Building The Golden Age For The New Earth

We Can Do This Together.

By Reframing the World of Chaos into a world Made from Love. 

What if you realized that the Entire Universe was a creation based only on love taking form as experience.

That consciousness was all that existed in its myriad of forms.

That the animal kingdom was created for unconditional companionship to human life and that your own body was the most sophisticated technological advancement on the planet?

The only difference is that unlike a new device, your body did not come with a user manual that you know how to read.

Living as Love

“Shekinah Ma and Sanandaji are master teachers modeling the purity of divine union.”
“They are devoted to raising the vibration of humanity and have immense gifts in helping others to reach their Highest Potential.”
“I had not realized how I had been limiting my highest potential until I activated my real inner powers on this path. It’s been unimaginable synchronicities, miracles and soul alignment.”
“Beyond any plant medicine ceremony or breathwork I’ve ever done, these are truly advanced practices and elegant in their simplicity”
“They have tremendously impacted my life in such a short time, it completely blew my mind. Together they are just pure Magic.”
“Even after doing decades of personal and spiritual development work these teachings were miraculous and a Quantum Upgrade for both me and my wife..”

Teaching from their own life experience of Initiation and Ascension, these Master Alchemists, Healers and Mystics, share the secrets to Longevity and the Soul Embodiment of our Divine Human Potential.

Awakening is just the beginning; Seekers Become Seers.

Catalyzing the Advancement of Humanity Through Sacred Activism

TwinRay is at the center and the apex of Global awareness and solutions.  Our companies and partners are in production right now creating resolutions for abundant clean ocean and drinking water, free energy technology to power homes and businesses, preservation of natural resources, new materials for building and providing housing, resonant medical technology that has been proven to heals untreatable illnesses and even helps to create the new Divine human physiology,  vast agricultural advancement for farming and high yielding food production with little water and of course our specialty and passion is in Spiritual Progress offering ancient teachings, certifications for the illumination and advancement of the Human Race.


Sacred activism is the core of everything TwinRay does.  To empower yourself, to heal yourself and to eventually transform the world.

Nine Wings

Representing liberation of the masculine
& the feminine.

Trinity Heart

Representing the unification of all traditions.

One Heart

the infinite love
of the universe.

Two Heads

Representing the masculine and feminine in perfect harmony.

The Golden Age

Imagine a world where peace, love and goodness is designated by enlightened leadership. Where people become self aware and learn to work together in harmony to achieve a shared goal and vision. Imagine a world where people cared to see deeper into themselves without casting blame, shame or guilt, but instead rose to the occasion of self inquiry, self responsibility and alignment with Messages that are inspired to guide and connect with The Divinity within and without. The Golden Age is an age of peace and is the peek of any civilization.

Real world solutions for
modern day problems.



From rivers, to oceans, to sewage, and even toxic water, breakthrough technology allows even large bodies of water to become clean water.



Major discoveries in disease resolution, viral detection, life extension and regeneration are changing human health as we know it.



With no chemicals and a significant decrease in water usage, yields are dramatically increasing.

Natural Resources

Natural Resources

The ability to extract metals and minerals using abandoned properties has led to massive increases in yields of a variety of natural resources.



A perpetual energy cell will be ready for market in 2023. You will be able to power your life from a battery that NEVER needs to recharge.



A proven method of carbon sequestering has become a blueprint for how major cities across the world can become clean in weeks.

TwinRay is a Force of Benevolence.

At TwinRay we see all our work as sacred work. Each and every action we take it intended to build a better world and leave a legacy for the Children of now and later. Our Service in Action and our strong and lasting allegiance with our sponsors and global partners have created bonds that support each other in co- collaborating to Build the Golden Age of Peace. What is the Golden Age? It is the point where a society become a civilization where Peace is seen and allegiance to The Divine practiced amongst the people. 


Many Hands, Make Light Work.

Our TRIBE WORKS DAILY TO CO-Create a more loving world.

The turning point is rapidly approaching for a critical mass to rise in consciousness.  You can make the difference in the dawning of an Enlightened Culture: One based on Universal Love, Compassion, Wisdom and Service.  

