The Path of Awakening in the Golden Age

Purification through Fire


The cosmic waves and rays of energy have already reached our planet, purifying it and signaling the impending Golden Age. Energy lines, surfacing in 2017, were a sign of what is happening now, and what is to come. These potent lines indicate a particle convergence, setting the stage for a great shift in our planetary energies. 


As we navigate the path of awakening, we must seek the wisdom of our teachers. They are Source fractals, core fractals of conscious awareness, that shine the way upon this path. 

The Path to Oneness

Entering the realm of higher consciousness requires guidance, and a true teacher, often referred to as a Sadhguru, to facilitate this journey. 

This student-teacher relationship creates a harmonic absorption into elevated states of consciousness. It supercharges the alchemy of ascension, guiding one toward complete embodiment of the infinite, eternal, One Universal Consciousness in physical form. 

Like particles of light, teachers, or source fractals, make up the structure of the whole form. They are like a flickering flame that calls us back to Source. And here is where we discover both the beginning and end. And to get to this ever-present now, it is important to honor the role of a teacher. We must recognize them as these Source fractals—embodied beings who have purified their mind, body and soul.

They play an important part in our individual alchemy of absorption into higher states of consciousness. Here, we witness Love in action, a door to unification with Source, and accelerated process of integration and stabilization towards ultimate transcendence.


A teacher’s role is to provide support, remaining unaffected by the collective while influencing it. The absorption of one’s mind into a state of consciousness, known as Samadhi, involves a rewiring of the brain’s anatomy. Samadhi allows individuals to create effects without being bound by cause and effect, influencing reality from a space of Unity and Oneness.

The Seeds of Existence

Core fractals, the central points or alpha sparks within organisms, communities, or species, serve as the inception of ideas. Understanding the unity of all existence through the lens of mirrors, and recognizing the repetitive geometric patterns in science reveals the fundamental aspects of the fractal nature of our reality. Everything, from atomic structures to electromagnetic fields, is interconnected in this holographic universe.

Living in Unified Awareness



On this journey of awakening, the highest level of consciousness is reached when one no longer needs to meditate to induce a transcendent state. Rather, one lives in a constant state of unified awareness.

A true teacher embodies this conscious awareness in their daily life. And they inspire others to bridge the gap between the sacred and the mundane.

The Two Paths

As we go further along this road, toward greater conscious awareness, we’re led back to the Primary Source. Two paths unfold along this journey. One, the path of alchemy, involves cultivation, and the other, more rare occurrence, is a destined point. This is where you encounter that which has been pre-organized (a life-altering event) for your awakening. 

The cosmic energies sweeping the planet awaken the dawn of a new age period. It is up to us to embrace the journey with open and willing hearts. For those on the path, the evolution of consciousness leads to Samadhi, wherein the transparent mind experiences peace, stillness, and bliss.

This is the road forward into the Golden Age.



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