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Become an Energy Master and learn the art of Wholeness Healing. Ignite the light within you to catalyze your healing journey into one of vitality and spiritual sovereignty, complete karmic release and physical harmony and become a certified healer through our advanced academy.

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Master Your Energy

Explore high level courses to learn how to master your Energy Body, harmonize your Bio Field, integrate all polarity within you, bring forth the wisdom and spiritual mission that is inherent in your own soul and learn practices to embody your Divine Self.

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Receive free resources that have been created to help you reach higher states of self mastery and align you with your soul’s purpose. These resources are a free gift from our heart to humanity, designed to assist anyone along their spiritual journey.

Healing is Returning to Wholeness

The TwinRay Healing Academy has been created to teach humanity how to return back to the original Divine Human blueprint and perfect physiology of the Golden Age.

The physical body was originally designed to be a self healing and self sustaining organism. When in balance, and in perfect alignment between one’s spiritual, emotional, mental and physical self, the body naturally knows how to bring itself back into homeostasis.

The action of Healing or Wholing – returning to wholeness- happens in an instant. It occurs as quickly as the speed of light. What appears to take time is the body’s recognition that it is able to experience healing as instantaneously as it occurs.

It is your birthright to experience perfect health, integrated harmony, unimaginable intelligence, and universal awareness as your default state of being. Our Healing Academy will teach you how to master your energy and embody your Divinity in order to fulfil your soul’s purpose.

We are here to prepare you for the upcoming incredible, positive, Universal energetic shift by helping you to identify and embody your Highest Self so that you can thrive in current and future times of uncertainty now and forever more.

The most advanced energy healing system available.
This Energy system has the potential to alter the very fabric of what is considered ‘healing’, and upscale the efficacy and practice of any and all modalities that one has already learned from previous certifications and healing methods. Participants must have completed the Golden Age Energetics Course to Access this course.

What does it mean to embody your Soul?
With each life experience having the potential to create even more Soul Karma, how does one stop and neutralize the Karma that has already accrued through time?
It is time to liberate the soul from these cycles of death and rebirth.

This daily, morning meditation is designed for you to align with the highest reality for your Soul’s Purpose to begin your day everyday. The frequencies programmed into this audio soundtrack raise your vibration and clears all negative energy out of your consciousness. iSoul is supportive to the Soul Intelligence program.

Awaken your cells with this powerful audio transmission to clear your mind, purify your body, harmonize your energy. Instantly tune your Chakra System: wheels of energy that circulate your Endocrine System and connect to different organs, glands and even planets in the Solar System. Experience this bridge of universal consciousness.

Take the steps to walk the path that sets the soul free by activating the innate wisdom of the Soul. Knowing how to access your soul’s intelligence can make the difference between chasing your ambitions and realizing the fulfillment of your soul’s purpose.

Join Shekniah & Sananda as they help you prepare for the next evolutionary shift for Humanity and the Planet.
Experience 60-minutes of life changing wisdom as they reveal profound prophecies and global shifts that are happening right now for all of humanity.

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We serve to guide you to the healing, support, or wisdom that will help you in your life’s mission. If you have any questions about any of our online courses, or want to simply ask us some questions and receive guidance on which course is right for you,  please reach out to our team using the form below.

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