means light and organic life, and divinity means to shine in the light of Consciousness.

BioDivinity™ is based on the fourfold teachings of:



The study of life force generating nutrients and natural elements.


The study of the human energy field and electromagnetism.


The study of subtle energy networks and cellular light quotients.


The study of biological advancement and genetic enhancement.

What The Path to Certification Looks Like


In this certification, with our close guidance, you will access everything you need to step into your own power as a Divine Human BioNutritionalist. So you can learn a pathway to eventually serve others as you share the transformative power of BioDivinity™.

Through 3 Modules, the Certification Empowers You To Step Into Lifetime of Transformation and Vitality. And Help Others To Do The Same.

BioDivinity Level 1 Modules

During the certification, you immerse in the 3 key modules of BioDivinity Level 1:

Module 1 - The Temple of Solomon

The Temple of Solomon is known as the spiritual body of the Soul in many esoteric societies, and mystery schools. During this module, together we undertake the profound work of rebuilding this temple so you create your own inner house of radiant health and peace. You will also:

  • Discover the mysteries of the Twelve Tribes
  • Learn the microcosmic inner workings of the Human
  • Temple, and learn its macrocosmic astrological alignment with the zodiac
  • Uncover a practice of BioKinesis to align, reset and vitalize your Human Temple
  • Receive your own personal BioAstro Alignment technique to advance your daily spiritual practice
  • And much more…
Module 2 - Human Temple Systems

In this module, you delve deep into the 12 Human Temple Systems. As you understand these systems fully, you also understand their potential to realize deeper holistic alignment, health and longevity. You will also:

  • Discover the biological function of each of the 12 zodiac Systems
  • Learn their Ascended function, their Astrological sign and the corresponding 12 Tribe meaning
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the higher functioning of each Bodily System
  • Be equipped to assess whether your own Human Temple is in or out of balance within each of the 12 Bodily Systems.
Module 3 - 12 System Clearings

Now, we focus on Clearings. In this module, you learn the principles of clearing each of the 12 Systems for energetic clarity and so you can evolve into a higher vibration and evolved human. You will also:

  • Learn the Opening Invocation to be used for System clearings
  • Discover the 12 encoded Energetic Clearings for each of the 12 Systems of the Human Temple
  • Gain a full understanding of how these profoundly powerful clearings work, and how they create space for the higher ascended functioning of each of the 12 bodily systems

Certificate of Completion

Included in the Certification is a self-assessment, which will give you the possibility to receive a Certificate of Completion of BioDivinity Level 1. This Certificate will give you access to the next chapter in your evolution: Our BioDivinity Level 2 Certification. As a BioDivinity Level 2 graduate, you can seek financial compensation for client sessions.

Your Bonuses

Unlock incredible bonuses when you join BioDivinity Level 1

Bonus 1 - Q&A Call with Your Guides
This recorded Q&A call addresses many of the questions you might have right now about the contents of the certification, sharing in-depth wisdom and offering a finely detailed description of each of the processes you will go through during the certification.
Bonus 2 - BioDivinity Community Group
Connect with other students and be supported by many like-minded and Kind-Heart souls walking the same path.
Bonus 3 - Divine Human Health Webinar

Receive an additional, special gift from us to you: When you embark on the certification, you gain lifetime access to the Divine Human Health & Supreme Longevity Webinar ($111 value)

Bonus 4 - Discounts on TwinRay Treasures
All Certified BioDivinity Level 1 graduates will receive a 10% discount on BioCeuticals in the TwinRay Treasures shop.

When You Embrace The Wisdom of BioNutrition, Powerful Shifts Happen

This BioDivinity Certification has been developed from the synthesis of many ancient alchemical traditions and modern approaches, including but not limited to:

Ancient Indian Traditions

Kaya Kalpa, Siddha, Ayurvedic, Sowa Rigpa

First Nation Herbal Traditions

Australian Aboriginal Bush Herbalism , Native American Herbalism, South American Herbalism

Ancient Alchemical Traditions

Elixir Alchemy, Metallic Alchemy, Inner Alchemy, Spagyric Alchemy

Ancient Chinese Traditions

Neidan, Chi Gong, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese Herbalism

Ancient Astrology Traditions

Iatromathematics, Medical astrology

Modern Energy Techniques

BioEnergy Healing, Biofrequency Medicine, Medical Intuition, Psychic Surgery, Radionics, Biomancy, Kinesiology, Quantum Distant Healing, Metaphysical Health

Delve Into The Power of BioDivinity™

During this powerful certification pathway, you will explore and understand BioDivinity™ and how the 12 systems of the Human Temple is connected to the 12 planetary systems, 12 astrological constellations, 12 tribes of humanity, and learn how to holographically scan each system to bring it into fully resonance with the Unified Field. 

