Miracle Mentorship

Miracles, Mastery and Manifestation

Monthly Live Interactions, Transmissions, Sacred Rituals, Astrological Forecasts And Direct Guidance

Enrollment Now Open For A Limited Time

Become a Miracle Mentee

And Gain Access To Miracles, Mastery And Manifestation

The ancient masters have long known that growth comes from the loving guidance of a wise mentor and the support of a highly attuned community.

Imagine starting every month in your Highest Frequency.

Imagine being mentored and supported to step into ever greater Mastery and Manifestation attuned to the rhythms and cycles of the year.

Imagine sitting side by side with your Master Teachers every month…

…as they decipher and dispel all that is happening on the world stage, in your astrology and even within your own personal life.

Imagine learning how to master the Wheel of Destiny, and tapping to the Wise Master within.

“It’s time to shift to a powerful life of wisdom, connection, ritual and sacred practice.”

Shekinah Ma & Sanandaji

Heart Shares for the Miracle Mentorship

“I just felt this huge expansion of my Heart overflowing with Love and Gratitude to be back in their presence.”
– Linda McCabe, Canada

“This container is so empowering, so nurturing…It’s God’s gift and presence everywhere.” 
– Kartik Ragunathan, Australia 

“I cannot even begin to put into words how meaningful it is to be in their Loving Presence every month.”

– Rose Marie Swanson, USA

Be ready to receive:

As A Miracle Mentee, You Are Given The Profound Support You Need To Blossom And Flourish

Sacred Rituals

Live Sacred Wisdom Teachings

Full Moon Energetic Transmissions

Heart-felt Community Support

Access to music and mantra as well as our favorite recipes

Holy Days and Nights celebrations

Insight to personal questions

An extensive library of Bonus Energetic Transmissions & Meditations

Are you ready for the Universe to guide you step-by-step throughout each level of your spiritual journey and to help you manifest the most incredible results in the most enlivening and fulfilling way? If you answered YES, then you are ready to begin the Miracle Mentorship program.

A Mentorship for Global Awakening

We are at the dawn of a powerfully transformative, global energetic shift. You are being called to become a true beacon of light and hope. To do so, you must master the Wheel of Destiny that influences your internal alchemical processes of ascension and liberation.

The global awakening that is about to unfold is unprecedented on Earth. We understand how it can perhaps feel overwhelming, confusing, and scary to feel this shift and not know how to align with its transformational possibilities.

Many have sought our support and guidance on how to prepare for and step into this transformation. Until now, one-one-one guidance from us was exclusive to a few.

With the significance of the energetic shift that is unfolding right now, we see an urgent need to broaden our offering and extend our Mentorship program. We welcome you to join us.

We are called here to prepare you for this profound, universal energetic shift. Our intention is to mentor you such that you can thrive through this powerful time of transition and far beyond.

The time is now. Join us for our Miracle Mentorship and shine your powerful light throughout the world.


“We Are Here to help you unlock the full potential of your Divine nature.”

Shekinah Ma & Sanandaji

Heart Shares for the Miracle Mentorship

“What an amazing blessing it is, to have Teachers whose whole Heart mission is to help us find our way along that path. It is only freedom, joy, happiness.”
– Ray Robinson, USA

“Honestly, I don’t know where I would be right now, if I would not have felt always the care, the Love, they are offering. The Teachings. ” 
– Pia Avia, Iceland 

“They radiate something so pure, so Divine. When I started to be in their unified container, all parts of me, started to be readjusted and reattuned.”

Sidika Benan Celikel, Turkey

Become a Miracle Mentee

Join Shekinah Ma & Sanandaji’s Miracle Mentorship and receive wisdom streams from wherever you are, whoever you are.

As a Miracle Mentee, we join you every month live from the TwinRay Temple to help you activate, integrate and embody your authentic, divine self.

Rediscover the Deep Truth of Who You Are and access the meaning behind what is going on for you at a personal level, and what is happening at a global scale
Embody the power of Love so you are able to handle any situation life presents you
Experience the profound benefits of a safe and sacred space where you can absorb healing energy and receive the light of wisdom
Action all your practices and learnings with support from trusted Teachers

Enjoy a loving, connected community of like-minded and hearted souls with whom you can connect, share, and express your journey

Join us, and other members of the global TwinRay community, for our Miracle Mentorship program.

