Miracle Mentorship

Year long mentoring with monthly live interactives

Enjoy The Wonder of The Miracle Mentorship Overview Video Below

Welcome to the Miracle Mentorship

“Tea-Time With The TwinRay”

It is said that anything can be resolved over the magic of a conscious cup of tea, the loving guidance of a wise and master mentor and a loving highly attuned community.

Imagine a life where you start every month with the Highest Frequency, and maintain it throughout the entire year of 2022.

Imagine a life where you come and sit side by side with Master Teachers who can truly decipher and dispel all that is happening in the world stage, in your astrology and even within your own person life. Imagine being taught  how to master the Wheel of Destiny each year, while bring out the master within you. It’s time to move away from regular routine, to a life of ritual and sacred practice.

Every Month, take time to create a beautiful ritual for yourself and make yourself a conscious cup of tea, of which herbs and spices are specific to each month and to the energy of the Solar Portal, Lunar Portal or Harmony time that we will all be experiencing together. Grab a pen and paper and know that you are about to embark on a journey that will take you to wonderful places of freedom and peace.

What would it be like to have the ability to ask your personal questions about anything that you feel is burning within you, and receive accurate answers to your soul’s enquiries and even quite possibly receive any healing necessary at the same time?

For just this one year of 2022, beginning on 2/2/22 we shall be focusing our energy, and offering it to you in this specific manner, because we know what is coming and what this year will mean for Humanity and society at large. It is our gift to be as accessible for you as we can be and hold your hand and open your heart through this year of unprecedented transformation. This entire page is dedicated to providing you with an in depth experience of the Miracle Mentorship and how it can change your life.

Full Astrological & Energetic Forecast 2022

Humanity is at the dawn of a powerful transformative, global energetic shift. It’s time to become a true beacon of light & hope, as you learn how to master the Wheel of Destiny that influences your internal alchemical processes of ascension and liberation.

This kind of global awakening has not been experienced on this planet ever before. These times are in many ways unprecedented and prophetic. We also know that it may be easy to feel overwhelmed, confused, and out of control while the collective rebirthing continues. 

Through our emails and social media, we have received countless messages asking for support and guidance about how to further prepare for these current and coming times.

As you may already know, up until now, the only way to receive consistent one-one-one guidance from us was to become a TwinRay Ascendant or Mentee of ours, as our constant World Service and work well behind the scenes would allow and support.

It has been in our heart, knowing as we do about 2022, that we are able to devote this year to upholding hope, inspiration, sharing wisdom and more intimate guidance for you especially and just for this year.

We are here to prepare you for this profound, universal energetic shift in all ways. One very important way to do so is to help you accurately identify where you are in your current spiritual journey, and then teach you how to grow further. We share this, so that you can thrive in current and future times of uncertainty, now and forevermore.

The time is now. Truly, there is no more time being alloted to the collective. Come and join us for our Miracle Mentorship and learn how to be a light of the world. Read below to find out how.

Mastering the Wheel Of Life

Throughout this year’s Miracle Mentorship, you will learn how to live in complete balance and harmony with the seasons, cycles and elements of the Cosmos. You will learn higher wisdom and not only will you be held in a miracle matrix of divine support, you will also receive the following:

13 Full Moon Energetic Transmissions: There are a total of 13 Full Moon cycles each year that connect to the rejuvenation channels within you. To enhance the inner alchemical cultivation process that leads to the activation of your psychic abilities, we will be holding a Full Moon Transmission each month. These energetic transmissions will support you to manifest your soul promises into life, heal anything coming up for you in that month,  enhance your spiritual gifts and abilities and attune to the natural cycles of life.

8 Sacred Solar Rituals: Each year there are eight powerful Solar Portals  that are High Holy days and Sabbaths, that connect to the Earth and Sun grids to recharge, renew, rebirth and restore the Earth’s BioField. On these days, it is a wonderful time to perform biomancy (biological divination) to regenerate your cells and light-body and perform sacred rituals to enhance your connection with the elements of the earth,  offer healing to the planet, and to yourself.

4 Harmony Times: On certain days before the equinox and solstice, there is a period of time that the Earth opens up certain Cosmic Portals and Gateways. During these Harmony Times, the entire Grid system and ley-line structure of the Earth is in complete balance, which allows enormous waves of Cosmic Energy to flood across the ley-lines and collect at certain nodal points around the world. One of the most measurably powerful nodal double Toroid points, is in the centre of our TwinRay Temple, where in The Miracle Mentorship you will receive a frequency discharge from us and the node that will enliven your life and positively impact your energy field.

