Times of Remote Energetic Transmission on 8/8

8 am PDT – 12 pm PDT – 4 pm PDT

We will give THREE Global Remote Transmissions every four hours for you.

You may either lay down and receive in silence, or you may also receive while you listen to …..

The Energy transmissions will all be held remotely. There is no need to go on online, or connect physically to your phone or computer. Just breathe, close your eyes and be open to the frequency.

Easy Steps for you to do Prior to the Transmission

These three sessions of remote energy transference shall bring you gently into a meditation that allows you to receive the energy as we broadcast to you.

You shall be connected automatically via the remote energetic container we lovingly created.

You can do the transmission singularly, meaning you lie down and receive only one time, or you may be called to lie down and receive all 3 of them.

 How to prepare


  • Create a Sacred Space you have chosen where you will be uninterrupted for this 33-minute session.

  • Centre yourself, connect with your body and gently breath 12 deep slow tummy breaths.

  • Connect with the Earth and allow her to support you by grounding and prepare your body to receive. (A bath is always an excellent way to cleanse prior to a session.
    It allows your channels to become more clear. Add lavender if you like to the water)

  • Sit or lie down comfortably and enter meditative space. Attune to the Divine Source of Creation and the presence of your Divine Self… then affirm your intentions for what you would like to shift in your life and then go into a meditative state.

Sharing is Gifting

Every day beloveds ask us:
What is the best way to serve and give back for all of the visceral transformation and wisdom that is freely given forth in these transmissions, session, livestreams and events?

As it has been stated by our students and community, that the experience is truly priceless. Thank you for asking.
In truth, as we are a growing family of light, one of the best ways to pay it forward is to share these heart expanded experiences, and even late registration links with your communities, social media and friends.

This is one of the most important and connective ways in which we grow and expand our physical presence with the world. This is such, so that we can truly be the force of awakening through our harmonic induction of Krystic Light for the collective.
If your heart feels called to send an email with your experience/inperience you may submit to our angel squad to love@twinray.com, subject Line: “Transmission Heart Share”.

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