Secrets of the Dragon


Bifurcation of the Universe Retreat

Make 2024 the Year of the Golden Dragon

Spring (dates to be announced) 

Birthing the Golden Age

The Cosmic Dragons Lines and The Incan Prophecy

The June Solstice of 2023, beckoned us to the prophetic lands of Peru. For many years we had known that it would be a mission of ours to complete and we had undergone great physical and enegetic preparation to do so.  Our mission was to fulfill the “Time of the Mastey”. This is an old Incan prophecy that speaks of the Mallku (Master Healers & Leaders) retuning to bring a new universal energy back onto the planet. This would be accomplished through the migration and restructuring of the Cosmic Dragon lines by moving these massive lines to their correct destinations, and then anchoring them down to a location not yet to be revealed for an other 2 years.

Prior to our travels, we had shared with our community that the world would see a great shift while we were completing the mission, and there would be a cosmic occurrence that would exemplify our mission on the precise days we relocated the lines and fulfilled the Prophecy.

This did come to pass, there was a great sign seen and felt through out the world at large and there was speculation all over the world as to why and how this occurred. What was seen and felt around the world was a sign of the successful completion of our mission. The frequency bandwidth known as the Schumann Resonance and heartbeat of the Earth ascended for those couple of days from June 18th -June 21st 2023. What we did had solidified and secured The Golden Age Timeline. Now, we are intending to prepare you for your entry into the Golden Earth.

Heartbeat of Earth

The Schumann Resonance

The Schumann resonance is a quantum set of spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency portion of the Earth’s electromagnetic field spectrum. Schumann resonances are global electromagnetic resonances, generated and excited by lightning discharges in the cavity formed by the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere. In more simplified terms the Schumann Resonance as a whole is the pattern of the Heart Beat of The Earth and a measurement of the Collective mind and heart of its sentient life. 

On the days we moved the lines, the Schumann Resonance spiked to unprecedented heights and created recorded patterns within the core of the earth that exemplified ascending DNA strands. Once the Split occurs, this pattern will be the beginning signature of The Golden Age constructed on a Golden Earth. After traveling barefoot for the last 20 years to most countries around the world, we were initiated in all of the codes of the ascended reality and are now living in The Golden Age.

We invite you to come and experience the world as it will be once the bifurcation takes place and the shift occurs. Come and experience for yourself the harmonic energy, high vibration and heart-based frequency of living in the Golden Age.

The Journey Calls

Journey to the temples and sacred mountains of Ashland, and discover the healing vortexes and holy sites. 

Learn how to open your innate gifts and heighten your light quotient through this BioDivinity remote viewing and Vision Quest through deeper levels and layers of your soul’s consciousness. Through each gridline and gateway, there is an opportunity to receive great wisdom to activate your highest calling and greatest service potential on this planet and beyond.

Ashland is steeped with prophecies foretold. It is said that the first 1,000 rainbow light bodies will transcend from this land during our time. 

It is our greatest prayer to steward communities all over the world that stand together as one voice for humankind, Earth and the animal kingdom alike. The time is Now, and we begin here among the Sacred Lands of Ashland.

Twinray - Shekinah & Sananda

High Dimensional Energy

Dive deeper into the layers of your soul’s consciousness, unlocking hidden treasures within.

Each gridline and gateway holds the potential to bestow upon you great wisdom, allowing you to activate your highest calling and unleash your greatest service potential not only on this planet but in realms beyond.

During this retreat we will be traversing through the mighty rings and dimensions of Sacred Stargates. Here is where we shall help further awaken your inner senses and share the magic, mysticism, activations and wisdom teachings. 

Through these open channels of communication, we shall help you to connect with hidden realms, expanding your awareness that will greatly assist you along the path of your ascension journey.

Among the countless mysteries of these lands, the portals through the time and space continuum and the observations of Extraterrestrial Activity, the ancient masters revered these sites as a dwelling place where great insight into the other worlds could be achieved.



Bifurcation of the Universes

Retreat Activities

Bio Energy Readings

Learn how to read your own bio field and experience your radiant form. Your energy  field will be measured before the Bifurcation of The Universe retreat begins and upon closure.

Sacred Chanting & Kirtan

The power of chanting and song was an influential aspect of Essene living and traveling. Come sing and chant in community and learn the ancient prayer.

Mudra Magic

Finger Magic is a type of Mudra formation that connects you to the magic of the cosmos. Learn daily practice and finger postures that connect to each day of the week to enhance your Sadhana 

White Tantra

White Tantric is an ancient group meditation practice that can help you release deep subconscious blocks and heal your body and soul. This is equal to one year’s worth of daily meditation.

Prayer Dance

Experience the movement of your soul, as it begins to communicate through the magic of dance. This type of practice is prayer in action and can have remarkable benefit when held in a prayerful and sacred intentional container.

