Money Magic Mandalas

Four Cosmic Geometry Mandalas To Support Your conscious Wealth Creation & Protection Of Finances, Investments

Prosperity Amplifier, Wealth Guardian, Fortuitous Fortune, Money Multiplier



To an inspiration that came from our beloved TwinRay Community Members asking how to protect and amplify their finances:

Money Magic Mandalas 


1. Prosperity Amplifier: increases the magnetics of your energy field to attract wealth with ease and grace.

2. Wealth Guardian: protect your investments and current financial accounts.

3. Fortuitous Fortune: creates life opportunities for you to experience success.

4. Money Multiplier: designed to support your finances to go further. 

These Mandalas have been created in alignment with the planets and alchemical symbols, codes of Abundance and many other encodements intended to align you with your Wealth Geometries.

Receive this New Codex of light, good fortune, prosperity, and healing to birth upon the planet and prepare to make way for the life of abundance for all that shall soon arrive in the Golden Age.

This timestamp encodement when these Mandalas were birthed is a time when the veil between the physical and the spiritual Realms are thinned.  Not only is there an immense energy influx that has the potential to raise your frequency and vibration significantly, but also allows the great ancestors and masters from the past to connect the Rainbow Bridge via a portal that opens doorways and gateways for your abundance to flow.


Watch This Video Below about the Wonder and Power of Money Magic Mandalas

How would you feel if your life was flowing in sync with the Abundance of the Cosmos?

What is true Abundance?

What would it be like if you felt confident that your finances were protected, your bank account was multiplying and your wealth codes were activated and enhanced?

The opportunity is being presented for beloveds on this planet to reclaim one’s complete Wealth Codex once more, in order to bring in the abundance of life in its many forms.

True abundance is the ability to access the full potency of light within the cellular construct and pull that into physical form. It is the ability to manifest from a mere thought and bring that thought into physicality. Living in abundance in all forms, through this same energy has the potential to actualize metaphysical states into the material world. This translates as an abundance in good health, wealth, love and selfless service to the planet.

We see that many of you beloveds have the purest of hearts and deepest of intentions to serve this world in a great capacity. Yet, there may be a sense as if there is something missing, something that disallows the consciousness of abundance to flow into your life as easily as the water flows upon the shores of Earth.

We have celebrated the passing over from the old cycle to the new cycle, it is time to crystalize Golden Age physiology and create the space for prosperity and creative abundance to occur and make certain that the entire cosmos is supporting you.

How does one do this, you may ask? This happens by aligning with the cosmic forces on all levels and layers of one’s bio energy field and biocircuitry.

As solar energy traverses from the Sun to the Earth in patterns and waves, these waves are often seen by the naked eye as the sun’s rays. Scientists state that humans only absorb a small portion of the life giving nutrients that the Sun has the potential to provide.

On this Lion’s Gate portal, we have been divinely inspired to assist in bringing in more royal solar nourishment that activates the prosperity coding for the planet and for the individual. 

The 888 Legacy of Prosperity

The numeric value of the Solar Christ in Gematria equals 888

The number 888 is significant as solar alignments, occurring astrologically, transmit prosperity coding to the planet during this window of time.
888 is considered the number of triple fortune, luck and prosperity.

By capturing this frequency wave in our Money Magic Mandalas, we have created 4 sequences that have the potential to unlock prosperity in your life. 

Due to the positioning of Earth during the creation of these Mandalas, there is an enhancement of photonic light discharge captured from the galactic centre, Great Central Sun Sirius, our Sun and the heart star of Leo Regulus broadcasting to Earth.

In  harmony with the Solar Logos, you are positioned to receive these cosmic upgrades and prosperity amplifications.

True abundance is the ability to access the full potency of light within the cellular construct and pull that into physical form

Four Magic Mandala Sequences- 888

 Cosmic Geometry Mandalas to support your conscious wealth creation & Protection of Finances, Investments

Mandala sequence 1

Prosperity Amplifier:

 Increases the magnetics of your energy field to attract wealth with ease and grace.


Mandala sequence 2

Money Multiplier:

Designed to support your finances to go further. 

Mandala sequence 3

Wealth Guardian:

Protect your investments and current financial account.


Mandala sequence 4

Fortuitous Fortune:

Creates life opportunities for you to experience success.

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