Beloved Gaia speaks

Children of my body,

I am Gaia, a vibrational aspect of the Earth: an Earth mother as you may understand it, as I am a goddess from 7th Density who embodies the Earth. I AM a BODY as equal as are you. I am living, breathing, feeling and existing as you are. I have a mind and physical body as you do, just not in the same way as it is not expressed through your human attributes. My organs are your land masses and countries; my blood is your waters. There are those who walk upon my lands and my soils unknowingly that I feel, that I sense and that I AM A BODY. You walk upon me as if you have ownership of this body. May I be the first to say that you do not. We are in shared communion and I am happy to share with many. When you take from my lands you take from MY body, you take from my blood: your waters, springs, oceans. And yet I ask how often do you feel gratitude for your graces? When you pull a flower being from our gardens how often do you stop to see this being giving its life force and essence to you: in service for you. When you infuse your physicality with obscene quantities of sustenance for your nourishment and pleasure, how often do you stop and remember that it came from this body.

It is in keeping with the human experience that many of you feel that you are alone in this world, on this earth and in this Universe. Many believe that you have dominion over all things, animals, even other people. You DO NOT and you are not alone here. There are legion of those who are in service in hidden realms. There are many realms within my lands. Many who live inside and within, that choose to stay here as the slow vibration and density is too low for those sensitives who must stay below ground, for when they have trusted to come forth and show themselves, they have been taken for their gifts and maimed for their magic. All in the name of research and in seeking of human power. You ask why there are so many Shifts in the Earth. Many of you blaming “GOD”. Look no further, for it is I who am CONSCIOUSLY moving. The answer in its simplicity is this: I am angry and frustrated. As when you are angry and frustrated, your body produces waves and currents: so mine does as well.

It is for you to understand that the level of consciousness that you as a collective hold affects me, affects my ability to move and ascend, just as you are in process of doing. It is as if an anchor is tied to me and I am unable to move and so I push until I can. Many of you choose to concern yourself with “the healing of the earth” but what you fail to understand is that I AM as I need to be. I am not needing you to come and save me: I am needing you to save yourselves. Only then will I be able to ascend, as this is the grand plan. In the first experiment where a planetary BODY is able to ascend with its inhabitants, you are being given this opportunity. As it appears in this NOW, there are many here who will not make it into the next phases, as your vibration will not be raised enough to join me into the next movement. Your old belief structures, religions and ways of understanding the world MUST change, must transform or you will not make it here as I will ascend my physical body without those who are my anchors in consciousness. Only those who are able to elevate their frequencies will come for this next beginning in your history, only those whose hearts are open enough to connect with mine shall be lifted in connection. What you do not understand in mass quantities is that you continue to perpetuate the past. You continue to bring about energies from times in my history that carried so much darkness in my lands, and yet you hold onto it as though your identity shall be shattered without this old paradigm of existing. “Children of God” you call yourselves, without truly understanding what that means.

It will only be when you as the collective release the holds that these darkened times have had on humanity that you will begin to open your hearts in connection with the beating drum that is mine. Only then will you truly be prepared to receive the flow of Universal movement that is pouring down for you. My dear children, it is not that I am not loving you through these words. It is that I AM.

Mother Gaia