Do You Serve Love?

Beloved, how do you serve love?

How do allow the unified nature of love to enter into your life and open your heart? This communication is about truly recognizing the important polarity that often takes place when one experiences relationship dynamics throughout all facets of the human experience. Many people on this planet have been serving a convoluted perception of love, an old model of service that only exalts the self. It is time to choose to define what way you wish to serve love NOW.

We know that you are intending to become free from the structure put in place eons ago to enslave humanity; cycling through Ego endlessly like unknowing hamsters on a wheel. To put it in perspective, this is a structure where one is mostly concerned with ones’s own carnal needs and desires. This is a reality, will NOT allow you to ascend.

There is another option, an opportunity that the entire Earth is being given. That is to choose to shift into a HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS. The Christos/Sophia and the Diamond light spheres have entered the planet and are creating waves of consciousness that are here in serve all others then the perceived self and in this way God is truly served.

The ‘Service to Other Structure’ is based on selfless service with a devotional heart. Precious hearts it has recently been deemed for you to receive this revelation: Here is a bit about the TRUTH of what has been kept from you:

There are two reigning structures on this planet and have been for many millennia. The Service to Self Structure that has enslaved this world and kept you down in the lower dimensions of consciousness, fear, greed, anger, bitterness, violence, sorrow etc. The Service to OTHER structure is a system put in place to relieve these denser realities from entering into your consciousness. It allows one to connect to the Divine Source and even begin to embody greater wisdom, spiritual gifts theough that decltional heart. It is a freedom system that when firmly in place, shall bring with it LOVE, joy, harmony, peace, good will, truth, honor and trust. It is this path that shall create a legacy of lush gardens, crisp air and clean waters for generations to come.

Dearest Hearts, energetically there are mainly two opposing forces. This we liken to the famous depiction of the little devil and the little angel sitting on opposing shoulders.Belived heart, never forget, It is the angel that is the stronger influence of the two. Yes sits lovingly, patiently guiding you to join the Service to Other Structure when you are ready and in Divine timing. You are encouraged to allow this angel and the angelic voice within YOU to lead you in this next phase as the stars align every month for a new oportunity to arise.

In this way, the “Ascension” can crystalize for more Terra Earth dwellers faster as the vibration and spin accelerates both in the Earth and outside of the this Solar System. This is a grand opportunity to lay down the swords of battle that have beheld you for lifetimes and open and activate the HIGHEST HEARTS in offering to others here: Your Brothers and Sisters whether you know them or even like them in the roles they are currently holding and playing for you. We lovingly encourage you to go deeper than you have ever gone and into the depths of the void: A place where there is both destruction and creation.

Dear Ones.. the higher up you go.. the deeper you must go within. You are lovingly encouraged and invited to use the next new moon cycle to go to the places longing to be uncovered and set Free Allow your DIVINE hearts to bloom and plant the seeds for what you wish to see for this Earth and for OTHERSnow and always.

May whatever New Moon is approaching bring ALL to a HIGHER VIBRATORY rate and a greater capacity to LOVE AND FORGIVE!


In the deepest service to YOU, to Gaia, to the Cosmos, to ABOVE AND BELOW and to the ALL THAT IS