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Creating a global web of common Unity…

We unite our hearts to form a world wide grid of light that supports, upholds, transforms, blankets and illuminates each other, the Earth, the Animal Kingdom and all of Humankind.

We interlace the Golden thread that connects all life, as our TwinRay Community is a true Global Golden Age Community that synthesizes together and recognizes the spiritual destiny of Humanity and propels that destiny forward through profound love and cultivation practices.

As thousands of people live overseas from each other, we bring a deep sense of connectedness through Divine Love and ancient practices of a specific manner of prayer and meditation, combining breath work and imagery through the state of gratitude.

We unite the High Heavens with The Earth, as each TwinRay Community member upholds the interrelated oneness of humanity, and are all rapidly awakening to the light of the One true Source.

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Prayer & Providence:

Learn to Pray and meditate a Whole New Way to support the Earth, the animal kingdom and all of Humanity upheld through the Deific power of Prayer & Providence.

The Universe listens and thus, responds with unconditional blessings to endeavor the manifestation of true Miracles. This occurs on a grand scale when large groups with high resolve join together with one focused intention and celebrate a future reality where what is intended has already occurred.

In this meditation container and healing circle, we begin with nourishing the body and space with gratitude as if the miracle has already taken place.

In this way, our TwinRay Global meditations bridge the Heavens and the Earth with Cosmic currents for Planetary ascension and human Liberation.

As we weave the golden thread, the essence of which unifies all life, into one magnificent tapestry, the Sacred Chalice of Earth and her Holy waters purify the eternal spirit of conscious manifestation. This will flood the Earth with light and amplify the power of each and every heart that unifies in these Prayers of Providence.

Current Focus: Raising Humanity’s Light Quotient for Healing the Global Pandemic

We have received the guidance to start a free global meditation, chanting and healing circle to support humanity through the current global health crisis. Our intention is to unify with sacred prayers of peace, healing songs and expand the divine power of providence across humanity to heal, unite and transform through unconditional love.

Humanity uniting together in such a time will:

  • Help keep your heart and mind calm and aware during the disruptive news about the current pandemic.
  • Help support your immune system by learning new meditation and prayer techniques.
  • Help you feel supported and connected to others around the world while country borders are closed and distance is requested by governments.
  • Create a community of light leaders and healers to elevate the vibration of humanity.
  • Transform the darkness of negativity to the purity of love and harmony across the planet.
  • Raise your awareness beyond the temporal situation and back to the eternal truth of life.

Once you have signed up for our global meditation gathering, chanting and healing circle, we shall email you with an invite to our private Facebook page (TwinRay Global Meditations and Miracles) where you can stay connected and supported by each other through this important time of humanity’s healing and awakening.

Join us now for Free and feel supported and connected through this global crisis

We are here to hold up our healing hands of light in combination with our hearts filled with love and mercy for the world. It’s time to make a new pandemic of compassion to sweep the world with light and support for all.

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