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We are here to prepare you for the upcoming
incredible, positive, Universal energetic shift by
helping you to identify and embody your Highest Self
so that you can thrive in current
and future times of
uncertainty now and forever more.

This Energy system has the potential to alter the very fabric of what is considered ‘healing’, and upscale the efficacy and practice of any and all modalities that one has already learned from previous certifications and healing methods. Participants must have completed the Golden Age Energetics Course to Access this course.

Take the steps and walk the path that sets the soul free by activating the innate wisdom of the Soul.
Knowing how to access your soul’s intelligence
can make the difference between chasing your
ambitions and realizing the fulfillment
of your soul’s purpose.

This transmission, healing, clearing and activation is a monumental opportunity to bathe in Galactic frequencies. Engage in deep excavation into the karmic realms of your subconsciousness, as you transfigure the shackles of separation into the awakened embodiment of your Divine Self. Play this before you sleep and receive the blessings.

What does it mean to embody your Soul?
With each life experience having the potential to create
even more Soul Karma, how does one stop
and neutralize the Karma that has already accrued through time? It is time to liberate the soul from these
cycles of death and rebirth.

Clear the last decade of actions, reactions and obstacles along the path with this 2020 Vision Online Retreat and Sacred Ceremony. This retreat is so profound and packed with information about the coming times and energies entering into the Cosmos, it shall leave you feeling more connected than ever before.

Guided Meditations

Divine Cosmic Archetype Series

Are you aware of the Galactic Initiation that occurs each and every month of the year?

This is a series of meditations and transmissions that integrate the Cosmic light waves that are entering into the Solar System. These cosmic waves have a profound effect on one’s consciousness and even physical body. The body must be attuned to certain frequencies available in these audios, in order for cosmic energy to be stored and accessed in the cells.

Either purchase each meditation individually by clicking on the titles OR purchase all of them as a package below and get a discount on the overall price.

The Divine Initiator Transmission
This transmission connects to the energy of the The Divine Initiator. This mediation will still you thoughts and assist in the purification of the wandering mind that has foggy illusions and lower desires. Through this meditation you will be entranced to purify your consciousness, your thoughts, your intentions and animations- deeds in life. Only then can the Genetic Alchemical Cycle begin to rise the sacred oils that eventually through many initiations shall lead to the embodiment of the luminous presence within. This process speaks of releasing the lower mind and awakening into the higher refined mind of consciousness.

Transmission will be focusing on enhancing this frequency into your vessel through our global community container. During this transmission, the energy will specifically be coded with the Alchemical fires of Purification and Divine Initiation to shed your lower self and awaken your soul’s genius.

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The Divine Architect Transmission
This transmission will be focusing on the energy of Mental Love and how to return to the presence of the God Self within the Mental Body to merge within the Pure Love of the Heart. This meditation will awaken the physical vessel into Awakened Patience through the portal of the mind’s synergy in communion with the Heart. Connecting with the throat and the communication centers of the body is integral in order to be able to transmit your life purpose and be heard in your craft. Relax and allow this alchemy to take place so it may lead you to having freedom of communication, patience in all moments and the ability to merge the mind and the heart to begin the Alchemy of Transformation.

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The Divine Harmoniser Transmission
Emerging now into the quadrant of the Cosmic Akash of Life we begin to enter the emotional Cycle. Connect with the Cosmic Archetype of the Divine Harmonizer to help you nurture your self and bring greater compassion and integrated harmony. This speaks of the ability to allow yourself to feel completely. This meditation will be focused on the releasing of suppressed emotions, thoughts and beliefs that cause disconnection of the senses. Once Integrated Harmony is established, the Alchemy of Dissolution can begin in the chest and in the Heart. Once this occurs life becomes vibrant, joyful and inspired through having Emotional Power. The Power Mantra for this month is that “It is Safe to feel”.

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The Divine Virgin Transmission
“This energy transmission will be focusing on the energy and galactic initiation of integrated wholeness in communication with the aspects of The Divine Virgin. This energy transference will be about bringing wholeness and well-being into all levels of your body and energy field. The return to wholeness brings forth an instant purification of the body, mind and soul. The divine virgin brings the essence of emotional wisdom and through attainment of integrated Wholeness, The chemical process of Ratification can begin. Where in your body and in your life can you bring more wholeness? The Power Mantra for this month is: “I am whole in all moments”

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The Divine Alchemist Transmission
“This transmission, will connect you
with The Divine Alchemist. Through this sound gateway, the manifestation of your heart’s dreaming and divine vision can come to life. Entering the phase of physical love, The alchemical process of isolation begins when The lower centers of the physical expression of the body transmute into the more exalted aspects of High Heart. What aspects of your life do not reflect the pure love in your higher heart? This Power Mantra for the month is: “I Am Love”.”