When we meditate together held in the specific energetic container of the Miracle Mentorship, as a microcosm of the whole conscious collective during these times, and connect to these locations that run through the center of the temple, you are able to tap into Universal Consciousness more fluidly and thus, are able to better support humanity by doing so. This is a powerful time for Miracle Healings, Instant manifestations, World service, Psychic Enhancement, Abundance & Prosperity attraction and life renewal.

Monthly Energetic Forecasts: Each month you will receive a highly accurate and in depth audio reading of what the energy of the planets have in store for you. These audio readings will detail the higher perspective of the planetary alignments, and speak into how your life can be positively affected. You will learn how to stay in rhythm with your Cosmic Self and know when it is in divine alignment to create, manifest, sustain, grow, recharge, transform and transcended with the cycles of your greater self.

Contemplations and Soul Missions: Each Wisdom Tea-Time together, you will receive important contemplations and mini soul missions to inspire your life and help uphold humanity in times of need. During this year ahead there will be times where you need extra support and be held accountable to shift from the old ways and embody the new. Throughout the year, we will make sure you have loving support and guidance, as our community serves as a microcosm of humanity that will and does elevate the whole of humanity.

Herbalism Magick: As an added and ancient practice we shall be connecting with the magick of Herbalism, as it is a powerful tool for healing and spiritual growth, and at specific times of year, its power is even more available. Tea ceremonies are a wonderful way to practice magical herbalism, and making brews and teas from ingredients carefully selected for the energy, is a wonderful way to connect the entire group of Miracle Mentees and create a ritualistic time of the month for everyone to look forward to sacred connection.

The careful selection of herbs and brews represent the abundance of the creation and holds the importance of the connection between nature and humankind. Each herb and spice that we shall share monthly with you contains a soothing, healing property that enlivens the spirit and enhances your heart and soul’s yearnings and intentions. Every month we shall be working with various herbs, special teas and magical ritual different each month of the year, as a powerful practice to connect with the magic of creation within you. These are all practices we have used ourselves!

It is very special to sit and have Tea with Masters, for the tea itself becomes infused with all of the Ancient Wisdom, the harmonic induction of the senses, the power of the sword of truth and the Divine Love that emanates in each moment together. 

Please know that the drinking of tea or a specific kind of tea is not obligitaory in any manner, but the ancient wisdom of tea shall be available for you to participate in if you feel called to drink with us.

Join Us Now

Join Shekinah Ma & SanandaJi’s Ongoing Miracle Mentorship Program – 2 wisdom streams Every Month from the TwinRay Temple to Activate, Integrate & Embody Your Authentic Divine Self

Would you like to rediscover the Deep Truth of Who You Are and the Meaning of All that is Happening in your life and the world at large?

Do you wish to fill yourself with the power of love and be able to overcome any situation that life presents?
Would you appreciate a safe container and sacred space where you can absorb healing energy and receive the light of wisdom?
Are you ready to put all your practices and teachings into action whilst being supported weekly by trusted Teachers?
Would you enjoy a loving community of like-minded and hearted souls that you can connect, share, and express your journey whilst building lasting friendships?

If so, then join us, along with the TwinRay community from all corners of the world, for our Miracle Mentorship program.

How the Miracle Mentorship was Birthed

All over the world, people send in Personal Mentorship applications to TwinRay in hopes that Shekinah Ma & Sanandaji will agree to personally mentor them, help them craft their dream life while embodying ancient and current wisdom that will help them elevate above the world’s drama.

Students from all cultures and countries have had their lives transformed by TwinRay’s Academy teachings, many have wished to be privately mentored in order to receive direct insight into their personal life experience.

It is for this reason that the Miracle Mentorship has been birthed, so that we can be accessible for your personal, professional, societal, familial and Global questions.

We Are Here to Support You to Go From Personality to Divine Being

What You’ll Experience

by joining our Miracle Mentorship:

We have designed this mentorship to support you through your awakening and ascension process.

This is a precious opportunity to learn directly from Master Teachers and ask your most personal questions, as well as learn how to manifest the full potency of TwinRay’s teachings into all areas of your life.

The world as we know it is being reborn and we are dedicated to support you through these transitional times and offer you a safe space to experience the feeling of Heaven on Earth. By joining the Miracle Mentorship you will receive monthly guidance to unlock the full potential of your Divine nature.

There will be 2 video livestreams a month that will give you the ability to always feel connected and receive your weekly dose of Divine Truth, Love, and Wisdom.