1. Resonance System

2. Tranmutation System

3. Sensory System

4. Structural System

5. Kinetic System

6. Luminal System

7. Cleansing System

8. Vitalizing System

9. Assimilation System

10. Urinary System

11. Synthesis System

12. Procreation System

What Students Are Saying About Shekinah Ma and Sanandaji


“It feels almost impossible to express my Love and Gratitude towards who you are, what you offer and how you guide and hold us so gracefully in all aspects of our Beingness. There is an unspeakable peace resident in my Being and I feel connected to a place within me which feels like a portal to all possible dimensions once the time has come to evolve even more. There is definitely a new reference point within me to relate in a much more empowered and loving way to all of Life than ever before- and a connection to a vibration which I have longed for all my Life! I am so happy and grateful for the tools you provide and all that we can do in our Life to evolve consistently into more. I have been given access to a sensation of sweetness and tenderness that makes such a difference in Life and I am so grateful that I sense the possibility to bring this into my life now. Thank you, thank you, thank you from all places within my Heart!”    

– Elena Urbanosvky 


“Beloveds Shekinah Ma and Sanandaji, Thank you so much for this profound exquisite and masterful container. I can honestly say that my cells are turned on, vibrating and tuned to the primordial source light of creation. Many spectrums of light are flooding in. I honor you, I love you, and feel so blessed by your presence in my life and on this beloved planet Earth. Humanity is truly blessed. Thank you for this incredible journey through the 7 celestial gateways, chakras, churches of Holy Light, Love and Blessings on the most High Kryst Light.”

-Kristen Becher


“This has been such an incredible, amazing course. We are all so lucky to have connected and found Shekinah Ma and Sanandaji. Thank you so much for the work you are creating and literally planting inspiration within us. It is on another level and something I never knew I would be doing in these days. This has been so beautiful and has been the biggest blessing in my life. I hope to be strong and work these teachings into my life to the best of my ability, and I feel your sacred support is beyond holistic.”

– Laura Sherman 


“Beloved, Sanandaji and Shekinah Ma, the healing and inclusive Love you emanate through every thought, word and action, through every transmission, through every restructuring activity in our fields is the most sublime gift I could be given in this lifetime. I feel like I am resting in God’s illumined Grace when I am in your presence. I am honoured to have answered the call to join you. I am truly grateful to have found you – FINALLY! I have been looking for a long time. The world is a far better place with your presence. Thank you for accepting your holy contract.”

-Linda McCabe


“Words cannot describe how this was huge in my life and I am eternally grateful to the TwinRays. Their teachings are very advanced and contain information not taught anywhere else to the public. Just from the info I have learned by attending these classes, I know with certainty that my Ascension path has indeed, sped up by leaps and bounds.I highly recommend this wisdom class to anyone who is on the Ascension path, because it is exactly what you need, and you will not regret it.”

– Norman Love


“There are no words to describe you, dear Beloveds Shekinah Ma and Sanandaji. Your love, grace and devotion to selfless service is truly beyond words. I am eternally grateful for your wisdom sharings, healings and blessings that I have received through your programs, transmissions and retreats. We are all so blessed. The teachings are priceless. The programs are so thorough with information, transmissions and precious ceremony, I am in a constant state of awe. When I listen to the recordings I am transported to yet another level of gratitude and awe. I cannot thank you enough for your planetary service and beyond. I dearly love you.”

– Brenda Saint Germain

Meet Your Guides:
Shekinah Ma & Sanandaji

As your guides on this transformative journey, Shekinah Ma & Sanandaji share wisdom teachings from an ancient spiritual science that prepares the physical body to harness enlightenment and liberation. They are here to inspire, and to express Divine Consciousness with freedom from dogma and indoctrination.

They are dedicated to sincere hearts of all beliefs, who are genuinely devoted to the path of spiritual liberation and enlightenment.

Together they have carefully designed this potent online certification course for you and others like you who are seeking ease, empowerment and abundance in all facets of life, and are blessed to share with open hearts and arms these important teachings with you, as you progress on your own spiritual journey of healing and service.

What’s Included

Here’s What You Receive When You Enroll on the the BioDivinity™ Certification

Video lectures

Written coursework materials

Presentations and exercises
Techniques and insights
Community Group

Plus support from our TwinRay team

Give Yourself The Gift Of A Deep Spiritual Awakening

Profound change is afoot. In order to harness this change for the betterment of humanity, BioDivinity™ is an essential tool that fast-tracks your evolution.