Why we Created the Miracle Mentorship

What Have You Always Wanted to Know…?

Shekinah Ma & Sanandaji are deeply blessed and honored to receive countless requests for personal mentoring from TwinRay community members around the globe. It is our deepest wish that we can support you to craft the life you dream of through embodying the transformative wisdom that elevates you beyond the world’s drama.

Students from everywhere have seen their lives transformed by TwinRay teachings. And we understand how powerful receiving private mentorship is to personal transformation.

That’s why the Miracle Mentorship has evolved. We are here for you.


Heart Shares for the Miracle Mentorship

Master the Wheel Of Destiny

As a Miracle Mentee, you will learn how to live in harmony with the seasons, cycles and elements of the Cosmos. This involves a number of powerful components.

Full Moon Energetic Transmissions:

Each Moon cycle connects with powerful psychically aware channels within you. We conduct 3 Full Moon Transmissions each month, to help you:


  • Manifest your soul promises
  • Heal whatever is arising for you
  • Enhance your spiritual and psychic gifts
  • Attune to the natural cycle of life
Harmony Times:
Before each equinox and solstice, the Earth opens up certain cosmic portals, when the entire grid system and ley-line structure of the Earth is in complete balance. We call these ‘Harmony Times’, when enormous waves of Cosmic Energy flow and collect at certain nodal points around the world.

The center of our TwinRay Temple contains one of the most measurably powerful nodal double Toroid points. At each Harmony Time, as a Miracle Mentee, you receive a frequency discharge from us and the node that will enliven your life and positively impact your energy field.

Sacred Solar Rituals:

Each year, there are eight powerful Solar Portals. These are High Holy days and Sabbaths when we connect to the Earth and Sun grids to recharge, renew, rebirth and restore the Earth’s BioField. On these days, we gather to:

  • perform biomancy (biological divination) to regenerate your cells and light-body 
  • perform sacred rituals to enhance your connection with the elements of the earth, and offer healing to the planet, and to yourself.
Monthly Full Energetic & Astrological Forecast:

Each month you receive an accurate and in depth audio reading of what the energy of the planets have in store for you. These detail the higher perspective of the planetary alignments, and speak into how your life can be positively affected.

You will learn how to:

  • Stay in rhythm with your Cosmic Self
  • Know when your Cosmic self is divine alignment and
  • Transform and transcend with the cycles of your Cosmic Self.
Herbalism Magick:

We connect with the ancient wisdom and magick of Herbalism, a powerful tool for healing and spiritual growth. At especially potent times of year, we use tea ceremonies to practice magical herbalism. Making special teas from carefully selected ingredients and drinking them together:

  • Connects the entire group of Miracle Mentees
  • Forms a powerful ritual for everyone to benefit from sacred connection.

The careful selection of herbs represents the abundance of the creation and embodies the importance of the connection between nature and humankind. 

  • It will enliven your spirit and enhance your heart and soul’s desires and intentions.
  • Every month we work with specifically selected herbs, special teas and magical rituals to attune to the needs for the month.
Contemplations and Soul Missions:
During each of our shared Wisdom Tea-Times together, you receive important contemplations and mini soul missions to inspire life and empower you. These are especially potent when you need extra support and accountability to shift from the old and embody the new.

Throughout your Mentorship, we ensure you have loving support and guidance.

This is a powerful time for Miracle Healings, Instant Manifestations, World Service, Psychic Enhancement, Abundance and Prosperity attraction and Life Renewal. Let us gather, learn, and drink tea together.

What You’ll Experience as a Miracle Mentee

This mentorship is designed to support you through your awakening and ascension process.

This is a unique opportunity to learn directly from Master Teachers. Ask your most personal questions, as you learn how to manifest the full potency of TwinRay’s teachings in all areas of your life.

The world is being reborn. We are dedicated to supporting you through these transitional times and offer you a safe space to experience Heaven on Earth.

Join our two livestreams each month and be connected to Divine Truth, Love, and Wisdom.

During each livestream, Shekinah Ma and Sanandaji bring you into a higher and more expanded state of awareness. Joining regularly provides a foundational consistency that will amplify your ability to stay grounded amid these turbulent times and stay true to your Highest Self.

Each Miracle Mentorship livestream is divinely designed to help you:

Create a sacred space to embody and integrate your true authentic Self as you deepen into self-love and inner-reflection.

