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Shekinah Ma and Sanandaji Are On a Golden Age Mission

Welcome to TwinRay

Guiding Humanity into The Golden Age

TwinRay was birthed upon the divine, marital, and spiritual union of its founders, Shekinah Ma and Sanandaji. ‘TwinRay’ represents the alchemy of this personal union, the profound teachings of its founders, and the devoted community who echo them.

TwinRay’s sole mission is to guide humanity into the Golden Age, an era that has been long prophesied as marking the true manifestation of peace on earth, and peace within for humanity.

TwinRay is at the forefront of the Golden Age movement and manifestation of this prophecy

All that TwinRay lovingly creates is to empower humanity with the wisdom, tools, and clarity to ascend on their path of becoming Divine Humans, building a future where anyone can liberate themselves and others from emotional and physical suffering, and realise their true purpose and innate gifts.

Every contribution to TwinRay helps bring to life this Golden Age Vision of a conscious ecosystem and a brighter future for all


“Shekinah Ma and Sanandaji are one of the most prominent Ascension Teachers on the planet. They came here to help us all on our ascension paths so we could in-turn help others. This is an important time that we’re all in together now, and it’s what they call the Golden Age, and that’s what we’re here to co -create. Our own ascension process helps the whole of the earth and humanity ascend too.”
– Debra Giusti, World-Renowned Spiritual Entrepreneur

“The Truth About Christ-mass”
– Unify

Assisting Humanity via Healing, Knowledge & Transmissions”

– Dare to Dream

“Alchemy of the Divine Human”
– Saturday Night Alive

“Discerning Truth”
– Satsang

What Public Figures Are Saying

“I’ve met almost all of the the great teachers, and most of them are wonderful human beings and very wise, but I want to say in all sincerity, I am most impressed with the TwinRay.” – Scott Catamas, Founder of Evolutionary Leaders

Scott Catamas is a Writer, Producer, Relationship Coach & Teacher. His Educational Television shows won multiple EMMY awards and played nationally on HBO, Showtime, UPN, FOX and PBS.

David Lion, the self-dubbed ‘Fresh Prince of Spirituality’ is a Mystic, Hypnotist, Clairvoyant, Healer who has gained a large following for the transformations he has awakened in others.

Debra Giusti has spent over 40 years growing a series of businesses supporting personal growth and transformation; healthy and sustainable lifestyles; leading-edge spirituality; and community connection.

Speaking Topics

Guiding Humanity into The Golden Age

Enlightened Leadership
The Divine Human, Golden Age Physiology and How to prepare for what is coming next
Divine Human Health
The New Earth + Golden Age Mythos
The Golden Age Science – Quantum Science and Cosmic Radiations until 2024
Golden Age Technology
The Truth about Kryst Consciousness
Divine Union and Relationships
Sacred Alchemy and its role in Ascension
Golden Age Astrology
Geobiology – Earth’s Energy Systems
Galactic History

Stories of Transformation

Witness just a small selection of the lives who have been transformed by the love, healings, wisdom and support of Shekinah Ma and Sanandaji.

Vision & Mission

TwinRay is a registered 501(c)3 Public Charity that serves a life above the self

TwinRay assists the process of global ascension through the contribution of teaching and showing ancient wisdom unified with modern science. It is not only our world mission but our every thought and prayer. TwinRay’s World Service Mission is to assist humanity to reach Superconsciousness and build TwinRay self-sustaining sanctuaries, partner with the Golden Age technologies and scientific discoveries that support further spiritual evolution for humankind. It is our greatest prayer to steward communities all over the world that stand together as one voice for humankind, Earth, and the animal kingdoms alike. It is time. The time is Now.

TwinRay has been founded to share the teachings of Spiritual Liberation and Enlightenment with all of Humanity and has financial resources for the purchase, procurement, and safeguarding of sacred sites and lands. The conservation of these sites is imperative to the preservation, upliftment and spiritual advancement of Humankind.

TwinRay provides spiritual holistic programs, live experiences in sacred locations that are physically accessible, as well as online teachings for the expansion and transformation of human consciousness.

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