June Solstice Retreat

Sacred Solstice & Elixir Retreat

JUNE 19th – 25th 2021


Blessings Beloved,

Welcome to the very first ever retreat in our official Sanctuary Of TwinRay.

This is a very special occasion and grand celebration, as we have fulfilled  a promise that we made less than two years ago to our TwinRay community. Our promise was that we would procure the perfect lands and manifest a Sanctuary and Etheric Retreat Space from the non-physical into the physical world to host, hold and teach you, our Beloved Children of The Light. With our One Heart filled with gratitude, we have, indeed created a sacred space that fulfills these promises.

The architecture of our Sanctuary Of TwinRay truly represents an Etheric Retreat from the Ascended realms.


Retreat Overview

High up in the mountains of Southern Oregon there exists an enchanted land, reminiscent of Avalon. It is a place filled with glorious forests, lush folliage, Fairy Ponds, Native American sacred soils and mountainous valleys, where the landscape never appears quite the same twice.

Here is where we shall Begin our journey together.

In the morning, the mists appear from below the valley and It looks as if we are above the clouds with bright blue skies and radiant sunlight, even in the winter. In the spring, the trees and flowers are in full bloom with glorious colors and textures that reflect the majesty and grace of Divine Creation itself.


It is truly a slice of Heaven, that is ever changing in her 4 seasons, as our sanctuary sits high above the enchanted town of Ashland and we over-light from where the Ancient Indiginous people called “the domain of the Gods.”

Retreat Purpose

Along with the countless miracles and transformations that occur in our Sacred Retreat Immersions, we have been called to wait In great celebration for the day that our Beloved Children Of The Light would join us, to properly name and consecrate this most powerful and sacred lightship, where we shall have and hold many grand gatherings, fundraisers, TwinRay community events, and even private retreats.

It is our joy to welcome you, our beautiful initiate into this new world of the TwinRay.

This Sacred Solstice re-union for June of 2021, shall be inspired with celebration, new beginnings and powerful transformation.

The summer solstice is a time of rebirthing. It is a time to sow the fruits of the winter solstice and bring about the preparation for the next Harvest. The wheat, the bread, the mana the sustenance of the Earth and the communion with the Heavens is present at this time.

We shall be celebrating all that is coming, and embracive of all that has been through sacred satsangs, mini missions along the Grid Networks, sacred sacraments and joyful connection with the TwinRay Family.

Cherry Blossom Path

Immersion Overview

This 7-day Retreat Immersion shall be held in the TwinRay 12,000 Sq Foot Living temple space, and shall host a maximum of 12 initiates to sleep under the wings of the Sanctuary of TwinRay.

For all other Retreat Participants, we have reserved another beautiful accommodation, which we share about in a section below called: The  Lithia Springs Resort. This Oasis is a wonderful natural hot spring, that is a mere 5 minutes away from the Sanctuary and has waters that can rejuvenate your body and help calm your mind.

This immersion shall consist of three ceremonies of the elixirs of Life, that shall take place in the Sanctus Imperium of our TwinRay Temple.


Sacred Satsangs, musical serenades, and mini missions around the property and the surrounding lands will be a part of the experience.

This land has derived its name from The World Tree also known as the Tree of Life and is a symbol of Union. The magical Ash Tree that is present in many mystical traditions and symbolism throughout the ages has a very rich history in ritual and magickal working. The Druids carved runes and sigils in their staffs and wands and the Sacred Ash was revered by the Greek God Apollo.

The Ash Tree

The Ash Tree of Ashland, symbolizes the Cosmic Axis mundi of the universe, and is the central column or conduit of energy that interfaces with the multiplicity of realms and realities. It can be seen as the spine of the Universe with all its branches reaching up toward the Heavens.

Symbolically is seen to host the cycles of death and rebirth and resurrection.

As the Umbrella tree, or tree of the Ancient Womb, the Ash was known as the Great Mother, eventually the Cosmic World-Ash Yggdrasil.

The Ash was seen as the feminine counterpart to the All-Father tree, the Oak: in these two trees, the oak and the ash, the concepts of the All-Father and the all-embracing World Mother, found the widest lodging.

Thus, the Ash tree is associated with positive enchantment, and applies in the transformation of personal will to Divine destiny.


