Know Thyself: What Life and Relationships are Here to Teach Us

Know Thyself:

What life and relationships are here to teach us

Have you ever taken a moment to ask yourself, “Who are the five most impactful people in my life?” Who are the five closest to you? They’re likely the five that also are your treasure box, the ones who push your buttons, that can really find the core parts of your unconscious that you have yet to really discover and uncover…

We honor those five. 

In honoring and reflecting upon those five, take a moment to ponder “Who or what do I want in my environment? Who do I want in my life?”  We often speak about keeping holy company, because the five most core individuals in your life, which don’t have to be in physical proximity. 

They could be the ones that you’re listening to, you’re connecting with, the ones that are showing up in your life frequently. What their reflections are, are deeply woven into your projections or your associated programming. So, while we speak about keeping holy, sacred company—the company of the light-hearted, and like-minded souls, sometimes it can prove to be quite difficult.

You may not always have the blessing of a community in the same facility as where you live, where you are stewarding…

And family is a key part of this. 


Karmic Connections

Sometimes your family doesn’t share the same beliefs (spiritually speaking). Still, it is important to love them for where they’re at, and also see their role for what it is, and hold that unconditional compassion. It is best not to get caught in any relationship dynamics, projections, such as what they might want you to be (not who you truly are). 

Thus, it is key to ‘know thyself,’ to know the reflections of yourself through the ones you spend time with.

I Am That I Am 

To know thyself is to love thyself. To know God is to love God. And to love God is to know God. To serve God is to serve Goodness, serve Love, serve Truth.

That is why you are here.

When you look into your relationships, it’s really important how they are influencing your life, because those are the five main people in your life that are influencing you, whether conscious or unconscious.

Perception of Reality

As we take a look at the conscious and unconscious patterns of projections that one has, you start to see a new way. You start to experience a deepening through the veil, because all the veil is really doing is covering its true perception, covering the ability for real truth and clarity to set in.

Unless you are surrounded by five people who uphold you, who really truly see you, and who are walking the same path, which is very rare, unless you’re living in a Golden Age community… unless you’re living in a reality like that, the five around you are very likely family. And as you know, the first order of karma on the planet—is family.

Completing the Cycle

How can you see, sense and perceive family through a different lens? How can you allow them to be in your life—who they really are, not the roles that they’ve needed to play for your own good. The roles played for your own lessons and learning. How can you see them as the uniquely individual human beings that they are?

This is often what happens, is that people don’t understand that the moment the lesson that you need to learn is complete, the role that the other one has been playing for you can also complete. The cycle complete and it no longer needs to have the same impact, the same expression.

Yes, it can evolve, and the best way to evolve a relationship is to set an example with your actions, words, and deeds. 

Resetting Contracts

We sometimes wish to access our records in more the official sense, but the most prevalent records that you must access are the ones right in front of you, the reflections of the records that have created contracts for the particular relationships you’re in. Sometimes, those contracts complete themselves, and you’ve learned the lesson.

Thus, it evolves into the next threshold, or complete themselves and you go your separate ways—not because of particular choices but simply because the vibration has shifted. There is a form of mastery to talk and work with that. 


You may have had a lot of trauma with your family and no longer speak with siblings or parental figures because of the trauma, but forgiveness is so extremely important, because when you can forgive others you acknowledge the truth that they do not know.

They may not have even cast the first stone. There is likely something beyond this lifetime you are dealing with together. Precisely, it may be the reason you choose to incarnate into this lifetime, the reason why you chose this specific constellation, to tend to the unfinished business and karma: to complete the records that need resolution. 

Again, one does not forgive another for the sake of the other. People come to us and say, “Well, they don’t deserve my forgiveness.” And we say, “But you do.” And maybe the situation or circumstance is true, or it is not true. Either way, what you do not forgive, shall bind you not only in this life, but in all lives to come. You do not forgive whether they deserve it or don’t deserve it. You deserve it. You deserve to forgive, so that you can be set free. 


When there is this beautiful biofeedback of harmony that happens in relationships that are influencing you on a positive level, they’re actually ascending—there’s an ascending quality to the relationship. 