Manifest your Soul dreams by amplifying your ‘creation power’, allowing you to bring your gifts and purpose to life.
Allow your physical, mental, and emotional body to experience wholeness and be restored to a state of radiant peace and harmony.
Upgrade your experience by designing a fulfilling and authentic lifestyle where you thrive in every moment.
Elevate your Self-Awareness and gain a deeper understanding of your conditioning, so you can live free from all suffering, doubt, fear, and confusion.
Establish new patterns of belief and behavior so your spiritual practices take you further and deeper for maximized benefits.

What You’ll Learn

Advanced Learning Inside Shekinah Ma & SanandaJi ‘s Miracle Mentorship:

Spiritual Liberation

Emotional Enlightenment

Biological Ascension

Divine relationship

Success and Happiness

Prosperity & Fortune

Wellness & Vitality

Longevity and Youthfulness

Spiritual Psychology

Golden Age Sciences

Ascended Astrology

Alchemical Secrets

Psychic Abilities

Vitality & Nutrition

Instant Healing

Abundance Attraction

Mindfulness & Meditation

Are you ready to feel deeply nourished and supported by the Universe? Do you want to manifest the most incredible results in your life? Do you seek fulfillment, harmony and powerful transformation? Then you are ready to begin. Join us.

Receive through the Miracle Matrix Energetic Container

We place each Mentee into the Miracle Matrix Energetic Container, which amplifies, multiply, expands and raises one’s field of awareness in ways that it did not seem possible for each mentee before now.

Through this energetic transmission daily, our mentees are receiving 24/7 continuous energetic encodements, wholings, transfigurations and transformations, shifts, upgrades, and sacred geometries which propel one’s spiritual evolution forward.

The Krystic Energy System

“This program has deeply transformed thousands of hearts, souls and communities. We look forward to welcoming you to our TwinRay community.”

Shekinah Ma & Sanandaji

Bonus for Miracle Mentorship Pro

Additional Bonuses Include:

Not only will you receive this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be personally mentored by Shekinah Ma & Sanandaji each week. You will also be given instant access to their entire library of energy activations, meditations, and transmissions.

Programs that are included in the Miracle Mentorship Pro:

Choose the Mentorship For You

Choose between the Miracle Mentorship or the Miracle Mentorship Pro


Join Shekinah Ma and Sanandaji LIVE via Q&A calls and live transmissions PLUS access to the entire master library of courses, activations and mentorship transmissions


Personalized Space in Miracle Matrix Energy held by Shekinah Ma & Sanandaji


3 Global Remote Full Moon Energetic Transmissions every month


Monthly Recorded Astrological Forecast


Access to the online Miracle Mentorship Community


Monthly Mastery Live Calls


Recording of Mastery Live Calls


Monthly Q&A Live Calls


Recording of Q&A Live Calls


Monthly Live Community Calls & Recording of Community Calls


Monthly Overview Handout of Miracle Mentorship with Realized Ritual


Monthly Astrological Forecast Written Overview


Access to the Mentorship Transmissions Master Library including:

  • Higher Self & Energetic Reset
  • Aquarian Age Awakening
  • Live your Golden Age Dream
  • Cosmic Consciousness Series – series of 12 Divine Archetype transmissions
  • Divine Human Upgrades – series of 10 Highly Vibrational Energetic
  • Trifold Prosperity Activations
  • Meet your Lion Spirit Guide Activation & Meditation
  • Daily Meditations: iSoul and Chakra Tuneup


Be held in the divine presence of Shekinah Ma, Sanandaji and their beloved community through monthly recorded transmissions and transformative online courses


Personalized Space in Miracle Matrix Energy held by Shekinah Ma & Sanandaji


3 Global Remote Full Moon Energetic Transmissions every month


Monthly Recorded Astrological Forecast


Access to the online Miracle Mentorship Community


Wisdom Pearls - Pearls of Wisdom from Satsang Transmissions, extracts from the Live Mastery Calls & Library of Q&A Calls recordings


Wisdom Pearls - "Three Pillars of Life - the Foundations to master Life” 5 part course


Wisdom Pearls - “Divine Human Detox” - 3 part course

Heart Shares for the Miracle Mentorship

“Start your journey in the Miracle Mentorship today and transform not only yourself, but impact others and the world, too.”

Shekinah Ma & Sanandaji

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