Soul Embodiment: Divine Connection

Soul Embodiment: Divine Connection

You can incarnate your soul and live this reality as your Divine and True Self. Soul embodiment makes living a life of flow and ease possible. By embracing your human and Divine nature, you gain the wisdom and power to live as your True Self. You purify your state and can begin releasing karma.

The embodied soul allows you to be a vehicle for positive change – an instrument of service to humanity and the world. Yet, the concept is often misunderstood or misinterpreted. We feel it’s needed to give a brief introduction on soul embodiment, what it feels like, and how it brings forth miraculous change in this physical reality.

What is Soul Embodiment?

Soul embodiment is a process where we form a deep, open connection with our soul.
Very rarely does it instantaneously happen. For many, it takes dedication, focus, and virtuous living to be able to access all the soul has to offer on this physical plane.
The process starts by developing a more profound sense of self-acceptance and self-love.

The process of soul embodiment includes:
  1. Grand remembrance
  2. Purification process
  3. Proficient clearing process
To develop this rich connection, you must purify all the outdated belief systems. The clearing and purification process removes those limitations and enables you to embody your True Self.
By working with your brain state and harmonizing it, you can incarnate more of your soul.
During this process, you start absorbing the light intelligence of your soul. Its wisdom becomes integrated with the physical nature of your being.

What Does the Soul Connection Feel Like?

You may wonder how it feels to finally have an unwavering connection to your soul. Is it a feeling? A knowing? Does it seem like a light bulb goes off deep inside yourself? You start to notice you’re living in the flow state more. It’s easier to make decisions that resonate powerfully within yourself. The troubles and past drama crumble from your existence and fall wake of your forward movement.

Embodying the Nature of Your True Self

The flow state created by soul embodiment enables you to triumph over the lower self. You start incarnating more of your higher self and unlocking your soul’s original blueprint. You gain the ability for your entire soul to join your reality. As you do that, you start filfilling the purpose you were incarnated for! You begin becoming aware of your previous blindspots. Your understanding of the nature of reality expands and refines. The bigger picture becomes clearer. The obstacles you once faced are no longer in your way. There is a sense of wholeness and openness. You’re poised for growth and opportunity. The feeling is powerful! You have come to an understanding many never achieve. As a result, you begin to discover nature of your soul’s progression in this life.

Purification and Soul Liberation

The way karma is used in this world is not exactly correct. Karma is on many different levels. By coming to an understanding of the true nature of karma, your perception of it shifts. As you become more connected with your divine self, you can begin clearing karma to help liberate your soul. The clearing can even take away ingrained generational patterns and family history. Purifying and releasing karma allows you to forgive, accept, move on, and feel deeper compassion for yourself and others.

Becoming a Greater Service to the World

When you do the soul embodiment work and walk the path of your True Self, you are at a greater service to the world. Those that have gone through soul liberation have more light to offer the world. And that light offsets the darkness that plagues our existence. By incarnating the soul and living your True Self, you become an important instrument and vehicle for the ascension of this entire species and planet. If you want to be at the highest level of service to your life and to humanity, we can guide you in this process through our online learning, mentoring, or retreats.


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