That’s when it becomes this beautiful love that is everlasting and is ever-ascending. There’s a consistent reflection of the love that you are that they’re exchanging, and you are radiating that. 

It’s important to have those safe containers so that when you are going through points of processes, points of healing, and needing support, you have the support of that container, a circle of friends in your community that are ascending relationships. These relationships are divinely appointed, also known as your soul family. 

Divine Mirror

Your hearts are synced, your minds are synced, you are in the same pathway. A family of light is uplifting, and it is powerful to have the right people around you.  Reevaluate your circle, your friendships, or who’s influencing you. Is it ascending or descending? Is it rising? And you—are you rising them? Or are there other karmic measurements that you need to look into?

This is a really important time to reflect, to show your gratitude for the ones that mean so much to you in your life, the ones that have helped you, the ones that life has been brought synchronistically before you in order for you to take that next step on the path on the journey of your soul. Upon reflecting with your surroundings, your relationships, your life, continue deeper with knowing yourself by going within, because your life will perfectly demonstrate what you need to work on. It always does, it always will.

You can’t run away from yourself. 

Victim vs Victor

It was designed this way, designed so that not only when you look in the mirror do you see yourself, but you are aware enough to know that everyone around you can be a mirror in some way, leading you deeper in knowing yourself. 

That begs the question: “What about when someone really acts out, and you don’t have any resonance with that? Is that a reflection of something inside me? The answer we offer for that question is to tune in and ask, “Where’s the trigger?”

Are you affected? Is there an effect I give? You could be completely neutral, not because you’re numb to the situation or it’s happened so many times that you’ve sort of switched yourself off, become desensitized to the stimuli—no. We’re talking about where there can be a neutral compassion, which is called ‘detached compassion,’ where you just are when it is playing out. 

It doesn’t mean that you don’t take responsibility for something that you’re also a part of, something that you may need to take responsibility for, but in those types of commitments you hold ‘compassionate action,’ so no matter what escalates or has escalated, you can see the opportunity for the responsibility, to respond in mastery.

If there is that trigger, then what is in that? What is the lesson inside that? Where’s the truth? Where’s that reflecting point? The reflection is sometimes a different end of the spectrum. One feels like the victim and in some situations one feels like the victor. In those blame games and the “win versus lose,” situations there’s never a win for anyone. There never will be if there’s a victor, because there’s always going to be a victim. One will always continue to play itself.

Layers of Awakening

Just because you’re a victor over here, doesn’t mean you won’t become a victim over there. In these situations, it’s about neutralizing all of it. It’s also important to see the full spectrum and the ladder of one’s consciousness, one’s awakening—”Where are they living?” If someone is operating in an unawakened state, it’s really hard to communicate with them. They don’t have the language, the tools, the practice… 


Re-imprint Your Reality

The path of life can hopefully give one the understanding or awareness to see oneself clearly. For the other, a beautiful opportunity is present to take responsibility and make that next step on their path. You can’t force them, but you can correct yourself, self-correct, which re-imprints the field.

This is an important point especially when you go to a retreat, or have a powerful spiritual awakening, because what tends to happen is the unconscious mechanism has not yet completed itself, and there are still lessons to learn. And the main lesson to learn in order to complete those karmic lessons is to re-imprint the field with mastery, particularly in the way you respond to those situations.

That can sometimes be the greatest challenge. You think, well I know these aspects of myself, I have forgiven those aspects, or healed those aspects, but the last piece that many don’t do is actually re-imprint the field with being that expression of truth. One doesn’t react, but responds with the knowledge in which they have learned to respond, with the knowledge that they have become and embodied. 

Becoming Compassion

Re-imprinting and correcting the information in the field then self-corrects the reality of duality. Beyond healing it, this is an even more important step. Not just resolving it, excavating it, or simply light-diving—to fully embody it, so it becomes your default. If it’s not your default, you still have to go further. 

The detached compassionate witness isn’t something that you have to do. It’s not like a practice, then “Oh, I have to become detached. I have to have compassion.” No, it’s not like that. It is a default state of being, and that takes mastery. But that’s what you’re all here to learn.

