Making Quantum Shifts!

In this new period of transformation…

…the planet shall have the opportunity of unifying the Heart with the Mind; The Yin with the Yan polarities. In this manner the Yin represents the Feminine aspects of the Emotional and Physical bodies, as the Yan or Masculine aspect represents the Mental and the Spiritual equivalent in the energetic bodies.

This Earthen game of “Polarity Integration” is about to move from play into its greater aspect of integration. This is a time where the mighty male warrior mind is being led through the portals of duality through the startgates into a brand new paradigm of nurturance, compassion, Love and Truth. Where the simple reptilian brain is being recalibrated and realigned in order to move out of the dogmatic, male oriented, patriarchal religion-based Piscean Age and into the dawning of Aquarius; an age where the potentiality of freedom from form as a possible timeline and even freedom from time itself and into pure consciousness may exist.

Dear Ones, It is all happening NOW. As you are aware, shifts and changes are inevitable, but these are quantum leaps! Those of us who work with activating portals and Stargates and work with lifting, transmuting and activating mass light grids shall continue to make our moves so that you can begin to receive it, as the photonic acceleration of the Galactic Center has opened.

It is to liken it the joining of the ancient civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis in the cosmos. To give perspective, Lemuria or MU was ruled by the heart and Atlantis was ruled by the mind and by the desire for continued power over the forces of nature – Hence the fall of a thriving civilization occurred.

With this quantum leap and In this Divine space, the mind meets the heart and takes a long, deep bow to it, as the heart shall lovingly curtsy back.

This quantum leap has never been seen before, nor has it been the time for such a massive awakening. Beloveds, The heart is the force for which all life in its highest form can exist. For centuries the heart has been forsaken in search of ” truth” and “wisdom” believing that these sought after things may be found in the external worlds.

You are reminded that the greatest of truth and wisdom is within and found in the multidimensional spaces of the High Heart. In truth, It is YOU who have created this reaching of Critical Mass Towards the light. It is YOU who have said “enough”, I wish to regain what has been lost through time and trauma. Rejoice!! For it is happening and your wishes have been received and are in action right NOW. You are invited to breathe in the Pink and Gold Light and allow your senses to soar with this knowing. We are so close.

Sending Divine Love, inspiration and blessings for your patience in this process and to all of your precious hearts!

In loving service to The ALL THAT IS.