Immersion Overview

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TwinRay Illuminations
Public Charity

Founded by The TwinRay Union of Sananda and Shekinah

TwinRay Illuminations is a registered 501(c)3 Public Charity that has been founded to share the teachings of Spiritual Liberation freely with Humanity. We are dedicated to the creation of philanthropic programs to support the welfare of Planet Earth, Orphaned Children and Starseed Youth, and also establish charitable projects to support endangered species such as the White Lions.

Through our Membership Portal and Online Mystery School of The Innerversity of Divine Perfection ( we are able to teach the Ancient spiritual sciences of Liberation and bridge them into the world once more as many people are thirsting for truth beyond the veils of human limitation.

Currently, the charities hub is located in Southern California, where it is able to hold free Sacred Satsang (teachings), group meditations, group healing and Sacred Elixir ceremonies.

Through public charity projects present and yet to come, such as Saving the White Lions, creating empowering Learning Programs for children, building a Golden Sanctuary for the enrichment of human life and the planet and many more conscious elevating projects. The core intention of TwinRay Illuminations is to serve as a vehicle to promote and contribute towards the betterment of Humanity and our Planet.

The Retreat Overview

The Elixir Immersion will begin at 7pm on Friday and will finish on the following Saturday at 12 o’clock noon.

These weekend elixir immersion will be hosted at Sananda’s and Shekinah’s private Temple Space in Encinitas California, which will be advised to you once you have reserved your spot. The sacred ceremonies will be small and intimate and consist of no more than 8-10 people. Small intimate containers are important to have one on one healings and private personal focus during the ceremony.

Accommodation will be available for all initiates in the ceremonial room to sleep overnight in the living field of energy after the group ceremony has been completed. Spaces are limited due to the intimate nature of these profound ceremonies, and there is a limited number of positions available in 2019. The spaces available are on a first come bases once you have paid in full to reserve your spot below.

Your donation for the Elixir Immersion can be sent in full below by selecting the “Reserve your place” button. Once your donation has been received you will be advised of the next steps to prepare your self for the immersion and travel details.

We wish to share all donations to participate in the ceremonies will be going through our public charity (TwinRay Illuminations) which has tax-exempt status for you as a donor. Furthermore, all financial contributions will be going towards IODP’s world mission projects, humanitarian philanthropy and other charitable endeavours.

Schedule of the Ceremony 

7 pm Arrival
8 pm Opening Circle
9 pm One-on-One Mentoring
10pm-4am Elixir Ceremony
Rest & Rejuvenate
10 am Brunch
11 am Closing Circle
12noon Departure

Next Available Dates

November 22nd 2019

Instructions On How To Secure Your Place

Please click the button to send through your full donation.

Thank you for your Donation may you be blessed with infinite Abundance as your donation retunes to you 10-fold with Love and Grace.

If you feel the heart call to donate more to please contact

Further Insights About the Elixir Immersionx

What's included?
One night of Elixir ceremony, meditations, honouring rituals to the guardians of the ceremony. There will be a private interview process that identifies the levels of consciousness of each beloved, the examining of the current contracts and a mentoring discussion to assist in creating and manifesting the intentions of your golden life path. Sharing circles for integration and to explore the awakenings you have during ceremony. One on one time with Shekinah and Sananda for healing, mentoring and acceleration of your spiritual evolution.
What food will be provided?
For One Night Immersions, fasting will be required 8hrs before Elixir ceremony and participants should only have a light fruit breakfeast on the day of immersion. However the next day after ceremony, brunch will be served with cold pressed Juices, Fruits and raw vegan delights. Throughout the Immersion the proper amounts of sustenance and life force energy will be offered. This will support the diet necessary to uphold the sanctity of the ceremony and pristine sequencing of the bodies responses needed to hold and process the quickened particulations of light.
What diet and bode care protocol to help prepare me before the ceremonies?
One week before the ceremonies: no alcohol, no drugs, no sex of any kind, no dairy, no tobacco during immersion, no CBD oil or hemp as it will affect the neurological receptors and how they receive the elixir. Juice fasting is also a perfect cleanse option before the retreat.
How will this retreat impact my life?
Included on the retreat page is a video that further details the background and why the Elixirs of life are profound alchemical substances that can enhance and transform ones consciousness. This is done through a plethora of ways such as cellular reconstruction and regeneration, Multidimensional presence beyond the senses and body, quantum leaping into alternative timelines, reprinting and re-encoding of organic unified consciousness, soul construct reconfiguration, ultra terrestrial contact and many unexplainable phenomenons that can occur through the elixir of life initiatory process.
How is this different than other ceremonies I may have taken part in?
These Elixirs are a completely different level of consciousness and bring forth extreme accelerated for ones Ascension path. The Elixirs celestial nature and pure crystalline frequency cannot be compared with an Earthbound plant medicine. It is pure alchemy and the body must be prepared to receive the very high light quotient. Shekinah and Sananda will scan and read everybody’s energetic system to determine what the perfect dose is and what is the appropriate amount of light each beloved initiative is ready to embody.
What should I bring with me?
Comfortable loose white clothes for ceremony, crystals and ceremonial items that are dear to you, change of clothes and bathing suit.
Is there something I should fill out or read?
Please fill out the below application if you would like to be apart of elixir of life retreat. Once each aspirant is accepted, a private invitation will be sent out that includes private location and further details for the retreat.

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