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The Divine Director Transmission
“The Divine Director, the 12 o’clock, the state of non-action. In this energy transmission we forge a stronger connection to the God Source in a more refined and most direct manner. This meditation will focus on strengthening your connection to the God Source within and bringing you into that state of non-action at the 12 o’clock: assisting to create this alignment as your new set point or spiritual default. Once you have reached this phase and maintained it consistently you are able to activate the alchemical cycle of illumination or enlightenment. “How can you connect to the source even stronger” This month’s sentiment is “I am aligned with the Source of All Creation”.

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The Divine Messenger Transmission
This Energy transmissions will be focused on the Cosmic Archetype of the Divine Messenger. Through this wisdom transference, we awaken the Galactic Initiation of Awakened Synergy. This is the ability to recognize when one’s life is following the Divine Path and is fully aligned with Divine Will. Awakened synergy occurs when wisdom and love are put into motion where both are equal and synergize into a more cohesive union then the previous cycle. Unifying two or more elements into Sacred Union. This alchemical process is known as fixation and occurs within the Shoulders of the body. How often does one put wisdom into practice, how often do you hear the guidance and act accordingly. The Power Mantra for this month is: “I put wisdom into animation”

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The Divine Spirit Transmission
This months energy transference will be working with thr divine spirit. The galactic initiation and focus will be integrated gratitude. In order for there to be a full and complete sense of peace of mind and heart one must be able to truly experience gratitude in life for all that has happened. Are you truly able to feel grateful for all that life has brought you?” Once a true sense of gratitude has been integrated. Then, the alchemy of absorption is able to begin. This alchemical cycle takes place in the Heart. Finding gratitude for every moment brings the sense of freedom from the lower emotional centers that expand the heightened frequencies of gratitude. The Power Mantra for this month is “I experience Gratitude in all moments”.

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The Divine Oracle Transmission
This transmission will focus on the ability to achieve embodied revelation. This Divine Oracle is not one who focuses on the external revelations, it is the Oracle that focuses with in to create self realization. embodied revelation is the ability to live in accordance with the divine reflections of the entire spectrum of the diamond, Where each facet of the gem reflects an aspect of you. Once all facets of the diamond have been seen and embraced embodied revelation becomes the natural development. Once this occurs then the alchemical process of sublimation begins. Here we enter the quadrant of the physical power and the ability to no one’s self. The Power Mantra of this month is “ Nosce te Ipsum” – Know Thyself

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The Divine Sage Transmission
The great sage of the cosmos oversees all physical lower self activities and injects great wisdom into the planet to allow the galactic initiation of Embodied Sagicity. This meditation will be focusing on the ability to integrate and embody the wisdom that has been experienced in this lifetime all lifetimes that the Soul has incarnated. Once the embodiment of all of this wisdom has occurred, then the alchemical cycle of resurrection can begin. This cycle is about releasing all animations that do not serve the higher self and its ability to ascend. What aspects of your lower self are in the driver’s seat of your life? The sentiment for this month is: “I Am victorious over my lower self”.

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The Divine Awakener Transmission
The Divine Awakener teaches one to love without condition. As we enter the age of Aquarius, the theme for this Aeon of time is unconditionality of love for all. The divine awakener awakens from within first. Just as in the age of Aquarius/ the golden age must be experienced from within first. How can you multiply your most perfected self to transmit more love? This months power Mantra is: “I Am Love Without Condition”.

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The Divine Unifier Transmission
Move beyond the limitations of the Small Self and of the physical body construct and enter into Cosmic Expansion. Once the embodiment of ascended wisdom is attained, the alchemy that begins in the feet is able to activate and initiate the frequencies of Divine Unification of Light. The Power Mantra for this month is: “I move into my mastery with Ease and Grace.”

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Energetic Transmission Series

The Schumann Frequency itself has not changed, but the current has expanded exponentially and it is affecting everyone. This entire series will prepare and open you to receive the waves of Cosmic Consciousness influxing at a rapid rate of acceleration onto the planet.  Join TwinRay and traverse the various Cosmic Currents.

Either purchase each meditation individually by clicking on the titles, OR purchase all of them as a package below and get a discount on the overall price.

Aurora Awakening
This is a series of meditations, transmissions that assist in integrating the Cosmic light waves that are entering into the Solar System and have a profound effect on one’s consciousness and even physical body.

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Awakening Multidimensional Magick
This transmission is intended to Awaken The Magic within you. Streaming forth Abundant Love and fertility within the multidimensional spectrum of light allows a greater unlocking of the codes of bountiful love within and assists with the awakening of Humanity upon the Earth. The cosmos is dancing the tango and deeply honouring both the masculine and feminine spirit in the Universe as it had been in its most DIVINE expression throughout the ages.

