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Four Divine Paths Of Freedom

Realize Your Divine Birthright

Each Divine Path opens a doorway to the true light of spirit, and internal freedom. Each Divine Path is interconnected, and interwoven into each other in order to live as the full embodiment of The Divine Human. These Paths are ways of contemplation, inspired action, cultivation and absorption.

Divine Love

Divine Service

Divine Alchemy

Divine Truth

The Four Divine Paths of Freedom

Path Of Divine Love

The Path of Divine Love -Pours from the center of one’s heart. It originates from communion or common union among all people, all things and all of creation. The Path of Divine Love explores the reality that Oneness does not remove the unique qualities of the Multiplicity of God, but that in its non-dual expression, it seeks to reveal that love is at the center of all experience and that in fact it is only one experience that is derived from Divine Love.

 Path Of Divine Service

The Path of Divine Service – it is said, that in order to purify the mind, the path of Sacred Seva (service) is the only way to successfully achieve a purified mind. To follow a path of selfless service is to renounce one’s lower self in exchange for the True, loving, compassionate Self and share those virtues with the world. This path is a virtuous path that requires a true desire to serve, humbly and give without selfish ambition.

Path Of Divine Alchemy

Path of Divine Alchemy is about Cultivation. Here, one unlocks the internal biochemistries that create the Divine Human Vehicle. This path is about understanding how the Macrocosm of the Universe is represented in the Micro Cosmos of the Human body. Alchemy refers to the transformation from one state to another. Often, this has been experienced from Led to Gold. This path is about the exaltation of the Divine Human Temple.

Path Of Divine Truth

The path of Divine Truth is about truth inquiry that leads to self knowledge . It is a truth that is unchanging, ever present and unwavering. The Path of Divine Truth discovers a Truth absolute: Truth that is not subjective, as Truth is True now, has always been True and will always remain True. This path is about Discernment from the unreal to the Real. When one has a firm foundation of self knowledge, this leads to Self Realisation and freedom from the lower minds conditioning.

Our Calling to Create the 4 Divine Free Paths

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TwinRay is known to be a worldwide organization that teaches advanced spiritual sciences, simple truth, and offers Golden Age certifications that bring miracles into one’s life. These are known as progressive paths to Ascension and Divine Embodiment.

With all the people in the world who wish so much to be able to learn from us, but have had economic hardships, we felt very called to create Four Free Paths that anyone from any Socio-political background, Religion, Faith and Culture can walk to Freedom.

We are here to illuminate the path forward

We have been most blessed to guide and teach tens of thousands of people how to remember their original life purpose, and how to fulfill this by serving their highest calling.

It does not matter what state of awareness you have reached, or even if you are most blessed to be newly discovering your spiritual journey.

It is our promise, that we can take you far beyond anything you thought imaginable. If you are willing, we can take you back home, to God within.


Ask Yourself..

Have you ever wanted to know more about your divine nature but didn’t know where to turn?

Have you ever contemplated how different your life would be, if you had been shown how to live in that true Divine nature in all areas of your life?

How would your life be different If you had people in your reality that demonstrated great Integrity, virtue and freedom through spirituality? How would you feel, if all of this was accomplished while celebrating you, honouring life itself and instilling a greater wisdom within you, while upholding your unique spiritual evolution?

What would it be like for you to wake up every morning inspired, not by something or someone external, but because you are genuinely happy and grateful for your life?

This can truly be your life’s experience, and although you may have felt this could only be a dream, this state of being is not a dream at all, and can really be your reality.

It was you, who originally architected this golden path for yourself. You intended to find it once more, when your soul was ready. You created this journey well before you incarnated and immersed in the veils of forgetfulness. It is such, that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. You are ready now.

Although many are called, it is the most courageous who truly answer.

Your call to the Universe has been heard, Dear One. It is a piece of our mission to serve you to reclaim your spiritual birthright. We are here for all who are truly ready to enter into this selfless planetary service in Union with the Divine Source.

How Will The Videos Be Released?

The First Path that we are releasing is the Path Of Divine Love, which is available to begin now.

You will receive one short contemplative video every few days when recorded.  These are lifetime jewels that you can revisit anytime and are intended to seed deeply within you as you continue your ascension journey.

These are created to be bite size learning videos of contemplation and activation. You will receive a new lense by which to experience yourself and the world, each and every time you receive the next video. Thus, the world around you will also adjust to your new vision, as you integrate these teachings more and more into your life.

We shall be releasing one Divine Path per quarter for the duration of 2022.

Shekinah & Sananda’s Story

Experience the story of how Shekinah and Sananda came to live their life of divine service, and how their union was formed.

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