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 Meet Your Lion Spirit Guide

Global Transmission & Activation

Cosmic Lion Spirit Guide Journey

Welcome beloved

Take a profound journey to meet a very powerful, wise and loyal galactic Lion Guardian

Protecting, Guiding, Healing & Loving.

Your Animal Spirit Guides are Loyal and a very large aspect of your journey here on this Earth Plane. Your Animal guides have been with you for many lifetimes and incarnations and are assigned to you at the conception of your soul’s journey.

Not everyone has the same spirit guide, as each individual soul requires and has come to learn different lessons. Each animal represents an aspect of the soul and a part of the creation itself.

As the soul progresses, more and more animal spirit guides can be assigned to lead the way and assist the journey forward. Once the soul progresses and purifies, the connection to the Animal Guide has the potential to become stronger and deeper.

Watch This Video Below To Learn About The Lion Spirit Guide Prosperity Gate Journey & Activation

Join This powerful Prosperity Activation and Lion Spirit Journey

The Regal, Strong, Abundant Lion & Lioness


What would it mean for you to connect so deeply with a Lion Spirit Guide that they almost begin to live inside of you, move you on your spiritual journey and work their unconditional love through you.

We have been in communication with two very powerful and specific Lion Gatekeepers that are ready for us to open the portal so that our beloved community can make a deep and lasting connection with these radiant Leonian guardians. They are not only guardians, but brilliant cosmic teachers who shall work in tangent with your Angels, Archangels, high self and committees to guide those who are ready in their journey of awakening, creation and manifestation.

Through this connective and immersive transmission, we shall be opening and activating your heart and high heart, as it is one of the portals within you, by which these Guardians can come through and create a frequency match. As well as creating a direct alignment to the star systems in which these Star Lions originate.

This will be a very beautiful, loving, warm and powerful transmission with a strong invitation to connect even deeper with these Lion Guide. If you are on who already has a Lion Guide that closely works with you, by doing this transmission, your current Spirit Guides own energy will be powered up and amplified even greater, thus allowing an opportunity to share more wisdom and higher levels of guidance.

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