During each live call, Shekinah and Sananda will bring you into a higher and more expanded state of awareness, specifically created to awaken your inner divinity. This Miracle Mentorship has been crafted to help you stay absorbed, aligned, and grounded in the Cosmic energy being transmitted into the Earth.

Facilitating these calls every month will provide a consistency that will amplify your ability to stay grounded amid the ‘ups and downs of living a human life.

Each Miracle Mentorship call is divinely designed to help you:

Create a sacred space in your life to embody and integrate your true authentic Self whilst you deepening into self-love and inner-reflection.
Allow your physical, mental, and emotional body to experience wholeness and be restored to a state of radiant peace and harmony.
Elevate your Self-Awareness and gain a deeper understanding of your conditioning, so you can live a beautiful life free from all suffering, doubt, fear, and confusion.
Manifest your Soul dreams by amplifying your ‘creation power’, allowing you to bring your gifts and purpose to life.
Upgrade your quality of life by designing a fulfilling and authentic lifestyle where you’re thriving in every moment.
Establish new patterns of inspired thoughts, words, and actions to take your spiritual practices deeper and further to maximize their benefits, attainments, and effects.

True Knowledge is Power

Supreme Wisdom Yields the Power of Divine Love, Magical Skill, Eternal Happiness, and the Upliftment of All.

As a mentee, you get private access to our growing library of wisdom videos, meditations, activations, energy transmissions. Plus, you get to connect with our inner circle community through our online platform. This is the most advanced and transformational opportunity of a lifetime. Twinray Mentoring is the next best thing to direct one-on-one guidance with Shekinah Ma and Sanandaji.

What You’ll Learn

Advanced Learning Inside Shekinah Ma & SanandaJi ‘s Miracle Mentorship:

Spiritual Liberation

Emotional Enlightenment

Biological Ascension

Divine relationship

Success and Happiness

Prosperity & Fortune

Wellness & Vitality

Longevity and Youthfulness

Spiritual Psychology

Golden Age Sciences

Ascended Astrology

Alchemical Secrets

Psychic Abilities

Vitality & Nutrition

Instant Healing

Abundance Attraction

Mindfulness & Meditation

Are you ready for the Universe to guide you step-by-step throughout each level of your spiritual journey and to help you manifest the most incredible results in the most enlivening and fulfilling way? If you answered YES, then you are ready to begin the Miracle Mentorship program.

TwinRay Miracle Mentoring
Anywhere you go

Extra Bonuses Included When you Join Today:

Not only will you receive this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be personally mentored by Shekinah & Sananda each week. You will also be given instant access to their entire library of energy activations, meditations, and transmissions.

Programs that are included:

 Monthly Subscription

Miracle Mentorship

$299$222/ Monthly

  • Live Mastery Call with TwinRay 
  • Live Community Support Calls
  • Monthly Astrological & Energetic Forecast
  • Full Moon Transmissions

Bonus Programs

  • Higher Self Energetic reset (bonus program)
  • Aquarian Age Awakening (bonus program)
  • Live Your Golden Age Dream (bonus program)
  • Cosmic Consciousness meditation series (bonus program)
  • Divine Human Upgrades (bonus program)
  • iSoul Meditation (bonus program)
  • Chakra Tuneup (bonus program)
  • Meet Your Lion Spirit Guide (bonus program)
  • Trifold Prosperity Activations (bonus program)

 Total Value $5,094

You pay $222 month (billed monthly)

 Yearly Subscription

Miracle Mentorship

$299$188/Month (Billed Once Yearly)

  • 12 Live Mastery Calls with TwinRay 
  • 12 Live Community Support Calls
  • 12 Astrological & Energetic Forcasts
  • 12 Full Moon Transmissions

Bonus Programs

  • Higher Self Energetic reset (bonus program)
  • Aquarian Age Awakening (bonus program)
  • Live Your Golden Age Dream (bonus program)
  • Cosmic Consciousness meditation series (bonus program)
  • Divine Human Upgrades (bonus program)
  • iSoul Meditation (bonus program)
  • Chakra Tuneup (bonus program)
  • Meet Your Lion Spirit Guide (bonus program)
  • Trifold Prosperity Activations (bonus program)

 Total Value $5,094

You pay $188 month (billed yearly)

Enrolment is now closed until we open the next Miracle Mentorship group. However, you can register your interest below and you will be notified of when the next group becomes available.

Shekinah Ma & Sanandaji Story

Discover the story of how Shekinah Ma and Sanandaji came to live their life of divine service, and how their union was formed.

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