Welcome to TwinRay

Spiritual Teachings to Awaken The Divine Within

 What if Freedom wasn’t a distant potential, but your true nature?

What if you could discover this inner truth by simply shifting your perception and reframing your mind?

TwinRay’s mission is to guide you on this inner transformational journey offering real world solutions to the Global focuses of today. 

We Welcome you to a world of New Sciences, Ancient Studies, a path of healing and a life of true freedom. 

Meet us, and our partners and get to know our Global Mission. We hope to get to know more about you and your story as well. Thank you for coming.

Work With Us

Each of our teachings, practices, and pathways in the TwinRay School of Divinity, Miracle Mentorship, Premium Certifications and global community sangha have been created to awaken the Divine within you. Explore the multiple ways we can serve your spiritual journey.

Miracle Mentorship

This is a Group Mentorship Container. Get an Extensive Library of Courses, Transmissions, Meditations, Sacred Rituals, Astrological Forecasts and Direct Guidance with Monthly Live interactive Calls

Products: Treasures

Explore our High End line of products designed to help ignite life force energy, still your mind and open your heart: BioCeuticals, Energy Jewelry, Visionary Art, Gold Elixirs & more

Our Mission

 TwinRay has many branches. Procuring of sacred lands,  teachings of Inner Alchemy, Spiritual Ascension and Genetic Liberation.  Teaching the Ancient Mysteries, TwinRay is here to hold the golden thread that links all people

“Unconditional Love, Unconditions The Mind.” 

Shekinah Ma & Sanandaji

Meet The Mystics

Find out how Shekinah Ma and Sanandaji met, and how they came to live their life of service.

What Public Figures Are Saying About TwinRay

“I’ve met almost all of the the great teachers, and most of them are wonderful human beings and very wise, but I want to say in all sincerity, I am most impressed with the TwinRay.” – Scott Catamas, Founder of Evolutionary Leaders

Scott Catamas is a multiple EMMY Award winning Writer, Producer, film-maker Relationship Coach & Teacher. His Educational Television shows have won multiple EMMY awards and played nationally on HBO, Showtime, UPN, FOX and PBS. 

Dr. Beth McDougall, M.D is the Chief Medical Officer of Resonant Technologies Group (RTG) and medical advisor to Divina, Soniphi, Sourcewave, and Aeon, companies with energetic, diagnostic and healing technologies based in resonance physics. She  is a sought after speaker for conferences and organizations worldwide.

Debra Giusti is the founder of the Harmony Festival, Co-Founder, Executive Producer and Host of Saturday Night Alive and has spent over 40 years growing a series of businesses supporting personal growth and transformation.

Explore the Treasures

Each one of the TwinRay Treasures has been carefully selected and created to support your journey into wholeness and harmony

Become a TwinRay Healer

Awaken to your Human Divinity and transform your entire energetic system with Golden Age Energetics, a foundation course in the most profound healing modality available to humanity

Explore the Bioceuticals

Supreme whole-foods supplements formulated to nourish every cell of your body, coherently align your Bio-Energy Field and awaken your inner Divine Blueprint

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