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Cosmic Grids

re-dream a new dream for humanity

Join the Conversation… in preparation for The Cosmic Solstice Event 

With Christof Melchizedek Connecting in from New Zealand Grids

Conversation: Saturday, November, 28th (available via TwinRay app)  

       SOLSTICE EVENT: Sunday, December 20th 2020 at 12pm all time zones 


dear hearts, light leaders, and influencers to a
Global Movement that connects communities in many countries, teaches the science of the Earth’s Grids, activates prayer and prepares the greater collective of humanity to enter into the Golden Age by mapping out the earth and creating a mandala of frequency across specific points along the Planet. 



“Join The Loveolution”


Only through love can one return to wholeness. Only through Love can healing occur. It is time for a Loveolution, where spirituality meets science, and each re- members that one can not exist without the other.

The Heavens are sending out a Clarion Call for the Earth’s transformation, for the veils to be lifted, and for the Prophesied Golden Age to commence with the mass awakening of super consciousness. However, this can not occur without the aid and connection to the Frequency points spread out throughout the Grids of the Earth.

What are Earth Grids?

The science of Earth grids is complex and it takes many years of study to truly understand. To put it simply, Earth Grids are energetic telecommunication towers/ power lines that make up the meridian system within the structure of the Earth. These lines intersect, may form patterns and create frequency points and vortices. In certain places and in specific times throughout the year, these power points create a harmonic convergence, and are the most powerful times to serve and expand the Light to blanket the Earth, and alter the fabric of reality.

 The Global Coherence Mission

This movement and its effects shall have far reaching, vast and deep implications into the next decade and expand beyond time and space, beyond religion and beyond the limitations of the individual self.  The Clarion Call is to begin to unify large scale communities between now and the next three years: by 2024, and teach the science of the Earth’s Grid Systems to individuals, community leaders and influencers across the globe. Thus, this will create a large scale resurrection of consciousness through practical wisdom, for the Light to reach critical mass in record time.

Meditation alone is not enough to bring about the shift, there are other considerations and ways to utilize the magic and power of the Earth, the Galaxy and the Universe in order to bring this transformation into manifest form.

This Global Coherence Mission is designed to support humanity integrate the incoming cosmic plasma waves of energy that are newly entering into the Solar System starting in December, 2020 and shall continue their accelerative frequency until 2024. We, along with our team of scientists and physicists have been tracking and measuring these currents for many years, walking the grids barefoot all over the world and recording activity to know when to begin this charge. The time is NOW.

If you have landed on this page, then there is a part of you, a deep part of your soul that has been preparing and yearning for a more vast and powerful level of service to the Earth, to the animal kingdom/queendom and to humankind.

This level of service and the joining of this movement requires nothing of you, other than the purity of your heart, your focus devotion to the betterment of this world and your desire to ignite more selfless service to human awareness.


Take Action to anchor and embody the Golden Age of gaia

As we elucidated in detail in our above video, the month of December of 2017, birthed the entry to an entire new bandwidth of cosmic energy that had never been on Earth prior to this time.

This is due to the fact that earth’s electromagnetic field has dropped its shield to allow new cosmic energies to enter.

An event of this Universal magnitude happens every 12,000 years, due to the alignment of our solar system and the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Measurably, It takes approximately 250,000 years for our solar system to travel around the centre of the galaxy, and every 12,000 years our Earth aligns directly to a central plasmic wave that changes the entire grid system on Earth.

The Earth’s grid system is much like the human energy body, in the way that the human energy body has subtle layers, channels and meridians by which energy or chi can flow. So too, does the Earth have energy bodies and a Meridian System by which she receives and transmits information to her ecosystems and civilizations.

This December marks the largest cosmic wave of energy to enter the Earth grids in the last 12,000 years.

What this wave of cosmic plasma energy will do can either be catastrophic or phenomenal and biologically, alchemically upscaling for all who have properly prepared, and know how to SAFELY utilize it’s surge. These Bow Waves are the first to enter into the atmosphere of Earth and we feel have the combined power to crystalize the new template for the prophesied Golden Age, that was incepted in December, 2017.

This December marks the largest cosmic wave of energy to enter the Earth grids in the last 12,000 years. What this wave of cosmic plasma energy will do is crystalize the new template for the Golden Age that started its inception in December, 2017.

December Astrology:
This is the Anchoring Of The Golden Age

December 2020’s monumental astrological forecast witnesses 7 planets changing signs, with the Mental Body satellite of Mercury changing signs not only once, but, twice.