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Divine Mind Synergy
The abundance codes that will be transferred in this transmission will be received by the Divine Mimd to surpass and override any feelings of unworthiness hidden beneath the surface. Good fortune is a state of mind and being as much as it is reflected in the physical. Since your breath controls your thoughts, your thoughts control your emotions and your emotions control your behaviour, this good fortune unlocks throughout every cell of your body in order for you to experience a sense of abundance, even if it has not yet manifested into your reality yet.

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High Heart Holiness
High Heart Holiness shall focus on opening the High Heart and Inviting The secret chamber to begin to open up and allow the light to flow through. The Spiritual Heart, the Physical Heart, the Heart Centre and the High Heart all make up the composition of your active heart expression and each aspect plays a significant role in the various ways in which you are able to feel love, share love and give love. It is this love that is the infinite potential that exists in all of God’s Holy Creations through the omnidimensional space of the One Cosmic Heart. And, as manifestors of your reality and a blessed aspect of the Creation itself, your reflection of life is in direct correlation with the animation of the full compilation of your heart’s most expanded potential to transmit love.
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Golden BioGenesis
As the Golden Age becomes more and more Krystalized and alive within each cell of your body. The process of Golden Biogenesis is invited to begin its bio genetic reconfiguration into the golden DNA. When the telomeres,  a structure at the end of the chromosome  lengthen and strengthen the DNA begin to transform and they turn Golden in colour. The process of ageing occurs when these telomeres shorten, as the cell divides.  The problem with this is that if they become too short, they can no longer divide and thus they cease to exist and perform the vital functions of cell mitosis. This month’s  transmission of Golden Biogenesis has been created to assist in such mutations and bring health and vitality to the telomeres. 

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Light Body Resurrection
This Transmission will utilize the energy of the Great Phoenix to assist in the resurrection of dormant light streams within the Earth and within you to rebirth your original template of incarnation into a transformative expression of your Divine Gold Print. At this time, the great current of the cosmos is wide open to the mass collective of humanity to inspire this resurrection energy for humankind and elevate the quotient of light upon the planet in preparation for the Golden Age.

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Solar Encodement
The great masters within the depths of the oceans bring forth their golden encodements at this time to crystallise the Whale and dolphin Frequencies and awaken these masterful tones within you. From the stars came these majestic ones with their great wisdom and inaudible octaves of sound and vibration. On this broadcast they will enter the field to awakened supreme love and sacred wisdom veiled beyond the surface of the Earth into the grand depths of light particulations and master beings.

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TwinFlame Love Activation
Entering upon such auspicious activity of Light, this is a window of opportunity of accelerated consciousness to unlock the Twin Flame Grids of consciousness of this heavenly star-gate and unravel and initiate them within you. Through this Cosmic transmission of Light, there exists an allowance for a deeper merging of your High and Krysted Selves; As it is the destiny of ALL on the planet to receive, no matter identity, personal religion or belief system.

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Infinite Abundance
This energy transmission is set to be extremely powerful for breaking and removing all blocks to receive abundance in the many ways in which this energy is imperienced. In the coming week, we shall be further igniting and amplifying the cornucopia of the Great Harvest that is written in the stars. This transmission will assist in grounding and anchoring this abundant wave of consciousness into a more embodied expression to further support you in your grand mission to anchor in the abundance of Universal love upon this Earth Plane.

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Galactic Sovereignty
This transmission is all about Galactic Sovereignty and opening the path to the all expansive freedom in one’s life.
When one is blessed with Galactic Sovereignty, they become free from the confines of the Earth plane that may cause suffering. Establishing Universal Freedom through Galactic Sovereignty means birthing freedom of the mind, freedom of the soul and opens the path to the all expansive freedom in one’s life.

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Individual Audio Meditations

Awaken your cells with this powerful audio transmission to clear your mind, purify your body, harmonize your energy. Instantly tune your Chakra System: wheels of energy that circulate your Endocrine System and connect to different organs, glands and even planets in the Solar System. Experience this bridge of Universal Consciousness.

This daily, morning meditation is designed for you to align with the highest reality for your Soul’s Purpose to begin your day everyday. The frequencies programmed into this audio soundtrack raise your vibration and clear all negative energy out of your consciousness. iSoul is supportive to the Soul Intelligence program.

Free Offerings

Take the steps and walk the path that sets the soul free by activating the innate wisdom of the Soul. Knowing how to access your soul’s Intelligence can make the difference between chasing your ambitions and realizing the fulfillment of your soul’s purpose.

Join Shekniah & Sananda as they help you prepare for the next evolutionary shift for Humanity and the Planet.
Experience 60-minutes of life changing wisdom as they reveal profound prophecies and global shifts that are happening right now for all of humanity.

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