Divine Relationships

The Art of Sacred Union with The Beloved

For singles,couples or anyone choosing to practice the art of sacred relationship

Dear One,

We welcome you, beloved student of relationship, as being in the physical body can be the most wonderful, precious experience ever had.  It is in fact, why you have chosen to take a body in the first place. You are here, because your soul had a deep longing to reunite into one heart and presence, and to remember the ultimate inner tantra and spiritual union of Divine love with The Beloved.

What would it be like to truly live a life of supportive joy while in divine relationship? Can your current union become a sacred partnership, and if you are not in a relationship, is it in your life plan to attract a Divine Union and romantic mate of the soul?

It’s time to learn

How to call in a truly sacred relationship

Now that you have taken our How to Live in 5D Mini Relationship course, you have wet your feet and perhaps have acquired more of an inner thirst and compulsion to want to walk the distance, to bring together your masculine and feminine aspects in greater harmony, call in a truly sacred relationship, and perhaps learn more complete and effective ways to maintain the relationship that you currently have

It is time to learn to collaborate at the soul level with your current partner to bring about a more sacred union and learn how to anchor the pieces within you appropriately to call in your Divine Design and magnetize your flame mate.

Call on Your Divine Design

Be Guided by Shekinah Ma & Sanandaji

We share this ancient knowledge, as we are asked daily how we live in such a Divine Union and manifest freely. As The TwinRay on this planet, it is incumbent upon us to share our secrets and help you manifest your personal flame. This Course is for singles, couples or anyone choosing to practice the art of Sacred Relationship.

Calling on your Divine Design and learning about the Sacred Universe is a teaching that applies to all relationships. One may utilize these concepts available in the course to create harmony, deeper connection, trust and ultimately a better and happier situation for family, friendships and business partnerships as well as intimate and spiritual relations. These are teachings that prize all livingness, unconditional love for the self, and each other as the only possible foundation for the Golden Age.

Together, this eight week course is going to teach you that a sacred union begins first with the sacred union within yourself. It begins first with the deepening of love for all of your many known and unknown aspects, and to determine where you are dominant in your energetic transmissions.

What You Will Learn

Together in this 8 Week Course

Clear and update your limited projections, defenses and fears of the future regarding relationship

Release all the unconscious relationship beliefs and ideals from your Earth parents that you have carried with you from past incarnations and this current life.

Heal any wounds and traumas from this life of past partners and their karmic imprints.

Shift out of duality into unity and heal the split of the Kali Uga, this is the split of the mind that eventuated into the split of the heart.

Establish equality with each other in relationship to the Presence, so it is always a relationship of the three in one ~ the Beloved as the Presence and the two facets of the Self as the inner male and female, and the outer male and female, or you with another.

Replant the seeds of unity from the perspective of the Presence of the Rose Heart, as the Rose/ Lotus Heart is always one with The Beloved.

Merge with your beloved within in order to partner with The Beloved.

Learn to express the full capacity of your true self free from the masks that you have learned to communicate with in the past.

Learn how to communicate your feelings and intentions with Love allowing you to live the “joy way.”

Learn how to experience only the Divine in all moments.

Learn how to support your partners highest evolution both as individuals and as a sacred marriage.

Learn how to magnetize your Divine Design

Learn how to change your dominant center if it is creating suffering

Uncover the reasons why you are not presently in a Sacred Union and how you can create the manifested partnership that matches your dominant center.

Attain your ability to create and sustain a sacred relationship in the Golden Age.

The TwinRay

Shekinah Ma & Sanandaji

The Re-Union

Having re-united at the Great Pyramid in Egypt, they began their merging of life paths and service work, both having already completed their individual paths and soul’s Hero’s Journey and having established their own world followings and extrasensory spiritual gifts. As they met, they remembered that they were already married, and had walked hand in hand in service before this life, re-cited their last incarnations’s set of marriage vows within the King’s Chamber after only days of the rekindling and embarked on their inseparable life’s work together. Although they grew up on opposite ends of the world, the parallels along their journey were indisputable.  It was inevitable that they would arrive at the same spiritual attainment, already having revealed their innate wisdom and unique expressions to the world.

Combined Biography

Guided by a compassionate heart and Unified by a Divine Love marriage, TwinRay Shekinah Ma and Sanandaji share beatific vision, ancient wisdom and a deep gnosis for the unchanging Truth. TwinRay was founded by the devotion of Shekinah Ma and Sanandaji’s unwavering love to serve humanity, and represents the Unitive creation of all existence. Founded and recognized as a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization, the Teachings of TwinRay are contemporary, yet hold tight to a very ancient thread. They are simple, yet sophisticated, heart opening, inspirational, mind stilling, wisdom filled and timelessly proven to bring Self Realization through 5,000 years of an unbroken lineage of Truth.

Building the Golden Age Vision

Manifesting Peace on Earth & Peace Within

Shekinah Ma and Sanandaji have a Golden Age Sanctuary among the Mountains of Southern Oregon, and inspire their local and global community of mystics, yogis, healers and community leaders to action selfless service to humanity and the Earth and return to The Wai: The path of the ancient Essenes.

Their method of teaching the transcendence of the worldliness that inevitably brings suffering and binding, assist to awaken the Ultimate and Unchanging Truth of Liberation. Shekinah Ma and Sanandaji teach students how best to play gracefully through the world into the True Light of Spirit, as they reveal the nature of Pure Awareness through their specialty as Mystics and Adepts.

What you will receive

Here’s What You Receive When You Enrol on the the Divine Relationships Course

Video lectures and programs

Written coursework materials

Presentations and exercises
Techniques and insights

Community Group support

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