Help us create a world where  trauma and suffering is healed and brought back to wholeness;  Where we come into balance with animals and the Earth; upgrade our social systems, live and work as creative play, activate our highest potentials, grow, expand and thrive together as ONE.

Partners & Alliances

sine logo

Advancing the Unified Collaboration and Contributions of Indigenous Peoples toward a more harmonious, prosperous, peaceful, and sustainable World. Promoting sustainable growth, unified collaboration, and contributions through like-minded peoples and tribal sovereign communities throughout the Americas and Pacific. Building and implementing open source, decentralized, and self-sovereign networks: digital ledgers for more secure cultural data preservation and social and economic exchange. A 40+ year Indigenous-led holistic movement, based on ancient wisdom and co-development, aiming for a more peaceful, environmentally safe, and harmonious world.

Four Worlds Impact Fund

The Union of the Condor, Hummingbird Quetzal, and the eagle (UCHQE) An evolving decentralized cooperative union of Indigenous communities throughout the Americas and Pacific Rim aimed at establishing greater unity, collective impact, and mutual prosperity in the modern era. This major Indigenous-led initiative is united through their shared history, sacred teachings, prophecies, and a vision dedicated to manifesting their important wisdom and collective solutions to a more inclusive, environmentally secure, peaceful, and sustainable legacy for all humankind. Centuries ago, a similar thriving Union of the Condor, Hummingbird, Quetzal, and the Eagle flourished among the Indigenous peoples of the Americas.

Union of The Condor, Hummingbird Quetzal & Eagle

Reimagine our world and move beyond our current reality of living at odds with the world around us to living in harmony. We will work in partnership with our surroundings and tap into an infinite energy source to move into a progressive future. We will work in tandem with our changing world to create world changing products.


The Shift Network because we believe it will take millions of awake, connected, and inspired individuals to activate their full potential and collaborate on the changes that are needed for our world to truly shift. People from every race, creed, color, and national origin have their essential role to play. to empower a global network of evolutionary change agents through media, education, and resources featuring leading wisdom keepers and visionaries.


Unify has brought together over 500 Million people for Global Service UNIFY orchestrates Global Synchronized Events that inspire community-driven action campaigns for World Peace. Unify is a 501c3 that serves charities all over the world. By unifying at these times we create a living example of a fundamental truth, we are all one. Together, we can give rise to an emerging planetary culture that embraces the interdependence and well-being of all.


Integrative medicine, resonance science and technology come together. We believe that a healthy body thrives when it is in resonance with nature and it is our mission to help people achieve that balance. Led by Chief Medical Officer Dr. Beth McDougall MD, we have created a space where our clients are empowered to take control of their health. We are guides, showing our clients the path to finding the solutions they seek to live “better.”

Jyzen Labs

Global Orphan Prevention Global Orphan Prevention is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that prevents the abduction of children for purposes of the orphan trade or child sex trafficking through our 3 Es for prevention: Empowerment, Education, and Economic Development. We envision a world in which families are able to stay together, and where no child is forgotten or separated because of economic disadvantage in health, income, or circumstance. We envision the reverberation of a world in which the familial value will have an exponential impact beyond the individual.

Global Orphan Prevention

Divine Mother’s Love Unifying Humanity Women everywhere taking the helm of transcendent leadership envisioning a flourishing Planet where Love’s joy, beauty, peace, harmony and celebration abound. Bringing love into action to birth a world where violence and war no longer exist. Cherishing and treasuring our Mother Earth in all her majesty and our humanity in the truth of our divinity: ancient and sovereign – imperishable and everlasting. Thriving in enlightening partnership with all of creation and the expanding cosmos. Cultivating integrity and trust to restore balance in our families, our communities, and with Mother Earth. In responsibility to our human evolution and devotion to the generations ahead of us and behind us, we establish sovereign peace beginning NOW.

Divine Mother’s Love Unifying Humanity

Field Futures is revolutionizing mining and natural resources as we know it. They utilize resonance physics to extract minerals and metals with no chemicals and very little water. In some cases they have been able to increase yields by up to 700%.

