Recalibration of Planetary Consciousness

As the frequencies of this Earth continue to shift…

…the frequency and calibration of your fields will continue to transform in order to try and integrate the vibrations. This time dear ones is a time of great pressure and triumph, with the dichotomy of both being so deeply held within the cellular memory of human consciousness. It is not a time of abandonment of the belief in love or goodness for all, but a time of abandonment for the old ways that no longer serve the current reflections and the new vibrations.

Those of you reading this information at this time are here because there is a part of you that is deeply seeking, deeply questioning and knows that there is more that has been hidden from you awareness. The wisdom and the knowledge that is held within your universe is no longer something that needs to be denied you and longer. This universe can be a place of perfection that you can create. It is a place of empowerment that you can receive. It is a place of acknowledgment for you to treat yourselves with honor and compassion. It is far too common for the human species to degrade, to dishonor, to disesteem, to denigrate, to break and undervalue yourselves and others around you and in your lives.

There is much, dear one, that you do not understand as when you open yourselves up to these lower vibrations you create more of them and more people in your life who will influence those same energies. It is those beings on the planet who seek to fulfill that paradigm of fear who continued to feed the betrayal and disloyalty of yourselves. It is not those outside of you who are doing the harm but it is you who is re-creating the harm. There is not at this time only one way to move through these situations that are brought forth and many tools are being provided for your race to do so. There are many of the light realms who are here now in service to Humanity and to planet earth holding various levels of consciousness and vibrations. Upon the planet, there are those who are only able to receive the vibrations of certain levels of consciousness. Equally, there are those whose energy fields are calibrating at a higher frequency that are able to receive healing from a much faster, and in essence higher scale level of consciousness. As the human body vibrates at a certain number of hertz, those beings of very high vibration can create dissonance in the human body of one who are currently holding a lower vibratory frequency. This is such that there can be damage if the vibrations are not able to work together and be in alignment. As the brightest lights emerge, all darkness must show itself: as in any space once the darkness turns to light and the light is turned on the contents of that room will be shown.

Healing is the birthright of all beings on this planet. You are all able to self heal, whether that is a choice that you make or not ultimately will be your decision, for tis is a free-will zone and it is not allowed cosmically for interference or intervening if you are not desiring of that. It is for you to welcome us into your heart and in your life in order for us to assist. That is why we have those in service who will do our work, who will be our voice, our hands. This work that those in service have chosen to do is very difficult work for it can be depleting to the being in order for them to be able to receive our vibrations and transmit them to you. They must raise their own frequencies and keep that vibration raised enough to be able to receive. In the 3d world which you call the earth, it is very difficult for any being to continuously maintain and hold that frequency, for the body itself is dense and not calibrated to receive it.

We say to you that there are many committees and councils at this time assisting the transformation of the earth. There are those who have been called long ago who have their directives as to what they need to do in order to move through with this process, this experiment that is having humans and planet Earth ascend together. There is not one way with which to move forward, there are many. It is such that some of your religions have created blocks and boundaries to truth and against truth. For in some cases, they themselves, the perpetuators of these structures, are unable to know any better.

Beloveds any society that is isolationist cannot be close to spirit. It is time now for you, the ambassadors of light to come forward to bring together all religions and cultures in grace, for no longer is it about what separates us but it is time to determine what unifies us, what is the unifying field of consciousness that we live with and experience and to what degree do you wish to know it, remember it, reclaim it and to embrace it. Dear ones, it is not for you to begin with another: is for you to begin with yourselves. How we work with what is unhealed and with what we need to integrate. that is the way in which to experience the field of unified consciousness. Welcome, we are honored to receive you. In love and grace and peace we ask for your surrender to SPIRIT AND TO LOVE.

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