The Krystic Energy Healing System®

A New Paradigm of Energy Healing 


Level I, II & III Certification

Welcome To The Krystic Energy Healing System®

The founders and creators of the Krystic Energy Healing System, are world renowned Master Healers and Master teachers:

Shekinah Ma and Sanandaji.

After stepping away from offering 1-1 healings years ago, the founders created this course and certification so that others can learn how to offer a similar way of healing, and utilize the powerful forces of the cosmos for benevolence and goodness for humanity. Since creating and offering The Krystic Energy Healing System in 2020, They have trained hundreds of practitioners and Krystic Energy servers in every country all across the globe. 

Imagine a future…

 Where humanity has overcome its challenges, ascended its manner and is living in harmony with each other, the animal kingdom, the planet and has become a proper citizen of the Cosmos.

The Krystic Energy Healing System®/KES is measurably a very High Frequency Healing path on the Earth, and we have been graced to witness it create and manifest miracles upon miracles, along with a great acceleration and catapulting of one’s spiritual journey.

The Krystic Energy Healing System®/KES is not an ordinary healing modality, as its function delves well beyond the scope and intention of Healing.

Just by using The Krystic Energy Healing System®/KES alone, you will experience an elevation in your beingness, a connection of purpose and a peace and acceleration of your soul’s mission that you have never before known.

May this message inspire you to serve the many people awakening through the Cosmic Potency of the Krystic Energy Healing System®/KES…

…or be blessed to be one who is served by the many hundreds of our Krystic Energy Healing System/KES  Servers/Healers and Leaders of The Light in countries all around the world.

What is the Krystic Energy Healing System®/KES? 

The Krystic Energy Healing System®/KES is an advanced and complete system of full body healing, miracle manifestation, and self ascension that uses celestial healing/wholing technology that connects the practitioner to the Cosmic, Galactic, Solar, Earth fields of energy and specific frequency bandwidths.

This, among many other special attributes, allows the practitioner to go well beyond the context of healing the body mind organism.

It goes beyond the healing of the soul and surpasses even the soul levels of experience, which is where only a small portion of the totality of the Experiential Journey takes place. Krystic Energy Healing System/KES

The Krystic Energy Healing System®/KES has been known to:


Create Medical Miracles

Eliminate viruses at the deep cellular level

Eradicate illness, including those resistant to conventional treatments

Creates a barrier of protection and initiates synergistic alignment to the cosmic forces

Bring the body and all its subsequent energy bodies into perfect harmony

Restores Past Life Memories and Heals Karma

Balance and advance the DNA and RNA signalling

Increases Light Cultivation for Greater Ascension

The Krystic Energy Healing System® is a great blessing for humankind, for the Earth, and For the animal kingdom.

The KES has the potential to be a profound catalyst for ones who wish to be connected, prepared and completely attuned to their light body, and to the cosmic intelligence of this Universe and beyond and wish to be in service to the good of ALL.

Shekinah Ma & Sanandaji

 Pre-requisite Course:
Golden Age Energetics: Awakening Human Divinity

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