BioDivinity™ Level 2

The Armor of the Angels

BioMedical Intuitive Certification

In the BioDivinity Level 1 Course, We Shared the Secrets of the 12 Bodily Systems and How to Heal Yourself.

In Level 2, We Go Deeper, Higher and Far Further, As You Embark on Your Journey to Being Certified to Heal Others as a BioMedical Intuitive.

Uplevel Your Tools for Transformation

Dear One, Since we first shared BioDivinity Level 1, there has been much excitement in the air about Level 2. We have received so many humbling and incredible messages from you, our beautiful community, about the immense transformations and beautiful blessings that BioDivinity Level 1 has brought you.

That’s why we could not be more delighted to share Level 2 with you.

This is truly such an exciting time. In BioDivinity Level 2, you will learn about the template of the original Angelic Human, the Divine potential of the evolved human species and hidden, sacred wisdom about the Divine Angelic Human Template.

And these teachings will enable you to live with profoundly upleveled health, vitality and harmony – and help others to do the same.

The foundation is set with Level 1. Now, it’s time to build further, Dear One.

Deepen Your Mastery

Uplevel Your Tools for Transformation

In BioDivinity Level 2, you’ll receive an incredible upgrade of the physical template, as you expand your skill set and healing tool box.

Envision for a moment, Dear One…

✨ That you have profound inner biological awareness and control over your 12 bodily systems at any time

✨ That you are empowered to keep your body constantly vitalized and energized

✨ That you have full control to uplevel your cellular light quotient

✨ That you are in profound, resonant connection with the angelic aspects of your bodily systems

✨ That your 12 Bodily Systems are in deep harmony, allowing you to exist in ease, health and vitality

✨ That you have the high-level training to become certified to heal others

What The Path to Certification Looks Like


In this certification, with our close guidance, you will upgrade every level and layer of your Bodily Temple to the Divine Angelic Human. You’ll also expand your skillset enormously, allowing you to live in deep harmony, health and vitality.

Through 6 Modules, the Certification Empowers You To Step Into Lifetime of Transformation and Vitality. And Support Others on Their Journey, Too.

BioDivinity Level 2 Modules

During the certification, you immerse in the 6 key modules of BioDivinity Level 2:

Module 1 - Angelic Human

We start by sharing about the profound concept of the Angelic Human. We’ll delve deep into the original inception, meaning and purpose of the Angelic Human. You will also:

  • Learn about the Divine potential of the awakened human species
  • Uncover key insights into the impact of the Angelic Human for your health
  • Discover hidden, sacred wisdom about the interconnectivity of the Angels within your Bioenergetic form
  • And much more…
Module 2 - Quantum Health Biometers

In this module, we learn the metrics of BioDivinity. In Module Two, you will learn how to do a Quantum Health Check-up on your body. You will also:

  • Discover how to tune in energetically to all the micro cellular processes, such as levels of acidity, dehydration, inflammation, micro-toxins and much more.
  • Be empowered to assess and deeply innerstand your body’s condition of wellness and vitality
  • Learn how to use this biodata to accurately self-heal, and regenerate the body-mind organism through the BioDivinity protocols
  • And much more…
Module 3: 12 Pillars of the Human Temple

Now, we focus on the 12 Pillars of the Human Temple. In Module 3, Sanandaji will share how to decipher every aspect of the body temple, by going into the micro processes of that biological system. You will also:

  • Gain profound understanding of each of the 12 Pillars & Systems that make up the Divine Human organism
  • Discover how to uncover each system, so you have laser point precision into root causes to ailments
  • Learn how to quickly and more accurately perform Clearings for each of the 12 Systems
  • And much more…
Module 4: 12 Angelic Attunements

In this module, we explore the 12 Angelic Attunements to the higher bodily systems. The Masters will harmonically induct and attune your Human Blueprint to reconnect back to your Angelic Human Template. Be ready for deep healing and activation. You will also:

  • Discover how these Attunements activate, strengthen and protect the Bodily Systems through the power of the Higher Angelic Orders of the Zodiac.
  • Learn to use this Angelic Connection to support your own ascension and healing journey
  • And much more…
Module Five: Quantum Angelic Biometers

Now, we shift to Quantum Angelic Biometers. In this Module, you will discover how to infuse the Zodiac Angelic connection into the Quantum Biometers. You will also:

  • Discover the meaning of Quantum Angelic Biometers and their profound potential impact on the 12 Bodily Systems.
  • Uncover the secrets of how to work with the Quantum Biometers on yourself and others.
  • Learn to accommodate and tailor a healing session to other people’s specific biological and energetic needs, throughout the past, present and future.
  • And much more…
Module Six: The Divine Angelic Breastplate

In this final Module, we add an additional, potent piece of the framework to draw this powerful learnings to a climax. Now, you will receive the Angelic Breastplate talisman and learn how to use it in combination with the Zodiac Angels which we explored in the previous module. You will also:

  • Receive an additional Angelic Attunement from the Master Teachers.
  • Discover how to serve with the 13th Angel and Bodily System in your personal BioDivinity practice.
  • Be granted 13th Angelic Attunement to the higher bodily systems, to activate, strengthen and protect the Human Temple. .
  • Gain insight into how to infuse Angelic connections into your Biometric charts, Ethereal oils and BioCeuticals.
  • Learn the meaning and impact of utilizing the Angelic Breastplate in your sessions and daily life.
  • And much more…

Certificate of Completion

As a BioDivinity Level 2 graduate, you can seek financial compensation for client sessions.