Micro Elixir Experience

Frolic in your inner-world, as you embark on a Micro Elixir Journey that will help you envision, experience and choose whole heartedly the path of absolute Love through the Split of the Worlds.

Alchemical Postures

postures are used to control, purify and cultivate prana, the life-force energy the flows through the Nadial pathways. Ancient postures provide mental, emotional and energetic balance.

Sunrise Ritual Burning

Place all of your limitations in a fire and set them a blaze with Love with prayerful intention at first light on your first day at the Sanctuary at Sunrise. 

Labyrinth Walk

An ancient path that reveals wholeness, the Labyrinth is a meditation and prayer tool and represent a spiritual journey to one’s center and back. Walking it with intention will help ensure your path is prepared for the Split.

Sacred Site Journeys

Immerse yourself in the sacred sites and vortexes of Mount Shasta. This portal is an ancient land where the inhabitants of LeMuria came for refuge. Beneath the earth, there is a city that may reveal itself to you.

Inner Alchemy Practices

Receive direct initiation into the holy sciences of inner alchemy and instructions on how to enter transcendental states of consciousness through self-sourcing practices.

Embodiment Activations

Put your GeoDivinity skills to practice. Throughout the journey, there will be personal and group activation treatments taking place with the land and the guardians of the powerful vortexes.

Central Sun/Moon Initiations

Through the portal of the Spring Equinox, the central galactic sun reaches an apex point where it aligns the giant crystal stationed on the lands with a particular point in the sky to activate crystals in the brain. There will be group accelerations when taken to this point on the day of the solstice.

Daily Gourmet Organic Healthy Meals

There will be healthy organic gourmet meals served daily to support and nourish your body and vitalise your mind, cooked by a team of talented, inspired, professional cooks.

Merging With Powerful Astrological Energies

Each planet represents a different path to travel in order to activate a deeper understanding of the Heavens found here upon the Earth. By connecting to specific astrological alignments, one can accelerate their path of liberation and ascension.

Manifestation Miracles

Miracle attunements to assist in the recalibration of one’s ability to receive blessings for health, love, compassion, kindness and heart openings in order to ignite your mission and soul’s purpose.

Morning Movement and Yoga Opportunities

To help integrate and in support of the vibrations there will be opportunities for daily movement either in a group container or while taking personal space.

Connection With Nature Elemental Heavens

The snow capped mountain of Shasta is a stargate into a higher consciousness. allow one to reconnect with the beauty of previous Golden Ages and collect soul coding from past lives.

Sacred Union Codes

Being in the presence of the Shekinah Ma and Sanandaji, their TwinRay energy field enact codes of supreme Union of one’s self and create preparation for a beloved mate of the soul, or twin flame.

Sacred Sciences and Breathwork Practices

Receive direct invitations into the holy sciences of breathwork and instructions on how to enter transcendental states of consciousness.

Energy Transmissions

In each power place there will be an opportunity for meditations and transmissions to support your Healing, Ascension and Liberation journey.

Retreat Outline


  •  BioEnergetics: Discover how different body systems are interconnected, much like the tribes of old, and learn how the frequencies in our energy fields play a vital role in our overall health.

    Dive into the concept of frequency application, where we delve into how our bodies convert food and beverages into energy, allowing us to function at our best. Just like the twelve tribes, each representing a unique characteristic of the human body and psyche, our metabolic system plays a crucial role in transforming matter into energy.

  • BioOptimization: Mastering love, power, and wisdom at each level of your ascension journey is crucial for reaching higher states of being and increasing your light quotient. Gain insight into how these aspects are interconnected and represent the highest form of consciousness. Learn about the activation sequence that can enhance your body’s coherency and light quotient. Join us on this transformative journey as you unlock the potential of your body’s cosmic technology and experience profound shifts in your well-being.
  • Sacred Sciences and Inner Alchemy Practices – Receive direct initiation into the holy sciences of inner alchemy and instructions on how to enter transcendental states of consciousness through self-sourcing practices.
  • Land Meditation – portal and vortex: Through this time frame, we will be traversing through the time and space continuum to recalibrate and repair damages to the Earth grids. This alignment to nature and to the sacred nodes of the planet create a great opening for more light to enter and transform this sacred Earth and each individual participant.
  • Daily Gourmet Organic Healthy Meals – There will be healthy organic gourmet meals served daily to support and nourish your body and vitalise your mind.

Other Retreat Activities

  • Soul Sharings and Group Integration Circles
  • Ascension Embodiment Training 
  • Sungazing and Stargazing
  • HigherSelf and Highest Timeline Reality Upgrades
  • Morning and Afternoon Ritual Opportunities 

Secrets of the Dragon: Bifurcation of the Universe Retreat

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