Initiation of the Sword of Light

Welcome Beloveds,

…to the initiation of the sword of light,
truth and the sword of the Endless Well. You are now invited to open your palms and ask this sword of light to come forth and pierce through your veils of illusion and resistance.

This is a sword that has been offered to you from the HIGH HEAVENS and High Councils decreed by Mother/Father Creator. It is given to you to use in the Highest Light and will not operate or function in any destructive manner. It is to be used ONLY to pierce the veils that separate you from Truth. Take a deep belly inhale and close your eyes. With your eyes closed, look up towards your pineal gland and third eye and witness yourself staying still while the sword of light works its magic. Breathe and allow all to be released in the highest light.

May each new moment reveal the light as needed, while abstaining from judging the darkness that may arise. Honor it and breathe it out. Dear Hearts, dark does not not always equal something dangerous or nefarious, it is often a place for creation and gestation as is the womb. In the deepest love and service to you, to the LIBERATION of this current root race and to the ALL THAT IS!!