Core Agreements

Mastery takes incredible transformation because the human condition is not that way. It is important to know the distinction between transactional—responsibilities in your work or profession—and interactional plane of life—personal responsibilities with friendships and family. Sometimes they get mixed up, and it is important to make sure that one’s words are upheld, and one is expressing themselves in a manner of what the agreement is in that relationship, what the agreement is in that contract. 

When you review your contracts, and your relationships, what is the core agreement at play? Sometimes they need to be reviewed and then spoken into, and they may need to be dissolved and recreated completely. The two parties must agree with that. It’s important to know that if there is an agreement, then having compassion, detachment and forgiveness, allowing it to be resolved is necessary until one is ready to take it further.

Eye of the Needle

Now, this brings up something we spoke about earlier, which was, if somebody’s acting up or acting out in any extreme circumstance, and you’re affected by it, how is that a mirror reflection of you? It doesn’t have to be such a grand stage, or an escalated expression, it is minute. It can be tiny, what may fit through the eye of the needle…

Some of the tiniest little specks of dust that may exist have their triggers. Memory fields are attached and connected, creating a larger feeling of the experience you’re witnessing. At that moment, it’s not about looking out in the world and seeing the things that are happening and feeling numb to it, feeling disconnected…

The likelihood is that that’s not what you’re going to feel. It takes a great deal of mastery and an incredible amount of transformation to simply disconnect from it all.

A Choice

If there’s something that is affecting you, it is a moment for reflection, to consider where you have in some way shape or form, thematically committed some type of betrayal—in the smallest way.

When have you not fully told the truth? When have you not been able to truly be the expression of your heart? Those moments in time are recorded, and they stay with you until you can truly repent, until you can truly resolve them with the greatest compassion and love. Until those are resolved, you will have these little triggers. It’s not about it having to be this big escalation. Even the smallest specks of dust can create the triggers as well. And those are the treasures.

Another way to say it would be: When something is arising within you, or within a situation that you’re aware of… the biggest lesson at the end of the journey is the choice that one has made consciously or unconsciously to be separate.

The Self as Love

When one feels separate, they’re always going to go into a defense mechanism. Separation is the greatest illusion. When one is playing out through the separative field, through the way in which one is interacting with another, inter-act-ing with another, if it’s not based in the heart, it’s always going to be based in separation. Based in the heart, there are a set of unspoken laws or rules that are virtuous, ways that one must behave in order to ensure the heart is safe, to communicate, to receive with transparency. For one to give with authenticity, truth, love and compassion at play. If that agreement hasn’t been made with two parties, then that’s where all of it will arise from because it’s always based on separation. 

No matter how small that part is, you can magnify a piece of a piece of rice to look like the size of the universe. It doesn’t really matter how big or small or little a mental impression, mental program or causal imprint are, it doesn’t matter until it’s gone. Meaning, it doesn’t show up anymore. This work is done in layers. Layers and layers and layers and layers. Sometimes it feels like it never ends—until truth remains, love remains. Know thyself is to reflect upon what Self means as love. 

How to Love

Let’s appreciate the many that have come in front of us in our lives. Some are long lasting, because you’re growing together, there’s love at the core, and love has been revealed. And some are still learning how to love. Ultimately, the two lessons of life that everyone’s here to learn are how to give love and how to receive love. How to choose love, and discern what fear is, to discern between the love and fear, which is giving love and receiving love. That’s what it all comes down to. In every single moment in every single situation, that’s what you have to be open to. 

Who You Truly Are

Sometimes love can become so confronting that many can’t receive that. Because if they receive it, they have to face themselves and they’re not ready to.

Love can be a very sharp mirror, and many want to crack and shatter that mirror, because they don’t want to give themselves over to their true nature of being love. They’re fearful that they’ll lose the aspects that they’ve been clinging on so tightly. Through the eye of the needle, through the veil, from this life to the life hereafter, ask yourself, “What have you learned from giving and receiving love?”

Have you learned who you truly are yet? If not, back you go again and again.

Creating the sanctity and the purity of Love within the body, the body-mind organism, is what this is all about, what you have come here to do.


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