Living Life as Ceremony

Living Life as Ceremony

Exploring Sacred Points and Reclaiming Your Multi-Dimensional Being

In a world filled with distractions, it’s easy to overlook the enchantment that surrounds us every day. We often rush through life, missing the magic hidden in the subtleties of existence. But what if we could learn to live each moment as a ceremony, to embrace the wonder and beauty that lies both within and around us?

Let’s explore the deepening of the heart, and the awakening of new eyes as we tap into your eternal nature, our true, undying and unborn Self.  Every moment there is something magical waiting for you. So, we ask you to open up to that possibility right now. 

Imagine opening yourself up to this possibility, exclaiming “Yes!” to the wonders that await. Within you lies the capacity to see the world with new eyes, an aspect of you is coming forth, ready to experience the wonder and the beauty that this world has to offer. 

It is the wonder and the beauty that is within you.

Tuning into the Subtle Realms

As we step into this sacred silence, we’re encouraged to unfurl our inner splendor. Take a moment to see the radiating potential within yourself, to see the goodness and holiness that life offers. The key is to treat life as an ongoing ceremony, to view every interaction and experience through the lens of sacredness.

Remember the magick, the light, in the subtleties of life. You must be present, and aware—centered, still, with eyes wide open to witness what is before you… 

When you tune in to those subtle vibrations, the subtle frequency that’s always there, it opens you up, and more of what’s inside you is called forth, pulling you forward.

Living life as a ceremony requires us to be fully present and aware. It’s through this awareness that we can explore different phenomenologies, such as vortexes, ley lines, and dimensional doorways.

These explorations offer us a glimpse into our inner space, where we can witness the magic of our hearts and the wonder of the world around us. By embracing this perspective, we begin to see the world through the innocent eyes of a child, awakening to the beauty that surrounds us.

The Power of Love 

From that space, it’s a new life, a new you. Because when live a life of purity, you start changing and correcting the dissonance within the world around you. You become a harmonic field that inducts things into a coherent state. 

That’s the power of love, the power of the heart. 

Setting Intentions and Reconnecting with Our Eternal Nature

Harmony times are sacred, and as we gather and set our intentions together as a collective, the amplitude of energies will increase, gaining strength and potency, especially when we are closer to the equinox (Spring or Fall).

It’s an opportunity for us to explore the eternal nature within us, to reconnect with our inner child’s curiosity.

Our eternal nature is undying and unborn, much like the innocent child within us. By allowing ourselves to be reborn into our greater selves, we tap into the strength and stability needed to journey into unseen realms. The journey itself is where we find our treasures, and it starts by pointing inward.

The beauty of what is available is a direct reflection of the beauty inside of you. The magic that’s available is the direct reflection of the magic inside of you.

Sowing and Surrendering

What do you wish to seed? For yourself, family or community, or for the entire world?

The seeds are infinite. Find stillness and listen for what is coming through you. 

What guidance are you receiving?

It’s not only what you wish to sow in order to receive, it’s also what you are willing to let go of in order to receive—more of who you truly are. Oftentimes, it is the human way to hold onto things buried deep within. There is a fear of what happens if you let go… because what happened the first time was hard and challenging. 

You may keep holding it as a reminder not to be vulnerable again, not to be weak again, because then you are protected. 

But we say to you, that is a false protection.

The real courage is in releasing it, and starting anew. The real courage is saying, “It’s okay. I know I am the presence of Love. And through that Love, all is possible. The courage is in letting that layer go so that the true, strong, cherished presence can come in. That presence heals all through Love. So we ask you, what do you wish to surrender? 

The Flames of Purification

We use this sacred fire, the White Fire, to blaze and purify to amplify your heart and intention. The White Flame protects. It transmutes, clears, cleanses, and purifies.With your permission, the White Flame is around you now. 

Call in the White Flame, the Pure Flame, to come through and help open up your heart even wider—greater. Let it purify and relinquish all that does not serve. Visualize that flame becoming a fire, a fire that does not burn, but a pure light from the inside out. 

Visualize the Light of the Holy Spirit, the Great Spirit—the Light of the Divine, to be here right here and now, to shine through you.

Now, open up the Golden Flame, the Flame of Wisdom, of Ascension, of the Christ light. Ask for what wisdom inside you is wanting to come forth, to seed the intentions during this time, for you, and for the collective.

What wishes to be sown? What wisdom is coming forth? 

Take a moment to see the fertile ground that is sprouting, connecting to the tree of life.


Visualize yourself as the roots and the branches.


The Journey of the Divine Human



Your journey is a hero’s journey. It’s not the end result that you are to seek, it is to innerstand the value of the journey itself. This journey is where all of the lessons are, where all of the goods lay, where your treasures are.

Through this hero’s journey, remember the truth of who you are, where you came from and why you have come here. You are a part of a grand collective of souls that have come to bring about a beautiful new world together—hand in hand, heart in heart, connecting in union, devotion, and presence. 

A world of beatific vision is before you, right here, right now. It’s not happening later, it’s now. Envision, and see before you all the cities of light, and see the Golden Age being built. And see your role in it. 

You are part of the next evolution of humanity. See yourself in your beautiful world, ushering in the beauty, love and truth as the pillars of light that you are, right where you are. Not only seeing this, but feel with your heart and expand as you know you are part of something so much greater. The prophecies are coming to life, to truth, and to manifest-form. Feel and know that this world is one living in resonance, peace and harmony. 





Co-creating a Beautiful New World



As we envision a world made by the hearts and the hands of humankind, we see many nodes of light, sanctuaries, safe havens around the world, that are not only beacons of light, but also pillars of support for the Earth. 

Earth already has a vast network of powerful portals and places of power that are assisting this new world to be actualized. Each one of us are drawn to special locations to pick up different aspects, to remember different aspects of ourselves, and support in a collective way. You are a multi-dimensional being, interconnected and interwoven to sacred points, not only on this planet, but many.

It is this time where we get to explore, and reclaim those aspects in order to reclaim the true destiny of what this world’s potential can be. If we live in our hearts, we see with our hearts, and we create from our hearts. 

Take a deep breath into your heart. As you breathe out, visualize your heart expanding and opening up to this collective dream, and vision. Allow yourself to see whatever comes through, or feel whatever wants to come through you. Allow the wonderment, the innocence, and the nature to shine through you throughout this time. 

Divine Presence



Living life as a ceremony, become aware of the subtleties with every breath that you take.

Become as present as you possibly can. Now, during this harmony time for the Earth and every being upon the planet… allow your heart to lead every conversation you have, every hug that you give or receive. Be so present that you allow the Divine Presence to consume you, and become one with your heart, mind, speech, and action. 

That is the destiny of the Divine Human. It has surrendered fully to the light and purity of God. The spirit dwells within and throughout the Divine Human. Allow this moment to be an opportunity to live as that permanently. As your fields ascend, calibrate, and open up, you will feel the sacredness all around you, and within you. 

And it is not only to have this presence, but to have reverence and continuously surrender…

So, let’s live life as a ceremony, cherish the subtleties of existence, and be present in every moment. Let’s be grateful for what we have, for it is through gratitude that we open up new doorways. 

As we surrender and reclaim, we become the embodiment of the Golden Age, creating a world that reflects the magic and beauty that reside within each of us. In this way, we shall receive more than we could ever imagine, right here, right now.


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