Ego vs. The Soul: How to Tell The Difference

Many people have a hard time distinguishing what messages are coming from the ego versus the soul’s intelligence. The ego can make so much noise, that it drowns out the messages from the soul.

Part of the spiritual journey involves understanding when the ego is chattering and when one is accessing the soul’s wisdom. It’s only then one takes a deeper look inward and see the effects of conditioning, patterns, and ancestral baggage have affected.

It’s a lifetime journey for some.

This article will briefly touch on the ego, the difference between the mind and the soul, and how we can identify the messages from an unhealthy ego.

What is Ego?

There are many ways to describe the ego and how it relates to one’s reality. People have been trying to put it into perspective for centuries.

One–more modern–way to see it: as a PDF file. This ego “file” is filled with projections, defenses, and fears just like a pdf is filled with images, words, and graphs.

Here is what each component means:


Projections are constructs of information placed into a person that did not originate from them.

Think of projections as the images placed on a pdf. The images may be something you found on a clip art website, but they work with what you’re trying to convey.

Projections are a personal perception of someone or something else that can come from virtually anywhere–upbringing, media, peer groups, partners, etc. Something your friend told you at the playground or a documentary you watched last night may all form projections inside the ego.

This information then filters through one’s unconscious and conscious belief patterns. Sometimes the “images” are difficult to upload, thus creating defense mechanisms.


The ego then takes the projections and creates an identity around them with an incomplete reality. Think of the captions you have for an image you use in a pdf. The words in the caption may explain the image in the context of the pdf, but those words may not completely describe the image as it relates to reality.

These limiting constructs created by the ego limit your perceptions and ability to communicate effectively with your soul intelligence.

The defenses are hiding wounding underneath the surface like past traumas, programming, or aspects that are more the shadow nature of one’s self.


Fears are like taking the words and images information, and then manipulating them into graphs that suit our perceptions–or, sometimes, our fears.

The greatest fear we, as humans, have is the fear of incompletion. In other words, not fulfilling one’s life’s purpose. This is beyond the fear of death, not making a connection, or not finding your Beloved.

All consciousness wants to do is complete itself to liberate itself through that completion.

But the ego gives one the ultimate fear to transcend. And that could show up in various ways, including abandonment, betrayal, or jealousy.

Through these projections’ defenses, the body starts going into a “fight-or-flight” state. It’s the primitive body reacting to fear–a heightened awareness and boost in energy and strength. But, these days, most of the things threatening someone aren’t quite as dangerous as a wild animal or enemy tribe attack. But the bodies still react to fear in a similar way.

Fear and love cannot live in the same house. If you live in the shadow of fear, you’re keeping out the love and light available to you.

Is the Ego Negative?

The ego is not negative or positive. It does have some negative aspects, but it also has positive ones.

For example, a healthy ego can be very helpful to navigate life on this plane–like getting out of bed, doing our life’s work, etc. A healthy ego gives you that enthusiasm and drive.

The negative ego, however, wants you to self-destruct. And go into those self-destructive tendencies. The negative aspects of the ego are your small self always seeking to pull energy from something or someone else.

Don’t think of the ego as bad or good. Instead, explore the many facets of the ego as opportunities to learn and gain wisdom.

Shifting to Soul Intelligence

When you start shifting to the soul’s intelligence, you start to see the ego is more like a construct–like a carefully put together pdf–created from external reality. Not your internal nature.

When we live in fear, we are Edging God Out. The small self keeps reaching for the external because it does not feel complete. Fear blocks us from true completion.

The soul knows it is complete. It already knows what it is doing here. It doesn’t create fear.

The conscious mind and the soul can make that communication. You can live through the lens of how your soul sees life instead of the way your mortal eyes see the world.

This is what self-realization is about.

Get More Help Understanding the Ego vs Soul and Self-Realization

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