Your Bonuses

Unlock incredible bonuses when you join BioDivinity Level 2

Bonus 1 - 3 x Q&A Calls with Your Guides
This recorded Q&A call addresses many of the questions you might have right now about the contents of the certification, sharing in-depth wisdom and offering a finely detailed description of each of the processes you will go through during the certification.
Bonus 2 - BioDivinity Community Group

Connect with other students and be supported by many like-minded and Kind-Heart souls walking the same path.

Bonus 4 - Discounts on TwinRay Treasures

All Certified BioDivinity Level 2 graduates will receive a 15% discount on BioCeuticals in the TwinRay Treasures shop.

What happens when you do the Certification?

BioDivinity™ is an essential tool that fast-tracks your evolution, so you can ensure the profound change we are currently amidst acts in the betterment of humanity.

Using the practices and techniques you will receive during the certification, you tap into the powerful Universal Energy.

Imagine yourself as you are shifted…

✨From pain and suffering to bliss and joy

✨From limitation to abundance

✨From the small self to the Greater Self

✨ You’re No Longer Just Getting By.

✨ You Experience Surrender And Connection To The Universe And Your Divine Self.

✨ You No Longer Entertain Fear Or Doubt.

✨ You Are In Alignment And Trust Implicitly What Is Happening Through You, As You.

What you will receive

Here’s What You Receive When You Enroll on the the BioDivinity™ Level 2 Course

Video lectures and programs

Written coursework materials

Presentations and exercises
Techniques and insights

Community Group support

Certification and abundance

What Students Are Saying About Shekinah Ma and Sanandaji

Transform in Community… Wherever You Are


As you undertake the BioDivinity™ Level 2 program with many others, the group energy creates a greater collective vibration. And this enables you to cultivate energy, embody your divinity and understand your role in this transformative time.

In order to ensure there are no barriers to access, the certification is fully online, so you can tap into this ancient wisdom irrespective of your physical location worldwide.

Join a community of high-minded souls and like-hearted people embarking on this certification together around the planet. So together, we expand health, wellness and harmony throughout humanity.

Give Yourself The Gift Of Deep Spiritual Healing, Regeneration and Wellbeing

Bio Divinity level two is going to take you into a whole new experience of healing, wellness, rejuvenation, and restoration and Quantum Health.

BioDivinity level 2 is going to teach you how to scan someone’s system, check their organs, apply the various bioceuticals and protocols that each organ needs, infuse and ground the energies with the sacred ethereal medicinal oils.

Learn to Quantum Scan your Body and someone else’s with laser point precision

Bring Rejuvenation and Restoration to your bodily system

Expand your Spiritual Gifts and Help Others with them

Deepen Your Healing of the Twelve Bodily Systems

Learn to connect with the Angelic Realms

Work closely with the Zodic Angelic Legion for your Ascension

From pain and suffering to bliss and joy

Transformation at the cellular and genetic level

Learn to infuse the charts with the Angelic Connection

Why become a BioMedical Intuitive?

These profound teachings are of such importance today more than ever before. They will transform not only your own life, they will enable you to heal and transform the lives of countless others.

It is this vision of empowering you to empower others, that inspired us to create and curate this uplifting certification course, with powerful tools, extensive course materials, meditations, activations and healings for you to partake in. In order to ensure there are no barriers to access, the course is fully online, so you can tap into this ancient wisdom and future science, irrespective of your physical location worldwide.

Our vision is a community of high minded souls and like-hearted people embarking on this certification course together to expand health, wellness and harmony throughout humanity.

The BioDivinity™ certification unpacks some of the most important aspects of the planet’s key ancient teachings. And with the inner change that you undergo as you tap into the ancient scientific knowledge that underpins bionutrition, you will see a positive shift manifest in every aspect of your life – your health, perspective, finances, goals, relationships, spiritual connectedness and beyond.

Master Teachers
Shekinah Ma & Sanandaji

As your guides on this transformative journey, Shekinah Ma & Sanandaji share wisdom teachings from an ancient spiritual sciences and lineages that prepares the physical body for genetic liberation. They are here to inspire, and teach how to awaken your Divine self within and become a powerful pillar of light for humanity.

They are dedicated to sincere hearts of all beliefs, who are genuinely devoted to the path of spiritual liberation and enlightenment.

Together they have carefully designed this potent online certification course for you and others like you who are seeking ease, empowerment and abundance in all facets of life, and are blessed to share with open hearts and arms these important teachings with you, as you progress on your own spiritual journey of healing and service.

Your Contribution to The Golden Age

Beloved, we want you to know that every monetary investment you make into any of TwinRay’s offerings is not only an investment into yourself, but also into building the Golden Age vision that is at the core of everything we do.

Our Golden Age Vision, simply put, manifests peace on earth and peace within, building a community whereby humans are liberated from emotional, physical and spiritual suffering and have the pathway to true freedom fully illuminated.

Heart Shares for BioDivinity 

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