Field Futures

The Haven has partnered with families in countries all over the world that hold specialties in their origins of product and services. Each product is specifically crafted to uphold the life of a Divine Human.

The Haven

Manna Vitality provides the highest quality supplements to revitalize human health by using Himalayan shilajit, Dead Sea ormus, bioavailable macro, ionic and trace minerals, essential enzymes and nootropics. supplements offer solutions for human health in the areas of energy, brain performance, libido, immune system defense, vitality and longevity.

Manna Vitality

We know that finding a meaningful and rewarding job can be a long journey. Our goal is to make this process as easy as possible for you, and to provide you with a work environment where you'll enjoy working.

Sonaphi SINE (Synergized Impact Network Exchange) is a global alliance of social innovators committed to large scale behavior change through collaborative learning, innovation, and unprecedented unified action.

Sine Network

Compass Rose International Helping young people reach their potential! Compass Rose inspires young women to connect to their greatest potential, their dreams, their passions, and to show up, unapologetically. Our programming gives them a means of self-calibrating back to their True North.

Compassionate Rose International

The Ambient Energy Cell technology extracts a very small amount of energy from the field like an atom, a magnet, or all things in nature. It has produced the world’s first continuous energy supply. This technology produces over 500 times the energy density of lithium cells. The AEC cell extracts energy from the electromagnetic field and is a conduit of electricity. It is long lasting with a 12+ year lifespan. It is durable being water resistant, has a high tolerance for hot and cold temperatures, and cannot be shorted out. It does not overheat, is non-combustible and is made from readily available, low-cost materials.

Ambient Energy Cell

Aether Vibes has made a radical new development in the field of scalar field devices to help create coherent energy fields and enhance coupling to the electromagnetic field with all biological structures having massive implications for human health, energy, communications and more.

Aether Vibes

The Global Peace Tribe is a community of people dedicated to personal growth, spiritual awakening, collective transformation and universal peace-building. We cultivate hope, connection and illumination through enlightening media, shows, workshops, special events and community gatherings. The Global Peace Tribe features heartfelt, soul-stirring, awe-inspiring speakers, musicians and entertainers and focuses on uplifting, thought-provoking, and meaningful topics. We are a global community fostering the transition into a more awake, just and beautiful world.

Global Peace Tribe

Love All, Serve All.

A Global Golden Age Community Uniting Souls and Illuminating Paths.

Our main mission value is Love and Service. Our diverse community marries traditions, practices and beliefs from various backgrounds and lineages, uniting in the core value of Love and Service to the world, for the greater evolution of all.

Mentorship and Support: Benefit from the wisdom of experienced mentors, spiritual teachers and community members who share their knowledge through workshops, meditations, and talks. Find inspiration, guidance, and a supportive community on your path of purpose. Activating and evolving your greatest gifts and superpowers.

Unity: In the Global Golden Age Community, we celebrate the uniqueness of each individual while recognizing the inherent unity that binds us all. Embrace a community that respects and cherishes diversity in all its forms.

The Global Golden Age Community is more than just a community sangha; it’s a soulful sanctuary where you can explore the depths of your being and embrace the interconnectedness of all life.

Together, we illuminate our paths and uplift one another, creating a world rooted in Love, Service, and Compassion, stepping beyond awakening to the realization of a Divine Humanity.

Golden Age Timeline

Follow The path that Shekinah Ma and Sanandaji walked through the years. This timeline delineates important milestones in the TwinRay Family

If you want to experience heaven on Earth then reflect upon these questions.

Do you want to heal yourself and support the healing of the Earth at the same time?

Do you feel the calling inside your heart to be a part of this sacred mission?

Do you want to heal yourself and support the healing of the Earth at the same time?

Do you feel the calling inside your heart to be apart of this sacred mission?

Do you want to heal yourself and support the healing of the Earth at the same time?

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Discover the life you were born to live.  

People just like you have empowered themselves to live the Golden Age timeline.  Let’s anchor heaven on Earth together.