Lemuria Rising Retreat

Sacred Solstice & Elixir Retreat

19th – 25th June 2021


and Welcome to Lemuria Rising!

Deep beneath the oceans of the Hawaiʻian Islands lie a host of great secrets of an ancient past and a golden future. Here, the memories and temples of the Lemurian civilization that once brought great harmony and wisdom to the Earth, hold a revelation. The symphonic connections of the Lemurian streams of consciousness await, so that you may remember Earth’s unspoken history. As this unearthing unfolds, we invite you to join us in a journey of grand discovery to uncover your ancient self.


A recent journey to the islands of Hawaiʻi led Shekinah and Sananda to create this Lemurian journey back through the ages. As, upon touching the soils, the visceral expression of their life together in that incarnation returned in its encodement. Having physically been taken into the Crater of Mount Waiʻaleʻale known and revered by the Hawaiʻian Kupuna (Elders) as the crater where all life originated, Sananda and Shekinah created a portal to which the initiates would be able to access this holy mountain upon arrival. It was there, that both beloveds had visions of ancient Lemurian temples rising out of the Pacific, reconnecting humanity to a higher energy grid of consciousness.

The Kapuna shared with Shekinah and Sananda distant memories and stories of their own ancestors and recalled a time where their eight islands once all joined together, connecting to a much larger continent known as Lemuria.

We invite you to these sacred of lands to reconnect and uncover the ancient wisdom of Lemuria, hidden not only beneath the waters of the ocean, but buried even deeper within your soul’s memory.

Is it our intention to bring together a dedicated group of devotional hearts that wish to unveil the ancient mysteries hidden within the collective mind. With great purpose, we invite each beloved, humanity and this planet to ancient lifetimes of harmonious living and share this newly remembered love with the world.

Lemuria Overview

Stepping upon the soils of the aina (lands), a connection shall be made that will alter your genetics in the remembrance of Lemuria and the harmony and great wisdom that was left behind in that golden age of consciousness. 

On this retreat, we shall be working with the ancient Lemuria grid lines and connecting with the pyramids and chambers below the surface of the Earth. To do so, most effectively, we shall be attuning to and teaching certain practices that will enhance this ability for clear communication and a clearer channel for which this blessing can occur. We shall be chanting and harmonizing with the land and ocean and performing a sacred water ceremony that honors and aligns the waters of the cells in the body with the ancient waters of Lemuria and the life force and heartbeat of these lands.

To further open your consciousness and vastly accelerate your ascension process, we shall be leading two Elixir Vitae ceremonies to increase your mastery in all dimensions; in the evening hours after sundown, and one sunrise ceremonial journey at the ocean.

We shall teach you how to properly solar gaze and rejenerate in order to begin absorbing the solar light and frequency into the DNA. There will be processing and sharing circles, prayer dance that emulates the movement of the heavenly cycles and many elements to greatly assist you into stepping into further mastery.

We shall also be teaching and providing greater understanding about the Sat Yuga (golden age) physiology and how this applies to you and the greater whole of ascended Humanity.

Elixir Vitae Ceremonies

The Elixirs are designed to open up the channels for greater expression of the Eternal Life to move through the body. Alchemized into a liquefied essence, these Elixirs are ancient formulas that have been brought back, from antediluvian times, to assist with spiritual enlightenment and the embodiment of supreme consciousness. These profound Elixirs have left a mystical trail throughout the ages and have been alchemized only by the high adepts of secret spiritual orders.

Many advanced ancient traditions have left myths and legends about these holy Elixirs. The Himalayan Immortals called it Amrita. The ancient Greeks spoke of it as Ambrosia. The deathless Taoists shared it as Universal Medicine. King Solomon encoded it to the alchemists as the Philosopher’s Stone. In Ancient Kemet, the Gods & Goddesses named it as The Elixir of Life.

Since these Elixirs have been brought forth in preparation for the Golden Age by the great Immortal lineages to help in the mastery of one’s consciousness, they may be the most profound and celestial substance that is available in our modern times.

As the Golden Age is ushered in, The Elixirs of Life may prove to be integral to bring forth the new human template and unleash the light at the core of one’s being. The absolute truth is slowly becoming available to all, as it is the birthright of humankind to have the right to explore the immeasurable quality inherent within one’s own Divine consciousness.

Temple King Suite

This stunning suite features a California king bed and a very high quality queen sleeper sofa with a door to separate each suite into two private areas. A full bathroom also features jetted jacuzzi tub. Enjoy pristine ocean views and serene settings.

Temple King Deluxe Suite

The Deluxe suite is spacious with gorgeous Panoramic ocean views, privacy and a huge bathroom with jetted jacuzzi tub. The room features a California king bed.

One-Bedroom Premium Villa

This one bedroom villa offers a king bed, a queen sleeper and a glass-enclosed walk-in shower, whirlpool tub and private lanai.

Retreat Facilitators


With open arms and loving hearts, we welcome you home to the supernal abode within you.

Retreat Activites

Two Sacred Elixir Vitae Ceremonies

The Elixir Vitaes are ancient alchemical crystalline formulas that produce deep states of awareness and supreme healing for the unconscious mind, physical, mental, emotional and spirit bodies.

Sacred Sciences and Inner Alchemy Practices

Receive direct initiation into the holy sciences of inner alchemy and instructions on how to enter transcendental states of consciousness through self-sourcing practices.

Lemurian group Activations

Throughout the journey, there will be personal and group activation treatments taking place with the lands.

Immerse in the Sacred Lands of Kauaʻi

Bask in the breathtaking beauty of Kauai’s North Shore in the comfort and luxury of Hale Mana’s 10,000 sq. ft. home.

Sunrise Meditations

Greet the morning sun with meditation and ritual while learning the treasured teachings of solar rejuvenation and sun gazing.

Sacred Union Codes

Being in the presence of the Shekinah and Sananda’s TwinRay energy field enact codes of supreme Union of one’s self and create preparation for a beloved mate of the soul, or twin flame relationship.

Daily Gourmet Organic Healthy Meals

There will be healthy organic gourmet meals served daily to support and nourish your body and vitalise your mind.

Manifestation Upgrades

Abundance upgrades to assist in the recalibration of one’s ability to receive not only financial energy but the energy of love, compassion, kindness and heart and soul opening in order to ignite your mission and soul’s purpose.

Morning Movement and Yoga Opportunities

To help integrate and in support of the vibrations there will be opportunities for daily movement either in a group container or while taking personal space.

Extension Experience
Big Island

The great Masters found below the sacred waters of the sea, such as the Whales and Dolphins wish to share their Holy home with you. On this trip extension, we shall be swimming and communicating with whales and dolphins deep within the Sea on private charters and tours and in dream time. There will also be another transmission and ceremonial surprise with a profound connection with a mountain where souls transverse in and out of these ancient lands.

In order to do this, we shall be traveling to the Big Island on a 30 min plane ride to presence with the Goddess Pele and other great elemental life streams.

It is our great Joy to bless you with this life altering experience and we are most excited to align with you and your Highest Expression of Love in the magical and phenomenal heart expanding lands of Lemuria.