The Golden Age Prophecy Peru Retreat

June Solstice 16th – 25th 2023

Heal, Align and Activate the GeoBiology of one of the Most Potent Places in the World

Welcome Beloved,

we have waited years for this window to arrive

During these auspicious and powerful days, gather with us to partake in a transformative journey. This retreat forms an intensely profound component of the shift into the Golden Age.

Together, we enter into a special, secret location to emerge deeply healed, aligned and activated.

The transformative and beautiful location at which we gather through this retreat is not chosen at random. The benefits of this journey together are both for humanity, and for the Sacred Grid Alignment of the location itself.

With its unique timing, this retreat is truly a unique opportunity to uplevel your sacred service and spiritual abilities and take leaps and bounds along your evolutionary path.

Travel with us to this auspicious place of power, in community, and share this transformative journey together.

Are you ready to shape the stories future generations will tell?

A unique opportunity

in a potent location

Cusco, Sacsayhuaman, the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Machu Picchu and the surrounding mountains are charged with an energy that is as palpable as a heartbeat. The entire area has long been revered as sacred.

And now, a divine opportunity unfolds, to complete an essential element of the completion of the Kali Yuga Cycle and Repair, Align and Activate one of the most important Power Places in the World.

During this retreat, we will heighten the spiritual evolution of humanity and heal the energy grids within the Earth to support the Golden Age Prophecy.

Step into your destiny. Join us in Peru for this life-changing Summer Solstice retreat.

To be liberated, we must return back to the source point.

Sacred Initiate, the path ahead is filled with possibilities and deep remembrance of a history that is rich in mystery, sapience and connection with the Earth and all of her Elements.

We lovingly invite you to open your connection centers of love, wisdom and power even wider, as you enter into a time capsule of ancient ruins, forgotten language of the stars, activating vortexes for the soul’s journey of ascension and beyond.

Here, the inspired culture of the Inca lives on with each building, experience and reverential ceremony to the deep inner truths of the creation itself.

This retreat is inspired to bring a feeling of peace, communion with elements, connection to the lands and a deepening of the path of liberation. To be liberated, we must return back to the source point.

The time is now, dear one! Join the journey to liberation and transcendence.

A Life Changing Experience Awaits You…

Discover the master center of Ollantaytambo

Explore unique and powerful Inca sites
Visit the incredible energetic environ of The Crystal City, Macchu Pichu
Elevate your inherent divine deep inner strength
Illuminate your life and your path ahead through communing with intensely resonant spiritual places and environs
Experience the beauty of the lagoons in Kimsaqocha
Spend the June solstice in the ancient center of Qollmay, honoring this great moment of cosmic impact
Tap into the waterfalls and fountains that spring from the energy sources of the sacred mountain Pachatusan at the Water Temple of Tipon
Uncover healing, alignment and potent transformation together in sacred community

Retreat itinerary

A journey unlike anything else you’ll ever experience.

Experience a reboot of consciousness which enables you to transcend uncomfortable and limiting belief systems and reset to the great harmony of spirit.

Elder civilizations have revered this day of the Summer Solstice as the longest day of the year, where the sun reaches the highest point in the sky. In Latin, solstice means “sun standing still,” which references the sun’s position in the galaxy at this exact moment. Join us, Beloved…

All Accommodation will be four Star and included in the retreat package.

Day 1


Arrive in Cusco, and be received and transported to the Sacred Valley. This is a gentle day for acclimation. We will spend the night at the Sacred Valley and share an opening circle.

Day 2


In the morning we begin to explore the master center of Ollantaytambo and the high technology of architecture combined with honoring spirit. Soon after, we are led to the ancient place of ÑAWPA WAKA, a magic cave, ripe for inner journeys. The honoring of Earth and Pachamama and the ancestors will take place, a ceremony for the land and blessing.

Day 3


We visit Chinchero, an Earth Altar, and discover the Magic Hatun Chinkana of this initiatory center. This Waka, or sacred place, has a vibration that permits travel to the dimension of the soul. In the afternoon we visit Moray. This is a unique Inca site with circular terraces, which once created exceptional conditions and micro climates fostering domestication, acclimatization and hybridization of a wide array of wild vegetable species. The evening is spent in rest at the lodge.

Day 4


In the morning we will take the train ride to the village of Aguas Calientes, and together visit the famed city of Machu Picchu, named by Mallku as the Crystal City, the Rainbow City, the City of the Kondor and the Hummingbird, the City of Peace, and the City of Light. The legendary beauty of this magnificent city defies description. This presents an incredible opportunity for contemplation so you can illuminate your life and your path ahead. We return to the Sacred Valley on an afternoon train.

Day 5


We leave in the morning to continue our trip back to Cusco and stop on the way at the amazing lagoons in Kimsaqocha. The nature of this amazing place will invite you to connect to the highest frequencies. Enjoy the power of the mountains and put your hands in the pristine water of the lagoon as a personal purification. This hike will be a chance to train to reach other mountains as a preparation to honor each other and the divine feminine. In the early evening, we continue our trip and arrive in Cusco for the night.

Day 6


Travel to the ancient center of Qollmay to honor a great moment with a cosmic impact for the celebration of the June solstice. The arrival of the solstice creates a cosmic wave and light influence into our planet and we will have the chance to be bathed in this moment. The Andean masters worked alongside Mother Nature to complete an amazing womb where the Sun could touch the initiates to conquer a new level in their own paths of glory for the best for all. After this day of celebration, return to the lodge at the Sacred Valley and rest.

Day 7


Today we discover the sacred centers near Cusco which will allow us to work with the energies of the four elements. Tambomachay, Puka Pukara, Q’enqo and Saqsaywaman are the energy centers that welcome us. The Inca sages left a large number of codes and internal activators in all these centers of human evolution. When ready, we return to Cusco.

Day 8


Today we venture to the Water Temple of Tipon, where you will have a sweet and nourishing experience for your soul. The water that flows along the terraces, towards the waterfalls and the fountains comes from the energy sources of the sacred mountain Pachatusan. The site is known to have produced phenomenal healings. The healing ritual that you will follow in this place will be marked by a great transformation. We spend the night in Cusco.

Day 9


In the morning we visit the magnificent Temple of the Sun at the Qorikancha, an example of a great society where all residents are supported to grow. The rest of the day, enjoy the beautiful Cusco city, its historic streets, artistic markets and more. As we walk in this amazing town we will discover the Puma city where the energy of the cosmic Cougar is there to teach us about our inner strength. This is a day to explore and integrate, with early departure to leave Cusco early tomorrow.

Day 10


Airport transfer and flights to leave Cusco.

Meet Your Master Guides

Shekinah Ma and Sanandaji

Unified in a divine love marriage, Shekinah Ma and Sanandaji share compassionate hearts, a clear vision, and a deep knowledge of the unchanging truth. Together, they serve as healers, community builders, alchemists, teachers at the TwinRay School of Divinity and your retreat guides and facilitators at this powerful retreat.

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June Solstice 16th – 25th 2023

Heal, Align and Activate the GeoBiology of one of the Most Potent Places in the World

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