Showing Humanity How to
Awaken Divinity Within

Showing Humanity How to
Awaken Divinity Within

Welcome, Beloveds.

Love all, Serve All

With an open heart, and a deep love for all sentient life upon the Earth, we welcome you to our global platform that has evolved from many years of our world service. We hold steadfast the vision for humanity to evolve beyond suffering, because we know the great potential that exists for you, for your family, for your friends and for all of humankind.

We are here to simply offer you a way to know your true self. thus, being able to see the spark of light in all of life.

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We have come to awaken you, so that you may remember from where you came and to where you shall return. We are here to help you realize and manifest your purpose here on Earth, to teach you the secrets of the Universe and assist you to enlighten your consciousness while, ultimately, igniting your heart’s dreaming.

Weaving the golden thread that reveals many sacred truths, we will show you how to become a co-creator with the Divine, and teach you how to live out your heart’s calling and soul’s mission with ease and grace.

The teachings, practices, experiences and pathways shared in our TwinRay Academy and global community shall be a legacy for many generations to come.We welcome you and thank you for showing up for yourself, and for choosing to embark upon the Royal Path of Liberation.

Our Offerings

We lovingly invite you to explore the many ways in which we are able to serve your spiritual journey

Explore Our
TwinRay Academy App

Engage with TwinRay Teachings and Transmissions that are assured to ignite your soul.

Our Academy students all over the world have experienced higher levels of consciousness, self-mastery and uncovered their soul’s purpose through the benefit of Wisdom Teachings, Masterclasses, Spirit Quests, Meditations, Activations, Healings, and TwinRay Membership offerings.

This application has been created, in order to conveniently offer all of these spiritual treasures in the palm of your hand. The TwinRay App is Compatible with both iPhone & Android devices.

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