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Founders of TwinRay, Shekinah & Sananda are here to bring forth wisdom teachings from an ancient spiritual science that prepares the physical body to harness Enlightenment and Liberation.

Together, they combine their wisdom and have created a modern day Spiritual Academy for all beings whose souls are looking to demystify and embody God, deepen the heart’s connection to Source and are calling for great awakening.

Through Sacramental Alchemy, Visionary Art, Golden Age Astrology, Advanced Healing Certifications and sacred temple teachings from Egypt, the Himalayas and other ancient lineages who have learned the secret to ascend the physical body, they aspire to describe the indescribable, interpret the uninterpretable, and express the inexpressible mystery of God.

They are here to inspire humanity to walk the path of Enlightenment and selfless service to each other and to the Earth. Here to express Divine Consciousness with freedom from dogma and indoctrination, Shekinah and Sananda have unified as the TwinRay consciousness upon the Earth in order to best serve the world.

They are here dedicated to sincere hearts of all who are genuinely devoted to their own path of spiritual liberation and enlightenment. With an open heart and arms, they hold great love, honour, respect and support to all who are willing to receive the blessings and grace of God.

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