Divine Union

Romeo Romeo wherefore art thou Romeo?

This iconic question often graces the minds and hearts of both masculine and feminine -beings upon this glorious Earth Plane Experience as it is often the way in which one determines their own value. When will i meet my Soul Mate? What do i have to do to prepare? Beloved Ones, the answer is that with every breath and choice that you make, you ARE preparing to receive a union of like vibration.

There was a time, when the buzz word on everyone’s lips was Soul Mate. It seemed that many were asking for their Soul Mate to appear. Until the Twin Flame Union was introduced and then it was almost as if the interest in having a soul mate union began to wane, as the many became less interested in the Necessary and beautiful journey with a Mate of the Soul/ great teacher and wanted to skip straight to the Twin Flame Union. Where is my twin flame? When will I meet the true love of my life? How is it that all I want in my life is love and it’s the last thing that I seem to be able to find?

It is important to deeper appreciate and innerstand both the Ego Identification with these questions and the answers themselves. It is first important to understand that when one IS love, which you already ARE: one feels neither need, not desire to seek for love. For, how can you seek something that you already possess in the most complete quantity.

Beloved, before one is able to successfully receive the blessings of a true twinFlame Union, one must have entered into a service contract for the planet. As this is the main reason for the Twin Flame Union and path together. In the older paradigm or reality that we are collapsing consciously and strategically, it was once a truism that all twin flame unions would only come together in their last lives and for the purpose of planetary service. In this reality the Twin Flame union was quite rare and thus, many were unable to join with the twin flame union as the grand expression of the twin flame is the most challenging and therefore most blissful once the testing stages have been completed.

This was not a given or a right, this was a grace once the light at the end of the tunnel was reached. What this means is that this grand unification this grand expansion would bring you to newer and more elevated Heights and thus it was a matter of earning this gift through conscious work of great introspection in the journey to self love.

With great joy and bliss as the eventuality more Twin Rays unions come
Together, this Gateway and anchoring Divine Union into the grids of the earth will occurrence. Due to this, It has come in alignment that divine union’s upon the planet will soon be able to unite with much more ease and grace.

As you know that like attracts like and that the vibration of what it is that you are calling in must match your current field expression state of consciousness, thought forms believe systems, judgments, projections and identifications. You are invited to begin to take witness as to what it is that your thought forms project out into the world. How do they inspire love in your life? through this process of internal alchemy this is how you will prepare yourself for this Grand Union that will now be in allowance for all who are ready to receive.