A Global Golden Age Community Uniting Souls and Illuminating Paths.

“We are the ones we have been waiting for.” Welcome home to a soul family of Modern Mystics
 Seekers that ignite their inner light to become seers. We believe that a true enlightened culture is not formed in isolation. 
 It takes a diverse group of gifted souls on a shared co-creative journey. We are Light-workers and Change-agents devoted to living as Love & co-stewarding Harmony locally and globally.
Our main mission value is Love and Service. Our diverse community marries traditions, practices and beliefs from various backgrounds and lineages, uniting in the core value of Love and Service to the world, for the greater evolution of all.
Mentorship and Support: Benefit from the wisdom of experienced mentors, spiritual teachers and community members who share their knowledge through workshops, meditations, and talks. Find inspiration, guidance, and a supportive community on your path of purpose. Activating and evolving your greatest gifts and superpowers.
Unity: In the Global Golden Age Community, we celebrate the uniqueness of each individual while recognizing the inherent unity that binds us all. Embrace a community that respects and cherishes diversity in all its forms.
The Global Golden Age Community is more than just a community sangha; it’s a soulful sanctuary where you can explore the depths of your being and embrace the interconnectedness of all life.
Together, we illuminate our paths and uplift one another, creating a world rooted in Love, Service, and Compassion, stepping beyond awakening to the realization of a Divine Humanity.

Meet the Team

Golden Age Timeline

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Discover the life you were born to live.  

People just like you have empowered themselves to live the Golden Age timeline.  Let’s anchor heaven on Earth together.

RECOMMENDATION for Golden Age Resource Kit

Quiz needs updating as previously discussed with River – Will this be done in time for launching the new Website?
Free offer needs upgrading to a singular but very impactful Master Class w/ Meditation – to leave people wanting more and leading directly to next step, rather than giving so much to go through in the first Gift.