Using the practices and techniques you will receive during the course, you will learn to tap into the powerful Universal Energy which shifts you…

From pain and suffering to bliss and joy
From limitation to abundance
From the small self to the Greater Self

As you undertake the BioDivinity™ Certification Course along with many others, the group energy you create starts raising the greater vibration collectively. And this enables you to cultivate energy, embody your divinity and understand your role in this transformative time. Moreover, you’ll start to thrive and live at your highest potential.

You’re No Longer Just Getting By.

You Experience Such Surrender And Connection To The Universe And Your Divine Self That You No Longer Entertain Fear Or Doubt.

You Have Conviction And Alignment And Trust Implicitly What Is Happening Through You, As You.

Why We Created This Beautiful Certification Course For You

These profound teachings are of such importance today more than ever before. They will transform not only your own life, they will enable you to heal and transform the lives of countless others.

It is this vision of empowering you to empower others, that inspired us to create and curate this uplifting certification course, with sacred ceremonies, extensive course materials, meditations, activations and healings for you to partake in. In order to ensure there are no barriers to access, the course is fully online, so you can tap into this ancient wisdom irrespective of your physical location worldwide.

Our vision is a community of high minded souls and like-hearted people embarking on this certification course together to expand health, wellness and harmony throughout humanity.

The BioDivinity™ certification unpacks some of the most important aspects of the planet’s key ancient teachings. And with the inner change that you undergo as you tap into the ancient scientific knowledge that underpins bionutrition, you will see a positive shift manifest in every aspect of your life – your health, perspective, finances, goals, relationships, spiritual connectedness and beyond.


Your Questions Answered

What does completing the Certification course mean for me?

In addition to becoming a Divine Human Bionutritionalist, as you move through the certification course, you will experience your own profound and positive shifts, including changes in identity, energy and awareness:

  • You feel deeply aligned with your most authentic, spiritual self
  • Your divine intuition arises and you make decisions with ease
  • Your understanding of alchemy and bionutrition uplevels your understanding of self, life and the possibilities for health in yourself and others
  • You understand your cosmic physiology, energy bodies and how to clear blockages in your energy fields
  • You have total clarity and control over your thoughts and beliefs, and do not succumb to negativity
  • You are fully calm, attuned and empowered in your own divinity
  • Your connections with other people become more meaningful
  • Your loved ones notice the change and start treating you differently
  • You get an incredible boost of abundance in all areas of your life
  • You are empowered to help others in the transformative journey of bionutrition so they too experience profound change and upliftment
  • Your body is lighter, more relaxed and healthier
  • You experience greater longevity and spiritual immortality
  • You magnetically attract the people and things you need to create your most purposeful, beautiful life
Where In My Home Should I Follow The Course?
Take some time to create a sacred space in your home to take part in the course. Even if this means simply removing irrelevant objects and images from the space around where you will be studying the course – clearing energetic space will enable you to receive the learnings more directly and impactfully.
Why is BioDivinity™ so important right now?
The energetic currents that are shifting around us and our planet during these times are occurring in part so that humans can biologically evolve to live on a higher plane of consciousness. During the course, we delve into the connection between your own evolution and the power of bionutrition to fasttrack and uplevel this evolution.
Where can I attend the Certification Course?
The course is yours to benefit from, wherever you are on the planet. During these transformative times, it’s important that you can tap into this deep universal wisdom right now, unimpeded by time or space limitations. That’s why we created this potent BioDivinity™ Certification Course to be undertaken in the sanctity of your own home.
How Can I Derive Maximum Benefit From the Course?
The information and learnings imparted during this Certification Course are sacred and profoundly transformative, yet can seem confronting if approached with a fearful mind or heart. We recommend that you assess with honesty and compassion whether you are able to enter into the process with an open mind and heart. Only in doing so will you access the full benefits of these sacred learnings and universal wisdom.

Your Contribution to The Golden Age

Beloved, we want you to know that every monetary investment you make into any of TwinRay’s offerings is not only an investment into yourself, but also into building the Golden Age vision that is at the core of everything we do.

Our Golden Age Vision, simply put, manifests peace on earth and peace within, building a community whereby humans are liberated from emotional, physical and spiritual suffering and have the pathway to true freedom fully illuminated.

Are You Ready to Understand And Share The Profound Benefits of BioDivinity™?

Right now, Dear One, the Universe is presenting you with a divine opportunity. You are being given a chance to make a transformative shift on your Spiritual path, so you can experience the health, wellness and powerful healing you deserve. You even have the opportunity to share these gifts with others, giving rise to profound change. Join us and many other beloveds, as we teach you how to embrace the potent transformative capacities of BioDivinity™.

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