Lithia Springs Resort 

We have arranged an entire Oasis Called The Lithia Springs Resort to host and hold all of our remaining Beloveds who shall not be staying at the Sanctuary of TwinRay, this time.

The Lithia springs Resort is a beautiful space with glorious gardens and roaming fields to accommodate your resting and rejuvenating needs.

This Garden Oasis is located on a hot springs made of Lithium Water. These waters are available in every room’s private bathing sauna tub and are therapeutic and wonderful for the body temple.

Due to the nature of the various types and prices of the rooms, accommodation at the Lithia Springs Resort shall be paid separately to the Lithia Springs Resort directly. The entire resort has been reserved for our TwinRay community and special pricing shall be provided.

June Solstice

Beloveds, June is always an active month of the year in terms of astrological play and movement. This June Solstice, shall be no exception.

From December and onwards there have been several monumental expressions of Cosmic Consciousness that have been prophecied to bring about a cosmic crystallization that is destined to clear and transform the path of human evolution from the template of the homosapien to the new Divine Human.

Two days following this Cosmic Crystallization, The Sun moves into Cancer on the 20th, to prepare for the Summer solstice. 

This move shall birth a new cycle of compassion and gentleness of spirit.

In Golden Age astrology, the Higher Self of Cancer is the Divine Harmoniser and this energy will be felt throughout the planet, as it is time for all humans to hold true compassion for the self and all of its reflections.

This reboot of consciousness enables one to transcend uncomfortable and limiting belief systems and allow one to reset to the great harmony of spirit.

As humanity enters into the Solstice, all must prepare for great transformation once more. Elder civilizations have revered this day of the Summer Solstice as the longest day of the year, where the sun reaches the highest point in the sky. In Latin, solstice means “sun standing still,” which references the sun’s position in the galaxy at this exact moment.

Thus, the Summer Solstice is a day that celebrates the Sun for its life-giving radiance and is a time to awaken the inner light of God within your being.

As a result of this gift to Gaia, it becomes an incredible opportunity to ignite these same lights of consciousness within your brain, as the piezo crystals inside of your pineal gland can become activated by the solar and magnetic energy discharged through this cosmic alignment. What these microcrystals inside your pineal gland can do, is activate specific regions of the brain’s anatomy to rewire the human consciousness into the higher Enlightened states.

Elixir of Life Ceremonies

Alchemized into a liquefied essence, these Elixirs are crystalline ancient formulas that have been purified back to the Prima Materia. They have been resurrected from antediluvian times in order to assist with spiritual enlightenment and the embodiment of supreme consciousness for each and every initiate participant.

These profound Elixirs have left a mystical trail throughout the ages and have been alchemized only by the high adepts of secret spiritual orders.

The most advanced and ancient traditions have left myths and legends about these holy Elixirs that have been written in secret code in both scripture and ancient texts. This codex is then only able to be decoded by its lineage holder. The Himalayan Immortals called it Amrita. The ancient Greeks spoke of it as Ambrosia. The deathless Taoists shared it as Universal Medicine. King Solomon encoded this secret potion of the Gods in order to be passed down through the ages by only the enlightened alchemists who would then craft it as the Philosopher’s Stone. In Ancient Kemet, the Gods & Goddesses named it as The Elixir of Life.

Since these Elixirs have been brought forth in preparation for the Golden Age, to help in the mastery of one’s consciousness, they may be the most profound and celestial substance that is available in our modern times.

As the Golden Age is ushered in, The Elixirs of Life may prove to be integral to bring forth the new human template and unleash the light at the core of one’s being.

The absolute truth is slowly becoming available to all, as it is the birthright of humankind to have the right to explore the immeasurable quality inherent within one’s own Divine consciousness.

These Sacramental Elixirs are the vehicle to take you on a journey from ordinary to extraordinary.

Retreat Facilitators


With open arms and loving hearts, we welcome you home to the supernal abode within you.

Retreat Extension

25th – 28th June 

After the deep transformational journey of the  Solstice Retreat, Shekinah and Sananda are offering the opportunity to participate in Land clearing and grid activation work with them. You will learn secret sciences and ancient land knowledge to connect deeper with the Earth grids and upload the activations you have gone through, during ceremony to support humanity at large.

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