After just entering the cosmic wormhole in November 15th, we also prepare for an eclipse, and the entry of a major new cycle that begins on this Winter Solstice. All of this action within the Heavenly bodies, perpetuates and catapults the largest cosmic wave of plasmic energy entering earth in our modern times. It is for this reason, that we are beginning this inspired Movement of communities all over the world, to gather at these certain points of time in order to truly be able to utilize these Cosmic Gifts that are entering the Earth’s atmosphere.

This all begins the birthing of New Social Awareness and an opportunity to experience a higher level of consciousness for humankind.

This profound new Jupiter/Saturn cycle shall have a resounding effect on Earth for the next 20 years.

Through this new cycle, Saturn (12/17) and Jupiter (12/19), both being Social Planets, enter Aquarius together, thus creating a truly new cycle of social awarness on the planet.

This cycle is what has been referred to as the Age of Aquarius in the hearts and minds of humankind. This Age is what has been awaited for decades and represents the future, humanitarianism, collaboration for the greater good, and God Realization.

These are the astrological alignments necessary to call this moment in time the dawning of the Golden Age of Aquarius.


Primary Mission:

To get 10,000 groups of meditators on the Grids
at the times of Earth’s Harmony,
all over the world in the next
3 years by 2024.

Secondary Mission:

To assist humankind to turn on the Activation Points within their physical bio-circuitry, DNA and energy field to be able to Utilize the Cosmic Waves entering the Solar System and Earth’s Magnetic Field.

For each and every person, there is a specific Activation Point within them, that connects to that same frequency of Activation for the Earth, for the Solar System and the Universe. These many Activation Points can only turn on, when the like vibration through the Electromagnetic Field makes this connection.

This Activating Current is paramount to turn on, within the physical matter body, in order to create the Golden Age for Humanity that has been prophesied for aeons of time.

As a Light-worker and Light leader, it is important to not only do the inner work that is needed to cultivate the light body, and stabilize emotional input and output; As of December 2020, it is necessary to expand the light quotient of the Earth by reacquainting yourselves, and the science of the Earth Grids, as they continue to ignite through the cosmic currents moving through the song lines of the Earth.

Clarion Call to all Community Leaders

Calling forth all influencers of Truth, Spiritual Evolution, and protectors of Gaia.

If you are a group leader and spiritual influencer and would like to support your community during this Cosmic Solstice Event, we ask you to contact the TwinRay team at where we will give you extra support to assist the world at large.

Cosmic Conversations

In our Virtual World Tour we will record Cosmic Conversations with community leaders all around the world to support and unite communities and to ignite the connection of the Earth grids to the Collective world wide.

These are amazing interviews with incredible information on how to prepare for this coming Solstice in December 2020.  Below we feature our wonderful community leader Christof Melchizedek who is an essential part of this grand movement and Mission.

Christof Melchizedek

transmitting from New Zealand

Cosmic Solstice Conversation with Christof and Shekinah & Sananda on Saturday 28 November 11:11 am PT.

This is the first of many ancient wisdom teachings being revealed in the upcoming times to support the increase of awareness about Earth’s grids and their significance in Earth’s ascension.

Access the Cosmic Solstice Conversations through our App where all Conversations will be offered completely for free along with a free Resource Kit to support humanity through these accelerations.


Free Resource Kit

(Coming Soon in December 2020)

In order to support you to prepare for this coming solstice we have created a free Resource kit available on our TwinRay mobile App.

Once you download the TwinRay App you will find a free resource that will include:

  1. Bio-Energy Code to connect to and harmonise the Earth Grids
  2. Mantra to expand your energy field and enhance connection 
  3. DNA Healing and Activation Video
  4. Powerful Prayer to synchronise with the global community

Solstice Global Event Details & logistics

Solstice Transmission date: Sunday 20th of December 2020 12pm noon across all country time zone

This December will mark the First Wave of Community Transmissions, which will continue every three months during 2021, 2022, 2023 & 2024.

Important Information

The Global Transmission meditation will occur remotely through a telepathic field of group coherence.

It will not occur on an online platform. You will be connected through the window of the Solstice to the group energy container and will feel as if you are switched on to the group field. This will occur whether you are present on the earth grids or not, your divine self will self-activate and begin to stream the relevant frequencies into your consciousness and out to the world at large.

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