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Live Your Best Golden Age Life

Ceremony and Transmission Extracted from 2020 Vision Program

Penumbral Eclipse Activation

Full Scale Cosmic Clean Up and Divine Order Alignment


As we invite in a brand new world with which we collectively have the chance to build a new reality for generations to come. As we do this together, the children of tomorrow will have a greater opportunity to live in a land of peace and abundance for each other. They shall be unified by what unifies and embracing of their human differences which make them unique and thus, integral to the radiance and color spectrum of the diamond heart itself. They will reside in a world where they play in gardens of lush forests and brilliant flowers, clean oceans to swim in and crisp air with which to breathe in the life force of God. This is our vision and timeline we have come to serve. What is yours?

At this historical time both collectively and astrologically, we wish to celebrate you, dear lights of the world and offer this powerful ceremony and Transmission.

    Energetic Burial &  Elements Ceremony 

Experience a Golden Grid Power Attunement Cleansing & Activation

This powerful Ceremony and Cleansing was recorded with a large group field harmonic broadcast Live  From The TwinRay Temple. 

Some Powerful Aspects of the Broadcast:

Harmonize with planets that are creating Earth Shifts : Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter

Heal the physical body from old energies

Cut ties and chords with the past 

Learn a Prayer of Praise

Energetic burial and Elements ceremony

Create a New mandala for future self

Learn a power mantra for your future

Experience a Golden Grid and new power Grid Atunement

A Gratitude water blessing to anchor in the blessings for this current decade.

Embrace what you did achieve in the past

Become clear with what you want to bring forth NOW

Cut the cords with Grace and Love

Learn how to allow gratitude to heal the wounds and let go

Mini Exercises:

You will write what you are forgiving yourself for

You will write what you are forgiving to others

Contemplate and learn how you attracted that lesson and why


We shall be teaching you how to stay fixed at your 12:00 position so that you are not one who ads to the Karma of this Earth or

of this species of humanity, but begins to offset it instead.

What you will need to bring to this event (none of this is mandatory) these are just suggestions if you wish to participate in your own home. If not, all is well and we shall be doing it for you also.

Glass of water







Anything that rattles (Salt shaker)

Harmonize With The Planets of Change

This Transmission and ceremony holds the encodement of the penumbral Eclipse on the 1:1 Stargate

At 2:22 pm time, this encodement began on the  Full Moon entering the penumbral lunar eclipse in the portal of Cancer. As the higher self of Cancer is the Divine Harmonizer, there will be penetrating and intense activations to create greater harmony and balance on all levels and aspects of your life.

A penumbral lunar eclipse resembles a full moon, with a darker shading. This type of eclipse results when the Moon moves through the veiled, outer part of Earth’s shadow.  A lunar eclipse is an opportunity for a complete reset of emotional intelligence. This eclipse falls on a 1:1 stargate, and may just lead to emotional upheavals that shall call for greater mastery to balance conscious thought with the heart’s emotion.

In this transmission,  we  create a centripetal field that will help to balance and center you to float as gracefully as possible above the current.

The celestial energy being broadcasted from Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are here to support you as the Universe lovingly conspires to make your soul’s dreaming come alive and into manifest form. These planetary deities are creating major shifts, both internally and collectively in a grand effort to actualize your highest potential on this planet of service.

Jupiter, the great expander is here to bring new creations from within your heart out into the world. While Saturn, the inner guru, is here to give you focus and discipline to make sure you have the momentum to see your purpose through to the other side. Pluto, as the grand rebirther, accelerates the transformational qualities to disengage you from your 3D self and assist you in rebirthing into a 5D consciousness.

On a collective level, all structures and mindsets from the 3D are being accelerated to rebirth into a higher coherent 5D template. This is happening whether one is prepared or not, as the Earth and the Solar System at large are moving ahead with or without individual awareness.

They are elevators through time and space that can lead in all directions. The more pure your consciousness is, the more likely this wormhole will take you sweeping upwards.

For those shadow walkers, who are still dancing in denser realms, the eclipse and energies within this transmission will also have the potential to completely release once and for all the shadow tendencies of one’s past, if you allow the energy to sweep through you. This cosmic ride through the ocean of consciousness can take you anywhere, and is in fact a blessing of Divine Grace.

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